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Norway, Germany, UK Pledge $5
Billion to Combat Tropical Deforestation

The first full day of the climate talks in Paris included a major announcement when Norway, Germany and the UK jointly pledged $5 billion to reducing deforestation in tropical forest countries over the next five years.

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    Merkel, Trudeau, Teshome, Bachelet, Hollande, Nietor: Six Leaders End First Day Of Paris Talks With Call For Price On Carbon

    Forests look set to play a key role in this year's climate talks, with leaders from around the world converging on Paris for two weeks of intense negotiations designed to prevent global ...Read More...


    Indonesia To Reconsider Climate Action Plan, May Ratchet Up Forests And Ecosystem Restoration, Revive REDD

    Indonesia surprised the environmental community earlier this year when its climate action plan shifted away from saving forests and towards ramping up clean energy. But then its forests started ...Read More...


    Fine Cacao is Booming.
    Fine Cacao is Vanishing.

    There’s a cacao planting boom throughout the Amazon basin countries, which is usually good news for farmers and for governments, but farmers sometimes clear priceless native forest to establish ...Read More...

painting by Albert Eckhout (1610-1665)

    Eating The Amazon To Save The Amazon

    Our ravenous appetite for beef and soy is killing the Amazon rainforest, but it doesn't have to be this way. The Amazon, it turns out, produces hundreds of edible plants that can be harvested ...Read More...


    This Week In Water: Peru’s Groundbreaking Yet Old-School Shift To Green Infrastructure

    Peru is searching for new solutions to its water woes by looking back 1,000 years to pre-Incan mountain canals that absorb water during the wet season so it trickles down during dry months. The ...Read More...


    NGOs Put Community And Indigenous Lands On The Map

    Indigenous people and traditional communities are among the best stewards of the land, but their impact is often unappreciated, while their tenure is tenuous at best. To press the issue into the ...Read More...


    Corporate Deforestation Commitments Lag Promises, But Optimism Remains High

    Forests hold great potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. But while there is movement in both the public and private spheres to reduce deforestation, ...Read More...


    To Avert Disaster, Peru Diverts Water Fees To Andean Alpacas And Pre-Incan Aqueducts

    Lima made headlines this year when it announced it was restoring pre-Incan canals high in the Andes to address its water shortage. That, however, is just one small part of a nationwide shift ...Read More...


    Study Shows Governments Are Paving The Road To Forest Finance; Will Paris Let The Private Sector Use It?

    The public sector now accounts for most of the money that industrial countries are spending to help forest nations slow climate change by saving forests, but that government money is meant to ...Read More...


    Obama Move Seen Boosting Private Investment In Conservation

    Compensatory mitigation markets may be expanding in the US as high level policy guidance from the Department of Interior and the White House, released this month, directs land managing agencies ...Read More...


    Guiding The Green Bond Market Toward Big Climate Impacts

    The green bond market experienced a fabulously good year in 2014, with bonds issued three times larger than the previous year. Also in 2014, four financial institutions established the Green Bond ...Read More...


    Why Are INDC Studies Reaching Different Temperature Estimates?

    Studies released on the emissions reductions national country climate plans will deliver vary largely in terms of global temperature increases. Here, experts from the World Resources Institute ...Read More...


    Can Farmers Earn Carbon Offsets By Cutting Back On Nitrogen Fertilizer?

    Low-till farming keeps carbon locked in soil, but the amounts rarely justify the cost of trying to earn carbon offsets. A new report from The Climate Trust, however, identifies overuse of ...Read More...


    Democratic Republic Of Congo Taps Carbon Finance To Save Forests

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is enjoying a tenuous peace, and that makes the forests safe again. Such peace has a downside, however, and illegal palm oil plantations have already begun ...Read More...

    Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa farmers for Magnum Icecream in Assin Akonfudi, Ghana.

