Incidiendo eficazmente en la financiación climática: Lecciones de las comunidades indígenas y locales
May 3
  |  Carbon Market

Este artículo apareció por primera vez en el sitio web de Peoples Forests Partnership. Los mercados de carbono y otras formas de financiación climática se enfrentan a una crisis de confianza y credibilidad. Existe un potencial increíble para que los programas de financiamiento climático canalicen millones de dólares directamente a los pueblos indígenas y comunidades […]

How to effectively engage in climate finance: Lessons from indigenous and local communities
April 30
  |  Carbon Market

This article first appeared on the Peoples Forests Partnership website. Carbon markets and other forms of climate finance are facing a confidence and credibility crisis. There is incredible potential for climate finance programs to drive millions of dollars directly to indigenous peoples and local communities (IPs & LCs) who steward 36% of the world’s forests […]

Beetles in a Pay Stack: Stacking and Bundling in Biodiversity Credit Markets
April 29
  |  Biodiversity Market

This article was originally published on the Environmental Policy Innovation Center blog. What good is an ecosystem? Or rather, what goods are an ecosystem? Clean water and air, climate regulation, flood and erosion management, biodiversity and on and on. Can we value just one enough to get the rest for free? Should we put a […]

Companies and Carbon Credits: From Anecdote to Evidence
April 24
  |  Carbon Market

Last week, the Board of Trustees of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) announced that they will recognise the responsible use of carbon credits and other environmental attribute certificates toward a portion Scope 3 emissions for achieving net-zero targets. This is a significant milestone for the market, not just for companies with ambitions to decarbonise, […]

Shades of REDD+
Two clashing visions for Article 6
February 14
  |  REDD

To get bridge controversies around Article 6 it may be worth to take a step back and evaluate the different expectations for an effective role of carbon markets that nourish the clashing positions. Is the priority controlling all aspects of the implementation of Article 6 or to enable countries to define the rules that enable large-scale investments into mitigation?

EM Strategic Supporter Feature
Navigating the Carbon Credit Landscape
January 29
  |  Carbon Market

In the face of an escalating climate crisis, sustainability managers are grappling with a myriad of challenges. From concerns about greenwashing to the intricacies of the carbon credit market, the path to a sustainable future is filled with uncertainties. The events of 2023 have underscored the urgency for immediate action, with both public and private […]

It’s time to stand up and take action – protecting forests is too important to wait
January 26
  |  Carbon Market

In the 1990’s I lived for 738 days in a 1,000-year-old giant redwood tree named Luna to save ‘her’ and the surrounding grove from loggers. From Luna I spoke to media all over the world and had the honor of addressing the UN, the US Congress, and government agencies worldwide.