Biden Picks Kerry as Climate Coordinator
November 23
  |  Climate change

President-elect Biden has vowed to make climate change an integral part of his administration, involving Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Agriculture. Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s job will be to ensure that integration,.

Natural Climate Solutions Win Big in First Bezos Grants
November 16
  |  Climate change

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced the first $791 million of his $10 billion in climate largesse. Most of the money will go to larger, established NGOs active in natural climate solutions, but some newcomers are included as well.

Voluntary Carbon Task Force Publishes First Round of Recommendations
November 10
  |  voluntary carbon

Voluntary carbon markets must scale up dramatically to meet the climate challenge. Here are 17 recommendations for achieving that and a chance for you to weigh in.

Banks Bankrolling Extinction to Tune of $2.6 Trillion
October 29
  |  Biodiversity Market

Each of the world’s 50 largest banks are financing, on average, $52 billion in activities associated with the extinction crisis, according to a new report.

Shades of REDD+
We Have to Talk About Leakage
October 28
  |  Carbon Market

Leakage is among the most controversial—and misunderstood—issues surrounding REDD+. While not particular to deforestation, it has been discussed with more fervor in the context of REDD+ than in any other sector. The perceived challenge of managing leakage, among others, kept consideration of tropical deforestation out of the Kyoto Protocol and is discrediting the reputation of avoided-deforestation projects.

Climate at a Crossroads as Trump and Biden Point in Different Directions
October 28

The two US presidential contenders offer starkly different approaches as the world tries to avoid catastrophic global heating.

Shades of REDD+:
Why the World Needs Both Projects and Policies to Save Forests
October 13
  |  Carbon Market

Forest carbon projects have saved millions of hectares of endangered forest, but they haven’t ended deforestation globally. Some say it’s time to abandon individual projects and embrace a jurisdictional approach. Here’s an argument for embracing both.