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Watershed Managers Seek Large-Scale Finance In Private-Public Partnerships, Knowledge Brokering, And Risk Sharing

The global water crisis will hit everyone from brewers to bakers hard, but it’s still the rare company that steps up to conserve watersheds. Several participants at a World Water Week event last week highlighted the need to entice private actors into partnerships with public entities by spreading both awareness and risk.

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    Exploring The Many Facets Of Water Valuation At World Water Week

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    This Week In Water: A Crisis Of Scarcity Or Mismanagement?

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    First Person: How Nigeria Could Adapt To Climate Change In A Big Way

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    A Guide To Decoding Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

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    Rice, Microfinance And Jobs: How Bangladesh Is Saving Its National Fish

    By their very nature, fish are slippery and elusive – as are their habitats. That’s why payments for ecosystems services programs are so rare in fisheries management. But in Bangladesh, where ...Read More...

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    This Week In Biodiversity: Offsets Debate Heats Up With Global Draft Policy

    Actors in the biodiversity space are warning against potential pitfalls of a draft offsetting policy the International Union for Conservation of Nature released this month. The IUCN is accepting ...Read More...

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    Mexico Aims For Inclusivity With New Carbon Norm, But Does It Bring Rigor?

    Forest communities can theoretically benefit from carbon finance, but existing standards cost a fortune to implement. This week, Mexico aims to rectify that with a new Carbon Norm designed to ...Read More...


    Opinion Low-risk Bioenergy Can Be A Critical Climate Solution

    A group of experts from the bioenergy space are pushing for its use to comply with the newly final Clean Power Plan claiming low-risk versions of the energy source offer a host of benefits ...Read More...

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    Door Is Open For States To Use Emissions Trading To Meet New U.S. Power Plant Regulations

    On Monday, the U.S. government announced the finalized version of its Clean Power Plan, which will regulate carbon emissions from power plants in an effort to fight climate change. It's a ...Read More...


    First Person: How 11 Ecuadorian Cities Pooled Their Resources To Support Their Watershed

    Six years ago, southern Ecuador's Regional Water Fund (FORAGUA) began to pool the resources of several municipalities to ensure safe and steady water supplies through sustainable watershed ...Read More...

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    Seven Questions, Seven Answers: How Can Brazil Achieve Zero Net Deforestation

    31 July 2015 | Brazil has reduced its annual greenhouse gas emissions more than the entire European Union has – largely by reducing deforestation a staggering 76%. With less than five months to ...Read More...


    This Week In Forest Carbon: Ten More INDCs Since June

    Since June, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has received a flurry of climate plans as the climate talks in Paris loom ever closer. And while these carbon-cutting plans ...Read More...

    Bank and Investor Policies

    Study Says Banks Are Still Financing Deforestation. Here Is How They Can Stop

    Companies around the world are tripping over each other to make "zero deforestation" pledges, but that won't mean a thing if the banks that finance them ignore deforestation liability. A new ...Read More...


    13 Powerhouse American Companies Have Taken The White House Climate Pledge. What Does It Mean For Forests?

    27 July 2015 |Thirteen major US companies today took the White House's "American Business Act on Climate" pledge to slash their greenhouse gas emissions to slow climate change. The pledges commit ...Read More...


    US Wildlife Agency Contemplates Permitting System For Migratory Birds

    The US Fish and Wildlife Agency is in the early stages of crafting a permitting system that has the potential to motivate development industries to implement bird protection measures and reduce ...Read More...


    More And More People Are Suing To Slow Climate Change. Will Companies Finally Recognize The Cost Of Their Emissions?

    From Lima to Jakarta to the Hague, angry citizens are using courts to hold governments and companies accountable for climate change. That’s good for the climate, and maybe good for carbon markets ...Read More...


    Offsetting Local: Inside A Landfill Gas Project

    Under the Hilltop Sand and Gravel landfill in Alexandria, Virginia, methane is stirring. But rather than leaking into the atmosphere, this gas is piped to a central location and then flared off ...Read More...


    This Week in Biodiversity: The Restoration Economy Is Bigger Than We Thought

    A new study estimates the economic impact of the ecological restoration industry at $25 billion finding it directly employs more people than the mining, logging or steel sectors. Meanwhile, ...Read More...


    From Icebox To Offset: Destroying Ozone Depleting Substances, With The Help Of The Carbon Markets

    Destroying refrigerant gases that have been phased out of production due to the Montreal Protocol has been a significant base for carbon offsetting in California’s cap-and-trade program. But as a ...Read More...


    Ecological Restoration Is A $25 Billion Industry That Generates 220,000 Jobs

    Critics like to portray environmental regulation as a job killer, but the restoration economy now provides more jobs than mining, logging, or steel production – all while actually fixing the ...Read More...


    Seedlings And Children: Taking Care Of Our Common Future

    The Paiter-Surui indigenous group in the Amazon rainforest was nearly wiped out from years of disease and deforestation. But now, with help from the IKEA Foundation and nonprofit Forest Trends ...Read More...


    China’s Big Plans For Forests And Climate Change

    China’s national climate action plan will drive down emissions in part by ramping up the country’s already massive tree-planting programs. But scientists are still haggling over how ambitious to ...Read More...


    This Week In Water: A Brazil Matrix And Supply Chain Risk

    This month, Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends launched an interactive map and database tracking and categorizing over 2,000 payments for ecosystem services in Brazil called the ...Read More...


    New Conservation Bank Aims
    To Save The Roaming Sage-Grouse

    The greater sage-grouse might not be officially listed as endangered, but conservation of the bird is in full swing. This spring, conservation banking officially entered the fray with the ...Read More...

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