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At New York Climate Week, Businesses Meet To Address Climate Change

The United Nations General Assembly is convening in New York this week, and so are hundreds of leaders from the business and conservation communities – communities that traditionally battled over the world's forests, but that increasingly find common cause in their preservation. Here's what to watch.

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    Now Is ABSOLUTELY The Right Time To Talk About Climate Change

    As Florida recovers from Hurricane Irma and wildfires ravage the Pacific Northwest, the number of extreme weather events has topped 400 per year. That's quadruple the rate of 1970, and scientists ...Read More...


    Ten Things You Need To Know About The Restoration Economy

    Science warns us that, with the advent of climate change, we need to prepare more and more for hurricanes like Harvey and Irma. That means building up the systems that protect our coasts, manage ...Read More...


    To Save Peru’s Forests, Support Its Small Farmers

    Peru is losing more than 80,000 hectares of Amazon forest every year, mostly because small farmers are chopping it to meet our own ravenous appetites for beef, soy, and timber. In the process, ...Read More...


    Remembering The Day Milton Friedman “Endorsed” A Price On Carbon

    Higher temperatures and moister air lead to wetter and more intense hurricanes like Harvey and Irma, which will cost us hundreds of billions of dollars to recover from. While these tragedies are ...Read More...


    Brazilian Indigenous Leaders Turn Up Heat On Catholic Organization

    Prominent leaders from nine indigenous peoples of the Amazon say the Acre State branch of Brazil’s powerful Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) is intentionally sabotaging a program that has ...Read More...


    States, Localities Say EPA Boss Pruitt Broke His Word On Clean Power Plan

    The US Environmental Protection Agency is legally obligated to protect the country from climate change, and a coalition of Democratic attorneys general says EPA boss Scott Pruitt not only ...Read More...


    How The Restoration Economy Can Help Us Withstand The Next Hurricane Harvey

    Hurricane Harvey reminded us just how vulnerable low-lying cities like Houston are in a climate-changed world – especially when we degrade the living ecosystems that regulate floods and absorb ...Read More...

    Distillation (2)

    Chankuap Foundation: A Cosmetics Factory In The Amazon Forest

    Father Silvio Brosegihini knew nothing of marketing or logistics when he founded the Chankuap Foundation in 1996, but that didn’t stop him from helping the indigenous Achuar and Shuar people ...Read More...

    President Donald Trump signs an executive order to withdraw the U.S. from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact agreed to under the Obama administration, Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

    Leading Scientists, Lawyers Challenge Trump On Social Cost Of Carbon

    Earlier this year, President Trump's executive order on energy independence instructed federal agencies to individually monetize climate damages rather than use the existing central estimate of ...Read More...


    A Missed Opportunity in California’s Climate ‘Victory’

    California extended its cap-and-trade program through 2030, but the the extension will make it harder for forest owners – especially those outside California – to earn carbon offsets after 2021. ...Read More...


    6 Charts Show How 20 Percent Of US States Generate 50 Percent Of Emissions

    As major global greenhouse gas emitters, U.S. states have the economic heft and legislative authority to move the United States toward much lower emissions and cleaner energy, despite the Trump ...Read More...


    How Brazil And Indonesia Can Meet The Climate Challenge

    Tropical deforestation accelerates climate change, and 40 percent of it happens in two countries: Brazil and Indonesia. Governments, NGOs, and businesses, meanwhile, have launched dozens of ...Read More...


    How Impact Investors Help Small Fishermen Stay Afloat

    Impact investors have poured more than $8 billion into projects that support sustainable land management, and now more money is also finding its way into sustainable fishing. This month, a new ...Read More...


    Where Will JPMorgan Chase Put Its 200 Billion Green Dollars?

    JP Morgan Chase aims to funnel a staggering $200 billion into sustainability efforts by 2025, primarily by supporting wind and solar projects around the world; but a sustainable economy needs ...Read More...


