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Norway Pledges $50m To
Fund Indonesia’s Peat Restoration

Countries such as Norway and the US are pledging their support to Indonesia's new Peat Restoration Agency, part of the government's efforts to repair the damage of last year's fire and haze disaster, when wildfire tore through 2 million hectares of land.

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    Opinion Is Cambodia’s New Logging Committee A Clampdown – Or A Shakedown?

    Cambodian press and some environmental groups have largely viewed the national government's creation of a committee to curb an illegal wood trade as a sign of real progress. But upon closer ...Read More...


    Gold Standard Opens Public Commenting On Version 3.0, Aims To Integrate Water, Carbon, and Health

    The Gold Standard has opened a public consulting period for its latest standard, which promises to integrate water, carbon, and health benefits in one certification. Commenting will run for 60 ...Read More...


    Climate Change Reshapes Infrastructure Investing Frontier

    The legally binding global agreement to reduce emissions, combined with climate change's move into first place as a World Economic Forum risk to society and explosive growth in green bonds are ...Read More...


    Momentum For Forest Tenure Rights Rises And Falls Over Last Decade

    New research, released today, says a lack of clarity around indigenous and community land rights poses significant risks to investors. And while governments made progress in several low and ...Read More...


    On World Wetlands Day: The Allure And Elusiveness Of Mangroves As Carbon Sinks

    Wetlands, and especially mangrove forests, sequester far more carbon per square mile than do tropical forests, and they also provide shelter for fish, protect the coast from storm surges, and ...Read More...


    The Road From Paris: Green Lights, Speed Bumps, And The Future Of Carbon Markets

    Climate negotiators green-lighted the development of international carbon markets under the Paris Agreement, but most credits will probably be used in the countries of origin. Here's a look at ...Read More...


    Building On Paris, Countries Assemble The Carbon Markets Of Tomorrow

    Formal climate change negotiations don’t resume until May, but Germany, Japan, and New Zealand are quietly shepherding the world’s carbon markets towards compatibility with each other – and, they ...Read More...


    This Week In Water: You Gotta Accentuate The Positive

    The World Economic Forum may have once again ranked water as one of the top threats facing society but practitioners and thought leaders don't appear discouraged. Instead they're focusing on ...Read More...

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    Opinion: The Next Hollywood Blockbuster on Cities, Technology & the Unexpected Role of Nature

    Los Angeles is languishing under a toxic plume of methane, while the people of Flint, Michigan, can't drink their water. Everywhere you look, modern cities are suffering dystopian dilemmas that ...Read More...

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    In Davos, Big Business Sends Mixed Signals On Climate, Clear Call For Carbon Price

    The World Economic Forum is underway in Switzerland, and there’s no shortage of support for a price on carbon. Few of the leaders present, however, have expressed the kind of urgency that was ...Read More...


    Opinion: An Open Letter To The Fossil-Fuel Sector: Save Yourselves By Saving Forests

    The fossil fuel age is coming to an end but most fossil-fuel-dependent companies do not have a strategy to survive the transition to a low-carbon economy. Joining the fight against deforestation ...Read More...

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    Multi-State Water Program Hopes To Stand On Its Own Two Feet In 2016

    The Ohio River Basin Trading Project is the largest water-quality-trading program in the United States, but it’s still dependent on the generosity of donors for survival. This year, it aims to ...Read More...


    Porter Ranch Debacle Shines Light On Role Of “Fugitive” Emissions

    California's Porter Ranch leak has pumped more than 83,000 metric tons of methane into the air to-date, and the number will certainly get higher before Southern California Gas plugs the hole. ...Read More...


    Brazil’s Rondônia State To Launch System Of Payments For Ecosystem Services

    The Brazilian state of Rondônia is laying the groundwork for a system of ecosystem-service payments designed to funnel money from industrialized countries and Brazilian companies into forests. ...Read More...

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    Your 2016 Carbon Market Predictions

    Each January we ask carbon market participants to make predictions about the coming year, and we publish them in our free biweekly newsletter, The Carbon Chronicle. This year, we received such a ...Read More...

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    Opinion Disrupting Biodiversity Markets At The Request Of President Obama?

    US President Barack Obama's presidential memorandum on mitigation emphasized the private sector role in delivering a net benefit to the environment at a landscape level. But achieving ...Read More...


    New Satellite Imaging Tracks Deforestation Tree-by-Tree

    Accurate real-time deforestation measurements have always been fuzzy at best, in part because satellites couldn't resolve objects smaller than 500 meters (1,640 feet) across. But a new system ...Read More...


    Forest Finance Blossomed In 2015, But So Did Sloth And Thievery

    Forests were front-and-center in the global war on climate-change this year, as we saw when the Paris talks ended in universal agreement on mechanisms for saving forests to slow global warming. ...Read More...


    2015: A Year Of Water Woes And Green Infrastructure Solutions

    Climate change has disrupted the world’s water systems, and a handful of governments and companies have responded with funding for nature-based solutions that support healthy watersheds and good ...Read More...

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    2015: Biodiversity’s Year Of Integration

    Biodiversity and endangered habitat have always been difficult to finance, because their economic value isn’t as readily-apparent as that of water, air, and food. In 2015, proponents managed to ...Read More...


    Vote Now: The Top Carbon Stories Of 2015

    Both markets and forests found their place in the Paris Climate Accord, capping a tumultuous year that saw a new "bottom-up" approach to the climate crisis deliver something that no one hates and ...Read More...


    Is China’s Demand For Rosewood Turning Africa’s Forests Into Furniture?

    China's insatiable demand for rosewood is driving illegal deforestation across Southeast Asia and Africa, killing forests there and sowing civil strife, according to a new report by Ecosystem ...Read More...


    Opinion Nine Steps Towards Doubling The Value Of US Mitigation Markets

    There is significant movement in the ecosystem market space as a new presidential memorandum seeks to ramp up private investment in conservation and a recent analysis values the marketplace at ...Read More...

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    Fairtrade Climate Standard Hopes Minimum Offset Prices Will Boost Carbon Markets

    The Fairtrade Climate Standard officially launched at the Paris climate talks, with two of seven pilot projects represented and a handful of private sector buyers in the room. What sets it apart ...Read More...

    Forest in New Zealand © Kelley Hamrick

    New Zealand Seeks To Reform A Floundering Emissions Trading Program

    As a nation that depends on its natural carbon sinks to meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals, New Zealand was the only developed country to make its international climate pledge conditional on ...Read More...


    New DOI Investment Center Seeks To Water The Thirsty West

    Amid the West’s worst drought in recorded history, the U.S. Department of the Interior launched a new center this week that aims to spark impact investments in water infrastructure and better ...Read More...


    REDD+ In The Paris Climate Accord: A Summary

    After decades of evolution and years of difficult negotiations, efforts to slow climate change by saving trees and reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) are ...Read More...


    Analysis: How Markets And Mother Earth Each Found A Home In The Paris Climate Accord

    The new climate accord represents the triumph of realistic, bottom-up thinking over elegant but unworkable top-down solutions. Here's how a deal hatched in Warsaw two years ago opened the ...Read More...


    Forests Win Big In Paris Agreement

    Saturday's climate accord enshrines forest protection in a stand-alone article for the first time in history. Gustavo Silva-Chavez explains why this matters and what it means for our ability to ...Read More...


    It’s Official! Paris Accord Adopted!
    ● REDD+ Enshrined In Text
    ● International Offsets Permitted
    ● 1.5 To Stay Alive!

    Two years after climate negotiators abandoned the quixotic quest for a one-size-fits-all, top-down climate accord and instead began constructing one in accordance with the realities of the world, ...Read More...