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Mexico’s Forest People Are
Stepping Up On Forestry. Will
The Government Utilize Them?

Mexico’s forest people have a unique connection to the land and are proving to be effective forest monitors. For them to play a central role in the country’s new forestry system, however, their activities need to be woven into those of the national monitoring agency. Here’s how universities and municipalities can make that happen.

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    Opinion Brazil’s Climate Pledge Is Significant, But Falls Short On Curbing Deforestation

    In its recently submitted INDC, Brazil is committing to slashing its emissions rate 37% below 2005 levels but the rainforest nation already achieved the bigger part of that commitment two years ...Read More...


    Brazil’s Climate Plan Focuses On Healthy Forests, With Role Of Markets Uncertain

    No country has reduced greenhouse-gas emissions more than Brazil has, and the country this week promised to reduce even further – by preventing a backslide in deforestation rates and by ...Read More...


    Study Sees Environmental Progress In Palm Oil, Lag In Soy And Cattle

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    Climate Week

    M&S Sustainability Boss To Peers: “Nobody’s Perfect. Come Clean On Your Progress. Let’s Race To The Top.”

    More than 50 companies endorsed last year’s New York Declaration on Forests, but the Ecosystem Marketplace initiative Supply Change finds that only half the companies it tracks have disclosed ...Read More...

    Climate Neutral Now Launch

    To Raise Awareness And Slash Emissions, United Nations Launches Offsetting Platform For Individuals

    Greenhouse-gas emissions are spiraling upwards, in part because few of us realize how many tons we’re responsible for and what we can do about it. To fix that, the United Nations today launched a ...Read More...

    Sage Grouse 3

    Voluntary Conservation To Be Tested As US Chooses Not To List The Greater Sage-Grouse

    Today, the US Fish and Wildlife Service determined the greater sage-grouse does not warrant a listing status under the Endangered Species Act. But the efforts to conserve the bird's habitat ...Read More...

    Climate Week

    Are Companies Keeping Their Climate Pledges? Find Out Wednesday In New York.

    Dozens of companies and scores of governments won greenie points at last year’s UN Climate Summit for endorsing the New York Declaration on Forests and aiming to end deforestation. On Wednesday, ...Read More...


    Climate Knowledge Brokers Of The World, Unite! You Have Nothing To Lose But Our Ignorance!

    Climate change is global, but climate knowledge is localized – in the sense that it’s isolated both geographically and in silos around the world. The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto is an ...Read More...


    Opinion Global Climate May Be Biggest Loser In India’s Growth Budget

    India's political administration is launching pro-growth policies and receiving generous support from the international community, but everyone is paying too little attention to the agenda's ...Read More...


    Indonesia’s New Emission-Reduction Strategy To Emphasize Clean Energy, De-Emphasize Forests

    Indonesia has long built its greenhouse-gas emission-reduction strategy on stifling its rampant deforestation, but the new climate action plan focuses on green energy. Climate-resistant ...Read More...


    From The FT Blog: For Yawanawá Women, Tradition Meets Entrepreneurship

    Shoppers in Brazil had the chance to view and purchase bracelets and other handicrafts produced by the women of the Yawanawa indigenous group during a week-long event that intends to empower ...Read More...

    MitMail Photo

    This Week In Biodiversity: Hurry Up And Wait

    The world of wetlands and wildlife is currently in a waiting period as a federal judge halted the US Clean Water Rule in 13 states and stakeholders in greater sage-grouse conservation wait for ...Read More...

    CampecheImage1 (3)

    Homegrown Expertise Could Be the Missing Link to Saving Mexico’s Largest Intact Rainforest

    Mexico aims to slow climate change by saving its forests – an approach that’s traditionally meant good work for external companies who know how to measure the carbon content of trees. But Felicia ...Read More...


    Watershed Managers Seek Large-Scale Finance In Private-Public Partnerships, Knowledge Brokering, And Risk Sharing

    The global water crisis will hit everyone from brewers to bakers hard, but it’s still the rare company that steps up to conserve watersheds. Several participants at a World Water Week event last ...Read More...