    Democratic Senators Introduce Carbon Pricing Bill

    Earlier this year, a group of prominent senior Republican leaders, including former Secretary of State James A. Baker and former Secretary of State George P. Schultz, proposed a national carbon ...Read More...

    climate-solutions-caucus-50-members-768x403 (2)

    25 Republicans And 25 Democrats Now Belong To The Climate Solutions Caucus

    While the Trump is dominating American media, a group of 25 Republican and 25 Democratic members of the US House of Representatives have quietly joined the Climate Solutions Caucus, which aims to ...Read More...

    2017 MAY 11: Pack trip into the Gila Wilderness in southern New Mexico.

    Comment Period Open On Repealing Clean Water Protections

    The public can now comment on a decision by the Trump administration to repeal a rule that would protect 60 percent of stream miles and the drinking water of one in three Americans.

    SDG-Poster_A4 (3)

    How The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Can Quietly Change Global Business

    Forest carbon projects tap carbon markets to save and restore forests, and they work because carbon dioxide emissions are easy to quantify. But what about all those other good things forests do – ...Read More...


    Payments For Ecosystem Services Work: Study

    Payments for Ecosystem Services have always seemed like a good idea, and evidence is growing that they work. The latest comes from a Northwestern University study involving forest owners in 120 ...Read More...


    Why HSBC’s Recent Response To Greenpeace Really Is A Very Big Deal

    Two environmental NGOs recently sent letters to four major banks warning that they were financing a company that intended to destroy forests. What one of those banks – namely HSBC – did next is ...Read More...

    Illegal logging in the lowland rainforest. Loggers with illegally cut, highly quoted cedro tree (Cedrela odorata). Lowland rainforest along the Rio Las Piedras, near the Alto Purus Reserved Zone, department Madre de Dios, Peru.

    Europeans Importing More Timber From Conflict Zones

    War-torn countries need money, but illegal timber purchases often end up fueling warlords and accelerating conflict. A new analysis shows that European countries are importing more and more ...Read More...

    Water Mechanisms (2)

    Can Europe Tap The Private Sector To Protect Its Environment?

    The European Commission has set some of the most ambitions environmental targets on the planet, but states have struggled to achieve them. Fortunately, the Commission and member states have also ...Read More...


    Consuming Deforestation: Where Are Your Standards?

    These days, everything from coffee to cornflakes has somebody’s stamp of approval, letting you know its ingredients have been sustainably harvested or that its producers have been treated fairly. ...Read More...


    Andrew Mitchell: Forest Utility Meter Man

    Andrew Mitchell’s Global Canopy Programme has helped people around the world understand the role that rainforests play in regulating the environment and promoting rainfall well beyond their ...Read More...


    How Peru’s Pepper District Became An Organic Hotspot

    Peruvian cuisine is the ultimate fusion of the indigenous and the exogenous, and it’s sparked a demand for exotic and diverse fruits and vegetables. Here’s how the region of Caserio Pimental – ...Read More...


    It’s Time To Start Prosecuting Climate Criminals

    Countries around the world are implementing new laws and developing new mechanisms to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, while while several organizations have filed civil suits ...Read More...


    How Payments For Performance Can
    Help California Dairy Farmers Meet The
    State’s New Methane Requirements

    Only by leveraging private finance can we approach the scale of capital needed to address climate and conservation challenges. California, through its work to mitigate dairy methane emissions, is ...Read More...


    One Month On, Innovate4Climate Continues To Yield Stories

    Ecosystem Marketplace participated in last month’s Innovate4Climate Summit as a media partner, and it proved to be a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some of the stories we generated from that event ...Read More...


    Bertrand Piccard Wants You (And Your Climate Solutions)

    Ten years ago, Swiss psychologist Bertrand Piccard vowed to fly around the world in a solar-powered airplane – not just to do it, but to show that it could be done, and to inspire others to seek ...Read More...


    They’re Back! Global Alliance Rallies Around Republican Plan For Gradually-Rising US Carbon Tax

    In a full-page ad targeted to businesses through the Wall Street Journal, leaders from physicist Stephen Hawking to industrialist Ratan Tata have endorsed a US carbon tax. It's a new blast of ...Read More...

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