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How Does The Davos Crowd View Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Supply Chains, And Conservation Investment?

US Vice President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping have kicked off the 47th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where leaders from business and government aim to stem the rising tide of populist sentiment and forge global cooperation on climate change.

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    Private Investment In Conservation Reaches $8.2 Billion

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    Companies, Investors Pledge Climate Action, Encourage Low-Carbon Policy

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    A Topsy-Turvy 2016 Sets Tone For Turbulent 2017 In Forest Carbon

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    2016: How Investors Shined A Bright Light On Big Climate Risks In Corporate Supply Chains

    Private sector engagement on sustainable supply chains and reducing deforestation was in ample supply in 2016 as the world started to mobilize behind the Paris Climate Agreement. However, ...Read More...

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    2016: A Good Year For Rainforest People, But Hazards Ahead

    North America’s Sioux People caught the attention of the world this year by defending their drinking water at Standing Rock, North Dakota; but indigenous people have been defending Mother Earth ...Read More...


    2016: The World Learns The Value Of Water

    As drought, flooding and pollution made headlines year-round in 2016, some experts and organization pushed for a return to the basics, solutions that mimicked nature or protected water at its ...Read More...


    2016 Quietly Ushered In A New Global Era In Climate And Land Use

    After years of negotiations, the global climate community has aligned behind efforts to protect and restore forests, which has enormous potential for fighting climate change. Here, Jason Funk of ...Read More...


    2016: The Year Biodiversity Got Back On The Climate Map

    In 2016, proponents of mainstreaming biodiversity pushed for further integration during international talks and elsewhere while new research found serious declines in global biodiversity. But ...Read More...

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    Some See Opportunity In Zinke Pick For Interior, Conservationists Stress Restoration Economy

    Conservationists have roundly slammed most of US President-Elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees, but the nod to Ryan Zinke for Secretary of Interior is something of a mixed bag. Some working in ...Read More...


    Your Guilt-Free Guide To Last-Minute Holiday Shopping That Won’t Kill The Rainforest

    Everything, it seems, comes from the rainforest – from the leather in your shoes to the wood fibers in your flannel shirt. Some are harvested sustainably, but many aren’t – and until recently, it ...Read More...


    Cities Across US Developing “Green Infrastructure” Solutions, But Struggling To Find Funding

    Mayors from cities across the United States are exploring nature-based infrastructure – such as mangroves for coastal protection and wetlands for flood management – as protection from rising sea ...Read More...


    Close To $25 Billion Spent To Secure Green Infrastructure Worldwide In 2015

    As the global water crisis mounts, countries, cities and businesses funneled billions of dollars into market-based investments that conserve and restore forests, mangroves, wetlands and ...Read More...


    As Investors Push Climate Risk Into Limelight, Deforestation Follows

    Corporate exposure to “forest risk commodities” like soy and timber is murky and opaque, but new research shows it could top $900 billion per year. Now, as institutional investors push companies ...Read More...


    Register Now: Limited Slots For Thursday Water Webinar

    In China, Peru, the United States and elsewhere, nature-based interventions to manage water supplies is on the rise, and governments, companies and water providers are establishing some ...Read More...


    Tillerson For Secretary Of State Adds Another Layer Of Uncertainty To US Role In Climate Talks

    Rex Tillerson heads up the world's largest publicly owned oil and gas company and, as the President-Elect's choice for secretary of state, may lead the United States in climate change ...Read More...


    In Pruitt EPA Pick, Some Fear Short Shrift For Restoration Economy

    Environmentalists across the political spectrum have exhibited everything from anger to puzzlement over US President-Elect Donald Trump's decision to nominate Scott Pruitt to head up the ...Read More...


    Trump Inheriting Healthy System of Environmental Markets, New Data Shows

    US President-Elect Donald Trump is inheriting a healthy system of ecosystem markets, thanks in part to measures implemented by the Obama administration, but the exact growth has been difficult to ...Read More...


    The Trillion-Dollar Deforestation Time Bomb And How To Defuse It

    Two new reports show that global corporations are both victims and perpetrators of deforestation. One report shows they could lose nearly $1 trillion per year if current trends continue. The ...Read More...


    Biodiversity Convention Continues To Look To Mainstreaming To Halt Global Decline

    For practitioners working in the biodiversity conservation space, the global biodiversity talks getting underway in Mexico will be one of implementation and for figuring out the tools and methods ...Read More...


    Which US States Are Already Honoring The Paris Climate Agreement?

    When Donald Trump won the US presidential election, climate optimists said US cities and states would fill any leadership gaps that opened at the federal level. Now six US states have agreed to ...Read More...


    Can “Radical Transparency” Save Forests And Slow Climate Change?

    If a Trump presidency neuters the US federal government’s efforts to combat climate change, as many expect, then “non-state” actors like cities and companies – as well as consumers and watchdogs ...Read More...


    A Path Forward for Forests And The Planet

    Over 100 nations identify forest conservation and restoration as part of their strategy to fight climate change, something Forest Trends' founding President and CEO Michael Jenkins considers a ...Read More...


    Stay The Course With Environmental Markets Benefitting Business And Rural Landowners

    The 30 year old marketplace for ecological assets, recently valued at $100 billion, may be changing the face of real estate in the United States. A long-time market analyst says these changes ...Read More...

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    Bridging The Rural-Urban Divide With Collaborative Landscape Management Tools

    Real social and economic dislocation led nearly half of US voters to reject the political establishment and elect Donald Trump as the nation's next president despite racist and xenophobic ...Read More...


    Swedish Court Rules Myanmar “Green Book” Inadequate For EU Importers

    In a first-of-its-kind case, Swedish Administrative Courts ruled certification through the Myanmar Forest Products Merchans' Federation did not prove that wood imported into Sweden was harvested ...Read More...


    $5.5 Million Investment For The Climate Trust Seeds Carbon Investment Fund

    The Climate Trust recently secured a $5.5 million Program-Related Investment to seed its carbon investment fund, which launched earlier this year with funding from a Conservation Innovation ...Read More...


    Post-Hurricane Matthew: How Can We Restore Waterways To Better Protect Communities?

    The large floodplains and broad vegetated buffers of a stream restoration site near Raleigh, North Carolina significantly reduced flooding when Hurricane Matthew tore through the state. As the ...Read More...


    Now on Bionic Planet: Voices From Marrakesh

    Two weeks after the US presidential election, the US role in the Paris Climate Agreement remains foggy. While few expect the US to continue its leadership role in the fight to slow climate ...Read More...


    Forest Tracking Tools More Important Than Ever

    A new online tool charts a commodities' journey from production to consumption, and can aid companies and practitioners' efforts to cleanse deforestation from supply chains. The sector is calling ...Read More...