Changes to Verra’s Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Framework to Advance Global Climate Goals
May 7

Verra has made critical updates to its Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ Framework that will strengthen the ability of forest conservation and restoration efforts to contribute to global climate goals by enabling the integration of project activities with jurisdictional efforts.

Who’s Buying Carbon Offsets?
Latest EM Insights Explores the Demand Side
May 5
  |  Carbon Market

Who’s buying offsets? According to the latest EM Insights on Voluntary Carbon Markets, it’s mostly European companies. Under the hood, there’s more nuance in terms of buyer preferences for specific standards, project types, non-carbon benefits, and vintages.

6 Words to Describe the US Pledge to Reduce Emissions 50-52% by 2030
April 27
  |  Climate change

The first 100 days of U.S. President Biden’s administration saw a flurry of new action and commitments on climate. All of this culminated in Biden setting a target to cut emissions in half by the end of this decade. Here are six words to describe this historic announcement.

Claims + Credibility: Embracing Diversification to Scale Carbon Markets
April 26
  |  Carbon Market

If total greenhouse gas emissions in new or updated country plans offer a mere 0.5% reduction, greater ambition is needed from governments to fill this gap. Can a robust voluntary carbon market play an important role in this context?

Shades of REDD+
Creating a Bigger Tent for REDD+ Success
April 22
  |  REDD

Natural resource management is, by nature, a collective action problem that requires incentives and cooperation of all levels of government, private and public actors. National governments alone are not better equipped to cope with deforestation compared to broad coalitions of stakeholders.

Forestry Leads the Charge to Close a Gap in Carbon Offsets Retirements and Issuances
April 16
  |  Carbon Market

Retirements surged 81 percent in Quarter 1 of 2021, closing the gap with issuances, which declined 11.3 percent. Forestry offsets led the charge with 20.0 million offsets retired and 24.9 million issued, according to Ecosystem Marketplace’s newest Insights Brief.

Shades of REDD+
The Risk of Diverting Carbon Finance from Nature to Technological Carbon Removals
April 9
  |  REDD

Increasingly, engineered carbon removal technologies are pitched against nature-based solutions to tackle the climate crisis—particularly in the voluntary carbon markets. Will forests be passed over to benefit from carbon finance – again?