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Bertrand Piccard Wants You (And Your Climate Solutions)

Ten years ago, Swiss psychologist Bertrand Piccard vowed to fly around the world in a solar-powered airplane – not just to do it, but to show that it could be done, and to inspire others to seek new solutions to the climate challenge. Last year he succeeded, and now he plans to find and help fund 1000 climate-change solutions.

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    They’re Back! Global Alliance Rallies Around Republican Plan For Gradually-Rising US Carbon Tax

    In a full-page ad targeted to businesses through the Wall Street Journal, leaders from physicist Stephen Hawking to industrialist Ratan Tata have endorsed a US carbon tax. It's a new blast of ...Read More...


    How Marks & Spencer Is Helping To Build A Global ‘Sustainability Tribe’

    Marks & Spencer has been recognized as one of the most sustainable retailers on the planet, second only to Finland’s much smaller Kesko OYJ, but the company – and other sustainable enterprises ...Read More...


    Climate Tops Agenda For US Mayors Meeting In Miami Beach

    With the Trump administration leaving the federal government essentially neutered on climate change as hurricane season gets underway, this annual meeting of mayors is set to assume an unusually ...Read More...


    Can This Swiss Feed Supplement Do For Cows What Tesla Is Doing For Cars?

    When Elon Musk started Tesla Motors in 2003, he didn’t aim to end our car culture – just to make it cleaner. Likewise, pescatarian businessman Michael Mathres doesn’t aim to end our global love ...Read More...


    Where Money And Mysticism Meet, Ecotourism And Sustainable Farming
    Follow – At Least In This Part Of Peru

    The people of San Roque de Cumbaza live in a region of environmental splendor but economic scarcity – and many once feared they’d have to abandon their traditions and their territory to make a ...Read More...


    Big Mitigation Bankers Embrace Role As “Ecological Restoration Businesses”, But Smaller Players Feel Sidelined

    A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but the benefits of mitigation banking aren’t as self-evident. Now, the sector’s leading trade association is changing its name to the “Ecological ...Read More...


    Seven State Attorneys General Sue US Federal EPA For Public Endangerment

    A coalition of seven state Attorneys General have charged the federal Environmental Protection Agency EPA with violating federal law by failing to issue a safety finding on a common pesticide ...Read More...


    Climate Space Turns To States, Business And Rest Of World As Trump Pulls US From Paris Agreement

    While US President Donald Trump did announce his intention to pull the nation out of the Paris Climate Accord earlier today, climate practitioners are already expressing optimism and faith in ...Read More...


    US Farms And Rural Communities Lose Big If Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Agreement

    US President Donald Trump is expected to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement today – ostensibly to save jobs. Unfortunately, he’ll be killing more jobs than he saves, and mostly in parts of ...Read More...


    Is The World Better Off If Trump Bails On Climate?

    US President Donald Trump has officially begun the process of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement – even as business leaders outside the Koch/DeVos/Coors vortex call for steep ...Read More...


    Corporate Boards Increasingly Fear Climate Change As World Looks To China For Climate Leadership

    Ecosystem Marketplace tracked its 1 billionth voluntary carbon offset, while members of the International Emissions Trading Association vowed to counter the rising tide of populism with words and ...Read More...


    As Costs Rise, Green Infrastructure Looks Better And Better

    Addressing stormwater runoff and other water-related challenges is getting insanely expensive, which is why cost-effective green interventions are on the rise. This month's Water Log features ...Read More...


    New Initiative Lends A Helping Hand To Europe’s Green Entrepreneurs

    Organic farmers and other environmental entrepreneurs are a romantic lot, but they don’t have the opportunities for training and finance that providers of solar and wind technologies do. That’s ...Read More...


    Unlocking Carbon Market Potential In a Post-Paris World

    Activity in the voluntary markets in 2016 pushed us over the 1 billion tonnes transacted mark, according to Ecosystem Marketplace's newly released State of Voluntary Carbon Markets 2017. Expect ...Read More...


