Will COVID-19 Stimulus Mean Emission Reductions for US Airlines?
March 24

US airlines could find themselves obligated to generating lower emissions for domestic flights, even if the US pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement, under proposals making their way through the US Congress.

How Science Denial In High Places Accelerates Both COVID-19 and Climate Change
March 18

Scientists warned about COVID-19 in January, but key political leaders chose not to act. Here are six ways the current US administration’s response to COVID-19 echo its response to climate change.

ANALYSIS: Global Carbon Markets Can More than Meet Civil Aviation Demand
March 10

Global airlines will soon be required to offset increases in emissions from international flights, and some people say there aren’t enough carbon offsets to meet the demand – especially in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. We crunched the numbers, and those people are wrong. Here’s why.

Shades of REDD+
Cambodia: Building a Nested System to Protect Remaining Forests
March 4
  |  Carbon Market

While many in the REDD+ community argue over whether project or national scale crediting is better, Cambodia is creating a system to enable both—recognizing that reversing deforestation requires both national policies and local actions.

Navigating the Turbulent Waters of US Environmental Policy
February 19
  |  Biodiversity Market

Environmental markets offer a way for regulated industries to meet their legal obligations efficiently and economically, but those obligations are changing, as are the environmental markets that have evolved to meet them. Find out more at the Ecological Restoration Business Association’s Fourth Annual Policy Conference in March.

Momentum Grows for Fee-and-Dividend Over Cap-and-Trade
February 14
  |  Carbon Market

The current iteration of the US Republican Party is notoriously opposed to climate-change legislation, but there seems to be growing support for programs that tax emissions and funnel the proceeds back to citizens.

Coronavirus Is Bad, But The Green Swan Is Worse
February 3
  |  Climate change

The new strain of Coronavirus could kill 100 million people before it’s done. It’s pretty horrible, but a new book on climate risk and “green swans” shows us how bad horrible can really get if we don’t act now to meet the climate challenge.