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Voluntary Carbon Markets Show Steady
Growth As Paris Reframes Climate Action

Ecosystem Marketplace's State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2016 report tracked a 10% increase over 2014. The report launched today at Carbon Expo in Cologne, Germany and the findings demonstrate how individuals, corporations and state and national governments are using voluntary carbon markets to ramp up their own climate action as the world forged an international agreement on climate change.

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    The Next Challenge: How To Make The Paris Agreement Work

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    Message To Media In Bonn: Brace For Accelerated Change As Paris “Rule Book” Takes Shape

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    Queen Of The Netherlands: Financial Inclusion Required To Help Smallholder Farmers Adapt To Climate Change

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    European Biomass Satellite To Support REDD+

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded a contract to develop what it says is the most advanced satellite ever deployed for measuring the carbon content of tropical rainforests. Named, ...Read More...


    Businesses Ratchet Up Climate Action With Ambitious New Targets

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    Saving Biodiversity By Integrating It Into All Spheres Of Society

    Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into larger, political and high level processes appears set to dominate week two of biodiversity talks in Montreal, which will focus on action, the ...Read More...


    The Policy Landscape Post Paris: What It Means For Forests And Business

    With massive powers to store carbon, forests have a big role to play in mitigating climate change and fulfilling Paris Agreement commitments, which includes halting deforestation. Policy support ...Read More...


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    The Paris Agreement Is Signed. Now What?

    Countries marked this year's Earth Day by signing the Paris Agreement, committing to lowering global emissions and limiting climate change. The agreement is moving ever closer to implementation ...Read More...

    Lacandon_Image (3)

    Jurisdictional REDD+ Needs Clarity – Not Confusion – In Chiapas

    After a decade of deliberation, the US state of California may soon let its companies meet part of their emission-reduction obligations by saving forests in places like the Mexican state of ...Read More...


    13 Trillion Reasons This Earth Day Is Different From All Others

    Representatives from roughly 130 governments are converging on New York city today to sign the Paris Agreement that was reached in December, and the We Mean Business Coalition says that ...Read More...


    How A Carbon Price Can Ease The Climate Shock

    More than 120 heads of government are expected to converge on New York City to formally sign the Paris Agreement today, bringing it into effect as soon as 55 of them put their names on the list. ...Read More...


    West African Countries Come Together To Address Illegal Rosewood Trade

    Guinea-Bissau hasn't historically made forest conservation a priority, especially when Chinese buyers are offering cool cash for prized rosewood. But as deforestation takes its toll on the lives ...Read More...


    With New Forest Strategy, World Bank Aims For Action Over Experimentation

    The World Bank’s new five-year forest plan is a clear continuation of its evolving strategy to save forests by both commercializing activities that depend on them and supporting activities that ...Read More...


    Why Workers In Coal Country Should Embrace Carbon Markets

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    Is California Getting Serious About REDD?

    Two years after the REDD Offsets Working Group, California's Air Resources Board seems to be getting serious about incorporating international avoided deforestation offsets into its cap-and-trade ...Read More...

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