    As Number Of Carbon Pricing Initiatives Doubles, New Portal Will Track Prices

    Nearly 60 percent of all countries either include or plan to include carbon pricing in their national climate action plans, and a new platform launched by the World Bank and Ecofys aims to track ...Read More...


    Climate Hangs Over Trump Like Sword Of Damocles Ahead of G-7

    The Trump Show has once again mopped up media attention that should be going to issues more important but less entertaining – like the flurry of mid-year talks designed to turbocharge national ...Read More...


    The Dutch Government Is Piloting A Voluntary Carbon Program, And It’s Not Alone

    Countries that vowed to slash their greenhouse-gas emissions under the Paris Agreement are now supposed to be looking for ways to slash them even deeper, and the Dutch government says it will ...Read More...


    Indigenous Leaders Find Voice In Global Climate Talks

    Seven years ago, indigenous people were seldom seen and even more seldom heard at global climate talks. Today, they’re actively involved in talks, with organizations like AIDESEP and COICA ...Read More...


    China, India To Beat Climate Pledges As Trump Drags US Backwards

    The Paris Climate Agreement lets countries set their own emission-reduction targets and then encourages a “race to the top” as countries learn from each other and incrementally improve their ...Read More...


    How To Track Climate Legislation Around The World

    One hundred and forty-four countries have ratified the Paris Climate Agreement, and 143 of them say they'll stay in it – even if Donald Trump pulls the United States out. But staying in and ...Read More...


    Leveraging Carbon Finance For Wetland Restoration In California

    Ecosystem Marketplace is wrapping up data collection for its State of Biodiversity Markets report with a final flash poll offering anyone who's interested a chance to weigh in on the future of ...Read More...


    $25 Billion Ecological Restoration Industry Gathers In Sacramento To Talk Business

    As the ecological restoration industry convenes for its flagship meeting this week, two restoration players highlight the sector's role as a big economic driver. They also stress the need for ...Read More...


    World Bank Climate Boss Wants To “Activate Trillionaire Investments” Under Paris Agreement

    UN Negotiators are gathering this week and next in Bonn, Germany to move the Paris Agreement forward. After that, the World Bank is hosting a one-week meeting in Barcelona called ...Read More...


    Climate Negotiators Roll Up Their Sleeves in Bonn, With or Without the U.S.

    President Donald Trump's decision to either pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement or remain in it are looming over global climate talks underway in Bonn. Both outcomes involve ...Read More...


    If Trump Bails On Paris Agreement, At Least He’ll Be Out Of The Way

    Climate negotiators are meeting in Bonn, Germany, the next two weeks to move the Paris Climate Agreement forward – even as Republicans in the United States seem intent on moving it backward. Most ...Read More...


    Will New French President Keep Pledge To Hire US Climate Workers?

    The United States has always been a leader in green technologies, despite the best efforts of the Bush and now Trump administrations to undermine them. During the French Presidential election, ...Read More...


    Can California Tap Carbon Markets To Save Its Delta (And Its Drinking Water)?

    The inland marshes that provide half of California’s drinking water and support its massive agriculture sector are sinking into the ground and drowning in fertilizer running off from farms. ...Read More...

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    New State Of Voluntary Carbon Markets Report Set To Launch At Innovate4Climate

    Innovate4Climate is two short weeks away, and Ecosystem Marketplace will be on-the-ground not only to cover key climate finance developments but to launch this year's State of the Voluntary ...Read More...


    Setting The Rules Of The Game At Bonn Climate Change Talks

    US President Donald Trump may have neutered federal action on climate change, but the Paris Agreement lives on. Next week, it reaches a critical juncture as negotiators from around the world meet ...Read More...


    As Green Climate Fund Considers Results-Based Payments for Forests, Two Lessons from Earlier Initiatives

    The Green Climate Fund Board is considering results-based payments for protecting and restoring tropical forests, which is good news for the climate and for developing countries, says Jonah Busch ...Read More...

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