Developers of Nature-Based Climate Solutions Can Help Meet the COVID-19 Challenge
April 8
  |  Climate change

People who develop forest carbon projects work directly with the rural poor who are hardest hit by climate change. Here’s how Taking Root, a reforestation project developer in Latin America, is using its position on the front lines of the climate challenge to help people prepare for COVID-19.

Are Businesses “Pandemicwishing” COVID-19?
April 6

“Pandemicwishing” might lack the literary punch of “greenwishing,” but it refers to a related phenomenon: namely, corporate entities doing more than required by law, and in some cases more than could pay off financially in terms of customer good will, but not enough to offset the systemic failures that got us here.

COVID-19: The Holocene Strikes Back
April 3
  |  Climate change

Will the human tragedy of COVID-19 jolt mankind into a more sustainable relationship with the planet on which we depend? Visionary environmental economist Pavan Sukhdev certainly thinks it might.

COVID-19 and Climate Change Each Require Targeted Treatment and Improved Behavior.
April 2
  |  Climate change

We’ll meet the COVID challenge by improving our current treatments and practices, not by either jettisoning them or letting the disease run its course. Here’s how that same logic applies to climate change.

Year-End Climate Talks on Hold Due to COVID-19
April 2

2 April 2020 | The 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), set to take place in Glasgow in November, has been postponed due to COVID-19, the COP Bureau of the UNFCCC announced yesterday. “The world is facing an unprecedented global challenge and countries are rightly […]

COVID-19 and the Balance Between Efficiency and Resilience
March 30

Our global economy prizes efficiency, which is the ability to get a lot done quickly. Climate change and COVID-19 remind us that efficiency often comes at the price of resilience, leaving us vulnerable to systemic shocks.

The Right to Carbon, the Right to Land, the Right to Decide
March 27

Governments, indigenous and local communities, as well as private landowners can all earn carbon income for managing their land sustainably, but the carbon rights that they transact vary widely depending on the legal context.