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International Airlines Are Shaping Up As Big Force In Carbon Offsetting

The Paris Agreement doesn't cover emissions from international shipping or air, but a global agreement on air travel is set to kick in soon. Here's what you need to know to make sense of it.

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    Indonesia’s Sustainable Districts Bet On Corporate Deforestation Pledges

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    Companies Acting On Deforestation Have A Legality Issue

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    Want To Invest In Cricket Crackers And Honeybees? Here’s How!

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    Major Soy Traders Get Low Grades For Cerrado Sourcing

    The Brazilian Soy Moratorium is credited with reducing deforestation from soybean production within the Amazon forest by as much as 80 percent in some states, and it worked by getting soybean ...Read More...


    Climate Economist Nordhaus Wins Nobel As Scientific Body Calls For Price On Carbon

    The Royal Bank of Sweden today announced it was awarding the Nobel Prize for Economics to two American economists: Paul Romer, who made us think about the economics of education and sustainable ...Read More...


    Offsetting And Aviation: Ready For Takeoff?

    4 October 2018 | International aviation is one of only two sectors not covered in the Paris Climate Agreement (the other is international shipping). Many airlines already use carbon offsets to ...Read More...


    Scientists Say 1.5-Degree Climate Quest Gives Short Shrift To Forests

    As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) puts the finishing touches on a new report detailing pathways to keeping global temperatures from rising 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees ...Read More...

    Blockchain (1)

    How Blockchain Can Make Carbon Markets More Accessible

    2 October 2018 | As more companies and individuals are looking for tools to mitigate their impact on climate change, the idea of utilizing blockchain technology has been on the forefront of many ...Read More...

    soil carbon

    The Economics Of Activating Dirt To Absorb Greenhouse Gasses And Restore Soil

    2 October 2018 | Centuries of unsustainable agriculture have squeezed massive amounts of nitrogen and carbon out of soils, and Ohio State’s Rattan Lal, a professor of soil science who has ...Read More...


    When It Comes To Envirotech Adoption, NGOs Can Lead Us Out Of The Woods

    This story is cross-posted on the World Economic Forum web site 1 October 2018 | Facebook seemed so frivolous when it first emerged 15 years ago, but look at it now: this glorified chatroom has ...Read More...


    Why The UN Sustainable Development Goals Really Are A Very Big Deal

    25 September 2018 | When US President Donald Trump addresses the United Nations General Assembly today, try to look beyond the dog and pony show to see what’s happening at Global Goals ...Read More...


    40 US Mayors Endorse Forest Protection To Slow Climate Change

    24 Sept 2018 | In the wake of Hurricane Florence and wildfires that have swept the country, over 200 organizations, scientists and elected officials – including 40 mayors from across the country ...Read More...


    When Your Day Job Is Restoring Streams And Saving Species

    15 October 2018 | Rick Wilson loves the thousand acres of land he bought to expand his ranch in Denton County, Texas, but it didn’t come cheap, and he was nervous about making ends meet – until ...Read More...


    REDD Dawn: The 60-Year Evolution Of Forest Carbon

    This story is excerpted from the upcoming book “Carbon Cowboys and REDD Indigenes”.  21 September 2018 | The Paris Climate Agreement aims to keep global temperatures from rising ...Read More...

    cerrado-768x294 (1)

    $5.6 Trillion Investor Coalition Throws Weight Behind Cerrado Conservation

    18 September 2018 | Over the past 30 years, environmental NGOs and the Brazilian government have slashed deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, mostly by positioning the Amazon as the “lungs of ...Read More...


    When It Comes to Natural Climate Solutions, We Have an Unexpected Ally: The Water Sector

    17 Sept 2018 | The Global Climate Action Summit wrapped up in San Francisco last week, and what a week it was. A coalition of nine foundations announced commitments totaling $459 million to ...Read More...


    State and Provincial Leaders Recognize Indigenous and Traditional Communities as the Planet’s Frontline on Climate Solutions

    11 September 2018 | This week, San Francisco hosts the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), a gathering timed midway between climate talks in Paris in 2015 and 2020. GCAS unofficially began on ...Read More...


    Why Reality-Based California Will Meet Its Climate (And Broader Environmental) Targets

    8 September 2018 | Next week, the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) will take place in the US state of California, where legislators have passed a bill mandating a carbon-free energy grid by ...Read More...


    Natural Forests Still In Decline Despite Global Coordination Behind New York Declaration On Forests

    7 September 2018 | Four years ago, companies, countries, and indigenous organizations endorsed the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF), which is a set of ten goals designed to cut natural ...Read More...


    Investing In A Forgotten Solution To Climate Change: Nature

    6 September 2018 | Here are some things we know: that the climate is changing, that this is largely a result of too much carbon and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and that we continue ...Read More...


    Where Money And Mysticism Meet, Ecotourism And Sustainable Farming Follow – At Least In This Part Of Peru

    1 September 2018 | Rodrigo Ponce first came to the Peruvian district of San Roque de Cumbaza (SRC), at the western edge of the Amazon Rainforest, as a master’s student studying ecotourism. He ...Read More...


    EcoOla: Blending Business Sense And Environmental Sensibility In The Peruvian Amazon

    During a trip through the Peruvian Amazon, Will Park was introduced to exotic fruits when he was rescued by local indigenous people. Since that moment, he couldn’t stop thinking of them and now ...Read More...


    Voluntary Carbon Gets Lift From Paris, Planes, And Propriety

    16 August 2018 | Voluntary carbon markets are heating up as companies and consumers are taking action on climate change, according to  Voluntary Carbon Market Insights: 2018 Outlook and ...Read More...

    Nature Accelerator

    Conservation Entrepreneurs Are Ready to Get Down to Business. Watch Their Pitches Here

    This is the second in a two-part series. View part one here. 15 August 2018 | Business is booming in the arena of “nature-based” companies, which includes ventures ranging from ...Read More...


    Analysis: Is The Bureau Of Land Management’s Bar On Compensatory Mitigation For Optics Only?

    This story originally appeared on the Energy & Environmental Law Blog 9 August 2018 | On Monday, July 24, 2018, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issued a memorandum prohibiting BLM from ...Read More...


    Struggling To Meet Climate Targets, Ireland Contemplates Higher Carbon Tax

    7 August 2018 | Two months ago, the Climate Action Network ranked Ireland as the second-worst climate performer in the European Union, behind only Poland (which, ironically, is hosting year-end ...Read More...


    We’re Depleting Natural Resources Twice As Fast As Nature Can Recover. Here’s The Good News.

    31 July 2018 | Scientists now know more about the interplay between man and nature than they ever have before, and what they know can be alarming. New data, for example, shows that mankind is ...Read More...