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Waters Of The United States
Part Four: Writing The New Rule

The Trump administration wants to "repeal and replace" a rule for defining which waterways are and are not protected by the Clean Water Act, and environmentalists say Trump's proposal would leave 80 percent of all US waters unprotected. In this fourth installment of a five-part series, we see how the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers forged the current rule over four arduous years.

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    Waters Of The United States
    Part Three: The Rapanos Decision

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    Waters Of The United States
    Part Two: Wetlands In The Clean Water Act

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    When Ranking Clean Cookstoves, Don’t Let The Perfect Become Enemy Of The Good

    Indoor air pollution kills more than 4 million people per year, and clean-burning cookstoves are one solution. Donors now rank stoves based on effectiveness – but a key criteria may be missing.


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    Uncommon 6

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    Now On Bionic Planet: 2017 Year In Review

    This past year was a turbulent one, with Donald Trump doing everything in his power to dismantle the federal US environmental protection apparatus, and most media finding themselves too ...Read More...


    Leaders Across The Americas Vow To “Make The Planet Great Again” By Establishing A Price On Carbon

    The United States may have withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, but national and regional leaders from across the Americas have vowed to "Make the Planet Great Again" by embracing a price ...Read More...


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    For Indigenous Leaders, Climate Challenge Brings Internal Cohesion And External Conflict

    Indigenous people of the Amazon are beginning to unite around efforts to save their forests, but they still face threats from outside their territories, according to Tuntiak Katan, who emerged as ...Read More...

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