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In Bonn, Progress On Markets Hampered By Gridlock On Everything Else

Climate negotiators spent the last two weeks in Bonn sketching out the roadmap for achieving the ambitions laid out in Paris. It’s the kind of tedious work that doesn’t generate headlines, but it’s what can be the difference from reaching your destination and ending up in a ditch.

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    For Indigenous Leaders, Climate Challenge Brings Internal Cohesion And External Conflict

    Indigenous people of the Amazon are beginning to unite around efforts to save their forests, but they still face threats from outside their territories, according to Tuntiak Katan, who emerged as ...Read More...


    At Bonn Climate Talks, A Breakthrough On Agriculture

    Farmers have always been leery of climate commitments, in part because they feared they'd end up subjected to unrealistic burdens. Under the Paris Agreement, however, a consensus on climate-safe ...Read More...


    As REDD Talks Progress In Bonn, Question Arises: Who Can Use The Term “REDD+”?

    Climate negotiators are meeting in Bonn this week to refine rules for tracking progress under the Paris Climate Agreement, but one organization got things off to a rocky start by trying to ...Read More...


    Forests Carbon Projects Can Narrow Emissions Gap, But Not All Are Created Equal

    Up to a quarter of national climate action plans involve forest carbon projects. New research, however, says that when it comes to monitoring, reporting, and verifying forest carbon, even the ...Read More...


    Jerry Brown, Mike Bloomberg Unveil Phase One Of “America’s Pledge On Climate”

    Twenty US states have pledged to make sure the United States keeps its Paris Agreement pledge to reduce emissions 28 percent, as have more than 50 major cities and 60 major corporations, ...Read More...


    Will Brazil Sacrifice Forests To Bail Out Backers Of Corruption-Riddled Dams?

    As of 2020, international airlines will be mandated to offset large parts of their greenhouse gas emissions. It's a mandate that could pump tens of billions of dollars into protecting the ...Read More...


    Unofficial US Climate Pavilion Officially Opens On Edge Of Climate Talks In Bonn

    The United States has no official pavilion at year-end climate talks, but the “We Are Still In” Coalition officially opened its US Climate Action Center today just outside the main convention ...Read More...


    Despite Trump, The Paris Agreement Continues To Evolve At Bonn/Fiji Climate Talks

    This year’s climate talks may not be as glamorous or high-profile as the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that adopted the historic Paris Agreement two years ...Read More...


    How Saving Forests Can Meet Climate Challenge

    Forests hold 40 percent more carbon than all the known fossil fuel deposits worldwide — nearly five times more carbon than can be added to the atmosphere without exceeding the Paris Agreement's ...Read More...


    Climate Trust Sees $5 Billion New Demand For North American Offsets Through 2030

    This past summer, California legislators voted to extend the state's cap-and-trade program through the year 2030. With the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario joining in 2018, the Carbon ...Read More...


    It’s Time For The UK To Explore Conservation Finance

    Our natural world and climate are experiencing catastrophic change, largely because it’s more profitable to destroy ecosystems than to conserve them. We can begin to redress this imbalance by ...Read More...


    New Research Continues To Debunk Old Myths On Carbon Offsetting

    Nearly all economists agree that if you want to end climate change, you need to put a price on carbon and then integrate that price into the economy — whether via offsets that pay for ...Read More...


    Why Are Forests Dying? Perhaps Because We Spend 40 Times More To Destroy Them Than To Save Them

    Worldwide, we've spent $20 billion since 2010 to save forests. Unfortunately, we've spent $777 billion to grind them into pulp or clear them for agriculture. The result? Deforestation rates are ...Read More...

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    How Nature Can Get Us 37 Percent Of The Way To The Paris Climate Target

    Forests, farms, and fields can absorb massive amounts of greenhouse gasses, while unhealthy ones emit emit them. Now a new study says that nature can offer up to 37 percent of the solution for ...Read More...


    10 Keys To Slashing Deforestation In Just Two Years

    In the last few years, tropical forests have shifted from being our greatest carbon sinks to being a net source of greenhouse gas emissions. The news comes as 250 organizations – ranging from ...Read More...


    The Tumultuous Truth Behind The Destruction Of Indonesia’s Forests

    Indonesia sometimes generates 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions from deforestation, and the country’s federal government is powerless to reverse it. That’s because true power in ...Read More...


    Six Asian Countries Take Steps to Regulate Imports of Illegal Timber Products

    Many countries have ended deforestation domestically, only to import it from other countries through lax regulation. Now six Asian countries have joined the 28 Member States of the European ...Read More...


    Analysis: The High Cost Of Trump’s “Money Saving” Clean Power Plan Repeal

    Donald Trump says he’s saving jobs and money canceling Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, but Trump’s actions will stifle a vibrant, clean energy sector to win points from a dirty and dying sliver ...Read More...


    New Climate Funding Includes $500 Million To Protect Forests

    The UN’s Green Climate Fund closed out the year by approving 11 new projects designed to help developing countries mitigate and and adapt to climate change, including an historic $500 million to ...Read More...


    3-Point Plan For Balancing Your Innovation Portfolio

    Hundreds of companies have pledged to slash greenhouse-gas emissions and purge deforestation from their supply chains, but most are struggling to meet their commitments. Those that succeed have ...Read More...


    The Green Economy: A Primer

    We talk a lot about the "green economy", but what exactly does that mean? The Green Economy Coalition defines it as "an economy that provides prosperity for all within the ecological limits of ...Read More...


    “Stewards Of The Forest”: New Film Shines Light On Indigenous Life Plans

    The Yanawawa people of Brazil have have resisted the temptation to chop their forest, choosing instead to conserve and manage it sustainably at great cost to themselves. Now they've joined the ...Read More...


    Green Climate Fund Closes Year With 11 New Project Approvals

    The UN's Green Climate Fund closed out the year by approving 11 new projects designed to help developing countries mitigate and and adapt to climate change. Here is a rundown of the projects.


    How Science Can Make Sense Of Sustainability Strategy

    British Telecoms giant BT Group says it will slash its greenhouse gas emissions a staggering 87 percent by 2030, and it will do so by embracing new technologies. Food giant Mars says it will ...Read More...


    Seven Lessons From A Decade Of Impact Investing

    Impact investors have funneled more than $100 billion into projects designed to make money by doing good, and $8 billion of that flowed into projects that improve the way we manage land. ...Read More...


    The Ripple Effect Of California Cap And Trade

    While it isn't without policy uncertainty, the relative stability of California's carbon cap and trade scheme has strengthened both compliance and voluntary carbon markets, says The Climate ...Read More...


    A Few Of The Bright Spots At Climate Week So Far

    New York Climate Week wraps up on Sunday, and we’ve been covering it mostly from afar this year. Here’s a quick look at some of the most promising land-use stories we’ve seen to-date. It's by no ...Read More...


    At New York Climate Week, Businesses Meet To Address Climate Change

    The United Nations General Assembly is convening in New York this week, and so are hundreds of leaders from the business and conservation communities – communities that traditionally battled over ...Read More...


    Now Is ABSOLUTELY The Right Time To Talk About Climate Change

    As Florida recovers from Hurricane Irma and wildfires ravage the Pacific Northwest, the number of extreme weather events has topped 400 per year. That's quadruple the rate of 1970, and scientists ...Read More...


    Ten Things You Need To Know About The Restoration Economy

    Science warns us that, with the advent of climate change, we need to prepare more and more for hurricanes like Harvey and Irma. That means building up the systems that protect our coasts, manage ...Read More...

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