    Opinion Gastronomic Tourism: An Emerging Method To Save World’s Remaining Forests?

    In the past half-century, mankind has destroyed half our planet’s tropical rainforests to harvest timber and make way for cattle, palm, and soybean farms. But forests yield an incredible array of ...Read More...


    Opinion 6 Ways Climate Change In Alaska Will Affect You

    The impact melting Arctic glaciers are having on global weather patterns may be common knowledge, but nevertheless, scientists at a press event for the US President's visit to Alaska drove the ...Read More...


    How Transparent Are Countries INDCs On Fairness And Ambition?

    The 56 INDCs that countries have submitted thus far take a variety of approaches on ambition and fairness, though the World Resources Institute has identified some common trends. Here, the World ...Read More...


    Mitigation Banking To Feel Indirect Effect Of Clean Water Rule Injunction

    Hours before the Clean Water Rule was due to go into effect, a federal judge in North Dakota issued a temporary injunction that will halt implementation in 13 states. It's the beginning of a long ...Read More...

    puddle with raindrops 3

    Exploring The Many Facets Of Water Valuation At World Water Week

    World Water Week opened this week on August 23 which means sustainable water management is on a lot of minds and on Monday, several attendees attempted to pinpoint the true value of water. They ...Read More...


    This Week In Water: A Crisis Of Scarcity Or Mismanagement?

    Everything water is on everyone's mind as this week is World Water Week in Stockholm. There, participants, including Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends, explored several water-related ...Read More...


    First Person: How Nigeria Could Adapt To Climate Change In A Big Way

    Developing nations like Nigeria are feeling the impacts of climate change more severely than developed countries. Because of this, Stanley Ijeoma, an environmental consultant and activist in the ...Read More...


    Charcoal: A Surprising Culprit Driving Deforestation In Africa

    Ecosystem Marketplace publisher Forest Trends is working in 14 countries through the REDDX (REDD eXpenditures) Initiative to track REDD+ finance throughout its flow. Here, the REDDX team takes a ...Read More...


    Cambodia Reclassifies National Forests As Degraded Lands, Chops Them Down

    On paper, Cambodia stopped issuing logging concessions in 2001 and instead began promoting sustainable agriculture on degraded lands. That program now covers about 14% of the country, but a ...Read More...


    A Guide To Decoding Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

    Throughout this year, countries are publishing their climate action plans – or “Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions” to the climate effort, and they’re all to be brought under the ...Read More...


    Rice, Microfinance And Jobs: How Bangladesh Is Saving Its National Fish

    By their very nature, fish are slippery and elusive – as are their habitats. That’s why payments for ecosystems services programs are so rare in fisheries management. But in Bangladesh, where ...Read More...

    MitMail Photo

    This Week In Biodiversity: Offsets Debate Heats Up With Global Draft Policy

    Actors in the biodiversity space are warning against potential pitfalls of a draft offsetting policy the International Union for Conservation of Nature released this month. The IUCN is accepting ...Read More...

    Nature Stream

    Mexico Aims For Inclusivity With New Carbon Norm, But Does It Bring Rigor?

    Forest communities can theoretically benefit from carbon finance, but existing standards cost a fortune to implement. This week, Mexico aims to rectify that with a new Carbon Norm designed to ...Read More...


    Opinion Low-risk Bioenergy Can Be A Critical Climate Solution

    A group of experts from the bioenergy space are pushing for its use to comply with the newly final Clean Power Plan claiming low-risk versions of the energy source offer a host of benefits ...Read More...

    smoke stack

    Door Is Open For States To Use Emissions Trading To Meet New U.S. Power Plant Regulations

    On Monday, the U.S. government announced the finalized version of its Clean Power Plan, which will regulate carbon emissions from power plants in an effort to fight climate change. It's a ...Read More...


    First Person: How 11 Ecuadorian Cities Pooled Their Resources To Support Their Watershed

    Six years ago, southern Ecuador's Regional Water Fund (FORAGUA) began to pool the resources of several municipalities to ensure safe and steady water supplies through sustainable watershed ...Read More...

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