Shades of REDD+
Corresponding Adjustments, Kyoto Protocol Nostalgia, and a Proposed Way Forward
February 25
  |  Carbon Market

Controlling realities through accounting is an illusion. It is essential to create multiple incentives for mitigation, including through voluntary carbon markets. While corporate action is essential, only truly additional emission reductions should be used for company offsetting.

Ecosystem Marketplace Announces New Suite of Data Sharing and Intelligence Platforms
January 28
  |  Carbon Market

Voluntary carbon markets are key to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions in half by 2030, and clear data is key to ensuring they can deliver real reductions. Ecosystem Marketplace, the leading provider of data and intelligence on voluntary carbon markets, is responding with new interactive platforms offering unprecedented market transparency.

Most Chocolate Companies Don’t Know Where Their Cocoa Comes From
February 17
  |  Supply Change

The chocolate business has decimated forests in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, but chocolate companies have promised to clean up their act. Trouble is, only a few have embraced agreed on practices for doing so.

Mandatory Sustainability Reporting Moves Closer to Reality
February 3
  |  Climate change

Hundreds of companies voluntarily report on progress towards sustainability goals, but such reporting may soon be mandatory.

Unpacking the New “Blueprint” for Bigger (and Better?) Voluntary Carbon Markets
January 28
  |  Carbon Market

With more and more companies scrambling to achieve zero net greenhouse-gas emissions, the demand for voluntary carbon credits is skyrocketing. The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets today published a detailed 138-page blueprint for ratcheting up the size of voluntary carbon markets without sacrificing quality. Here is a brief dive into the highlights.

Biden’s “All of Government” Plan for Climate, Explained
January 27
  |  Climate change

Rejoining the Paris agreement is just the start of Biden’s climate and clean energy policy.

Network Connects Indigenous Knowledges in the Arctic and U.S. Southwest
January 22
  |  Indigenous People

Indigenous Peoples from the Arctic and the U.S. Southwest have joined together to tackle issues of food sovereignty in two environmental extremes. Their bond led to a swift response to COVID-19.