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Corporates Pledge To Reduce
Impacts At World Water Week, But How?

More and more companies are acknowledging that they depend on reliable supplies of clean water just as much as the rest of us do, and a few dozen have promised to make sure they’re replenishing the aquifers and waterways that sustain them. Unfortunately, only a handful have taken meaningful steps towards doing so. Here’s a look at some of the winners, and what we can learn from them.

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    New Investment Model Uses Water Markets And Impact Investors To Restore Nature

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    Colombia’s State-Sanctioned Voluntary Carbon Market To Begin Trading On Thursday

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    Why Do Carbon Prices Vary By Project Type?

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    China Prohibits Office Furniture Made From Precious Woods For Central Government Offices

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    Even Before The Paris Agreement Takes Effect, Hundreds Of Corporates Are Voluntarily Offsetting Emissions

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    Carbon Markets See Positive Signal In New US Climate Guidance, But No Game Change

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    New School Will Teach The Ways Of The Water Fund In Ecuador

    Nature and Culture International is establishing Ecuador's first water school, an institution created to train municipal water workers in the skills required to join and administer a water fund. ...Read More...


    How The Paris Climate Agreement Can Drive Colombia’s Fledgling Peace – And Keep Liberia’s Peace Alive

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    Peru’s New President Gets Arsenal Of New Environmental Tools

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    Water Quality Trading: What Works? What Doesn’t? And Why Don’t We Know This Already?

    Water utilities and NGOs around the world are using market-based mechanisms to clean regional waterbodies and restore surrounding watersheds, but critics say the programs are unproven. Proponents ...Read More...


    Between Skeptic And Denier: Has The Media Contributed To Public Skepticism On Climate Change?

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    New Report Finds Companies Are Pricing Carbon And Offsetting Emissions In Creative Ways

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    Debunked: Eight Myths About Carbon Offsetting

    A new report from Ecosystem Marketplace, published today, reveals companies are engaging in carbon markets as one part of larger emissions reduction strategies that include energy efficiency ...Read More...


    Brazil’s Police And Indigenous Groups Fight True Crime In The Amazon Together

    A newly-formalized collaborative effort between Brazil's law enforcement agencies and forest communities has ambitious plans to unravel an entire criminal enterprise operating in western Pará. ...Read More...


    The Six Ways “Business” Sees Climate Change

    We can’t fix the climate mess without involving the private sector – but what is the private sector, and how does it think? It’s massive and diverse, says environmental economist Mark Trexler, ...Read More...


    Mark Your Calendar: Tuesday Webinar Explores Corporate Progress On Deforestation Pledges

    Hundreds of companies globally have pledged to stop chopping trees for the creation of their products, but how are they progressing and what lessons do they have for the rest of us? We explore ...Read More...


    Climate, Conflict, And Commodities: The Calculus Of Peace On A Changing Planet

    More than half of all peace agreements fail within five years, often because they ignore the role of natural resources in driving conflict. Carbon finance can help end that cycle by promoting ...Read More...


    Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions From International Flights

    From a carbon accounting perspective, most greenhouse gas emissions from international passenger flights don’t exist, because outside the European Economic Area they aren’t charged to any nation. ...Read More...


    What Does Brexit Mean For Illegal Logging And The Global Timber Trade?

    In a new information brief, Forest Trends' Forest Policy, Trade and Finance program takes a close look at the implications of Britain's exit from the European Union on efforts to curb trade in ...Read More...


    Peru’s Amarakaeri Indigenous People Win Conservation Prize To Ramp Up Sustainable Brazil Nut Harvesting

    All across Latin America, indigenous people are struggling to maintain their traditional way of life while also participating in the modern economy. In Peru, the Eca Amarakaeri indigenous ...Read More...

    ColoradoLicensePlate 3

    Colorado’s Home-Grown Voluntary Carbon Offset Program Now Gets Home-Grown Management

    Eight years after the state of Colorado launched a private/public voluntary carbon offset program that encourages low-emission driving, the Colorado-based Natural Capitalism Solutions is taking ...Read More...


    What Role Can China Play In The Fight Against Illegal Logging As US, EU And Australia Step Up Enforcement Actions?

    China is a fairly big player in timber markets in the US, Europe and Australia but new Forest Trends research shows these markets may be looking for alternative suppliers as government agencies ...Read More...


    Slow Strides In Building The Paris Agreement Rulebook

    Negotiators didn't make any major substantive decisions at the United Nations mid-year climate talks that wrapped up late last month, according to Forest Trends' Gustavo Silva-Chavez. In a recent ...Read More...


    How A Single Tweet Brought A Panamanian Chef And Rainforest Communities Together

    Chefs across Latin America are leveraging cuisine as a vehicle for sustainable food production and forest protection. Here, Forest Trends' Will Tucker explores how this thinking influenced a chef ...Read More...


    With New Norway-US Forest Cooperation, Support Grows To Save Forests By Offsetting Flights

    This week at the Oslo REDD Exchange, Norway and the US committed to deeper collaboration over slowing climate change by protecting and restoring forests. The agreement calls for increased ...Read More...


    Opinion: Why The UN Sustainable Development Goals Really Are A Very Big Deal

    Carbon project developers have high hopes for the Sustainable Development Goals, which they hope will provide a clear benchmark for the non-carbon "co-benefits" that so many have worked so hard ...Read More...