Opinion: A New Wave of Global Resolve to Protect Tropical Forests around the World
September 28
  |  Carbon Market

As the world reaches for solutions to meet globally-agreed targets for climate, biodiversity, and land degradation, the LEAF Coalition has received more than 30 proposals by sub-national governments that together encompass over half a billion hectares of forest.

Voluntary Carbon Markets Rocket in 2021, On Track to Break $1B for First Time
Press Release
September 15
  |  Carbon Market

New report from Ecosystem Marketplace on voluntary carbon markets finds 2021 is on track for annual market value record of $1 Billion+ for the first time, as all-time market value hits $6.7 Billion. Based on growing global network of 172 EM Respondents (13% increase from 2020 of 152), with traded credits from projects located in 80 countries.

However You Look at It, Our Future is Forests
September 13

Debates about carbon offset types and REDD+ are important, but what ultimately matters is scaling tropical forest finance fast with integrity, and making sure that forest communities are at the table.

Mobilizing Large-scale Climate Solutions from the Forest Sector, Introducing TREES 2.0
EM Strategic Supporter Insights
August 24
  |  Carbon Market

Accelerating progress toward national scale accounting and implementation to achieve emissions reductions and removals at scale and to achieve Paris Agreement goals.

A Bright Spot in the IPCC’s Dire Climate Warning
August 11
  |  Climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week issued its most dire warning on climate change, but the report also says we still have a chance of stabilizing global temperatures after first overshooting above the Paris Agreement’s 1.5-degree target.

New partnership with UN aviation agency to provide insights on carbon offsetting market
Press Release
August 3
  |  Carbon Market

Nonprofit carbon markets data platform Ecosystem Marketplace to provision carbon credits transaction data and analysis for the International Civil Aviation Organization’s new global carbon market for airlines.

An Amazon Bioeconomy is a Path Forward for Brazil
July 22
  |  Deforestation

Creating the right policies, markets, infrastructure, and innovative connections is urgently needed to set a new course for sustainable, inclusive, and environmentally sound development. The bioeconomy of the Amazon is a promising pathway for the Brazilian Amazon.