• Carbon Markets

    The voluntary carbon marketplace encompasses all transactions of carbon offsets that are not purchased with the intention to surrender into an active regulated carbon market. Compliance carbon markets are marketplaces through which regulated entities obtain and surrender emissions permits (allowances) or offsets in order to meet predetermined regulatory targets.

    Overview on carbon markets

  • Water Markets

    Watershed markets and payments channel investment into natural water infrastructure, such as wetlands, forests, and healthy river systems. These mechanisms range from simple contracts between a buyer and seller to deliver cleaner or more reliable water; to sophisticated markets for trading water quality credits or water rights that restore instream water levels.

    Overview on water markets

  • Biodiversity Markets

    Biodiversity markets are a group of avoidance & compensation mechanisms designed to mitigate for impacts on biodiversity. These mechanism finance conservation and restoration that deliver environmental benefits comparable to or “above and beyond” the biodiversity footprint made. Typically, this mitigation is driven by a policy goal of “no net loss” of species, habitat, and cultural and human use values.

    Overview on biodiversity markets