Brazil and the carbon markets
June 15

The Federal Government of Brazil recently announced a series of decrees which will support the development of green investments and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the decrees (Ie. 11,075) will establish a long awaited National System for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SINARE) to support the country’s journey to decarbonization. Over the course of the next decade, Brazil’s voluntary carbon market is predicted to grow up to 20 times and has the potential to help different actors achieve their mitigation goals – but the the new decrees will need to overcome a series of technical issues as well as legal gaps in order for any potential benefits to come to fruition.

RE100 proposes changes to its Technical Criteria: European market boundary narrowed
June 9

This article first appeared on Greenfact. 09 June 2022 | The RE100 launched a public consultation on three proposed changes to its technical criteria following town hall meetings it held with members in February 2022. The consultation proposes the following three key changes: Make AIB membership the market boundary for Europe Accept physical cross-market procurement when certain […]

Ambitious New Plan to Scale Up REDD+ Announced
June 3
  |  Carbon Market

Everland and partners announce an ambitious new plan to scale up community-based REDD+ projects by supporting the development of up to 75 tropical forest conservation projects in critical hot spots.

Blog: World Bank 2022 Carbon Pricing Report Launch
Global carbon pricing generating record revenues but much potential remains untapped
May 24
  |  Carbon Market

24 May 2022  |  The climate crisis continues to escalate amid a prolonged pandemic, increasing economic instability and geopolitical tensions. Commitments at COP26 keep hope alive that avoiding the worst effects of climate change is within our reach, but the peril remains stark.  The latest work from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes plain that […]

CITES takes unprecedented steps to stop the illegal African rosewood trade
May 23
  |  Deforestation

On March 11th, the 74th Standing Committee meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) met to discuss the continuing illegal trade of Pterocarpus erinaceus, also known as kosso or African rosewood. Today, the CITES Secretariat took an unprecedented step by notifying all range States (countries where the species is endemic) […]

REDD+ evolves with Verra’s changes to key methodologies
April 27
  |  Carbon Market

Verra has proposed updates to REDD+ methodologies that it hopes will streamline data collection through the use of jurisdictional-level baselines, and the application of Verra’s standardized benchmark risk mapping tool to determine more accurate project baselines.

Scaling up nature-based solutions in the Yaeda Valley
April 21
  |  Carbon Market

The scaling up of the Yaeda Valley REDD project in northern Tanzania nature-based solution demonstrates that the voluntary carbon market is an effective way to deliver climate finance to the frontline and indigenous communities who are conserving biodiversity, strengthening their land rights, and protecting traditional lifestyles, while improving their livelihoods.