Decarbonizing and de-risking commodity supply chains: It’s a package deal
September 29
  |  Deforestation

Corporate commitments to eliminate deforestation from commodity supply chains really took off in 2014 with the New York Declaration of Forests. It had become increasingly clear that commercial agriculture – namely soy, palm oil, cattle, and timber – was behind the majority of deforestation. Today, anti-deforestation commodity commitments cover $96.8B in export value. In parallel, […]

Opinion: ESG falling short? Low carbon funds overvalued? High integrity carbon credits offer a bridge to net zero finance
September 27
  |  Carbon Market

Carbon credits can provide flexibility for more efficient and impactful use of capital where low carbon portfolios are overvalued or if ESG strategies are failing to deliver meaningful climate change mitigation.  The financial sector’s transition to net zero should include widespread use of high integrity carbon credits (1), as a supplement to robust decarbonization targets […]

Protecting One of the World’s Most Distinctive and Valuable Forests
August 11

Mangrove forests are excellent at storing carbon particularly in their soil. But these critical forest ecosystems are under threat of conversion, degradation, and destruction. The Climate Action Reserve is working to protect and restore mangrove ecosystems and recently registered the first-ever mangrove forest offset project in Mexico. The Manglares San Crisanto/San Crisanto Mangroves project is demonstrating the ability of mangrove forests to become viable offset projects and deliver important co-benefits to local communities.

ACR Updates Program Rules for Tokenization of Carbon Credits
August 11

ACR prohibits the tokenization of its carbon offset credits unless explicitly authorized, as a first step in the development of a set of guardrails to protect market integrity in the face of unregulated cryptocurrencies.

A ban on exporting carbon credits and its impact on the domestic carbon market
August 10

India will ban firms from exporting carbon credits until the nation meets its climate goals; Hon’ble Cabinet Minister (Power, New & Renewable Energy) told lawmakers debating changes to the country’s energy conservation law on Monday. This brings more confusion to the carbon market. There is a need to have a clearer pathway under the carbon market. Author’s observations are discussed in the article.

This is a developing story.

VCM Reaches Towards $2 Billion in 2021:
New Market Analysis Published from Ecosystem Marketplace
August 3
  |  Carbon Market

According to the latest State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report from Ecosystem Marketplace, the VCM grew in value towards $2 Billion in 2021. This quadrupling in market value from 2020 was driven by an acceleration of nature-based solutions trading volume and higher prices for these and other projects with non-carbon environmental and social benefits, such as clean cookstoves and water purification devices.

The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market Launches its Public Consultation for Core Carbon Principles
July 27
  |  Carbon Market

With the aim of setting a definitive and consistent benchmark for credible, high-integrity carbon credits, The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market has developed a draft set of Core Carbon Principles (CCPs), Assessment Framework (AF) and Assessment Procedure. The public consultation is now open.