    To Avert A Chocolate Shortage, Ghana Bets On Jurisdictional REDD+

    Cocoa is Ghana’s largest cash crop, but it faces an uncertain future as farmers burn through land and devour forests. The government hopes to fix that by using REDD+ finance to promote ...Read More...


    International Financing For Forests And Climate Moves From Capacity Building To Implementation

    Last year was a record breaking year for forest carbon finance as payments for emissions reductions reached $257 million, amounting to nearly 34 million tonnes of avoided emissions, according to ...Read More...


    National Climate Plans (INDCs), By The Numbers

    Last week, the United Nations released its summary of all climate action plans – or "Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions" – submitted by 155 countries and covering 87 percent of global ...Read More...


    Forest Trends Announces 2015 FT Fellows

    Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends has named eight new FT Fellows for 2015. These individuals are recognized for their efforts to promote collaboration among all segments of the ...Read More...


    A Carbon Fund For Farms and Forests: How One Conservation Innovation Grant Recipient Is Spending Its Money

    Forty-five programs earned funding last month under the USDA’s $20 million Conservation Innovation Grants Program, and roughly half incorporated environmental markets. Here’s how one of them – ...Read More...


    UN Sees Promise In Country Climate Plans, Even As Some Go Up In Smoke

    The United Nations today released its tally of all but 10 of the climate plans that countries have released to-date. If implemented, they’ll slash greenhouse gas emissions by 4 billion tonnes ...Read More...


    Opinion: Five Issues That Must Be Resolved If The Paris Climate Talks Are To Succeed

    After a year of incremental progress and regress, global climate talks are now entering the end-phase. On Friday, the United Nations will release its tally of all the national emission-reduction ...Read More...


    Opinion: The Road To Hell Is Paved In Abundance: Root Reasons Why Indonesia Is On Fire

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo today cut short his US visit because his country's forests are burning after decades of degradation driven by our own insatiable appetite for palm oil, soy and ...Read More...


    Bonn Talks End With New Text, Old Schism On Finance

    Climate talks have wrapped up in Bonn, Germany with a 55-page negotiating text that will be passed to high-level negotiators in Paris on November 8 before the final talks begin at the end of the ...Read More...


    Forests Look Set To Play Big Role In Paris Patchwork Climate Accord

    Contrary to popular belief, developing countries do contribute to climate change – but more by chopping trees than burning coal. That’s why almost 30 of them explicitly aim to use carbon finance ...Read More...


    Opinion: Illusions Of Prosperity, Or What GDP Misses And How To Fix It

    For decades, economists and policy-makers have used Gross Domestic Product to measure productivity and wealth; but GDP is notoriously bad at measuring well-being. Most alternatives have proven ...Read More...


    Opinion: The Return of REDD+ Signals Good News from Bonn

    REDD+ is back! After much fireworks, REDD+ countries led by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations succeeded in putting forest protection back into the negotiating text for the Paris climate talks. ...Read More...


    Paris And The Amazing Technicolor Charm-Quilt: Why This Year’s Climate Talks Really Are Different

    Climate negotiators arrived in Bonn to a stripped-down text that ignores contentious issues that had been holding up talks for years – issues that are sacred to some but profane to others, and ...Read More...


    Innovation Forum: A Corporate Crash-Course In Ending Deforestation

    Hundreds of companies around the world have promised to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains, but most don’t know how to begin doing so. Innovation Forum’s November conference in ...Read More...

    Prairie Image

    Stakeholders In At-Risk Species Conservation Discuss What’s Best For The Birds

    Endangered species conservation is a complex realm with several stakeholders and a suite of approaches. Recently, a few of those parties came together for a spirited conversation about best ...Read More...


    Opinion Why And How Brazil Should Do More To Stop Deforestation And Climate Change

    Brazil's people and economy would benefit greatly from halting forest loss, says Steve Schwartzman of the Environmental Defense Fund. Here, he explains why stopping deforestation in the ...Read More...

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