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Fixing Water By Fixing Forests:
Building Successful Watershed
Investment Programs In The US

Watershed investment programs can reduce the costs of managing water while delivering community benefits but they're underused because mobilizing support is difficult and funding can be hard to come by. The World Resources Institute is attempting to ease the burden with a new one-stop resource that offers detailed guidance on what it takes to create a successful watershed investment program.

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    YawanawaImage (2)

    Yawanawa Indigenous Leaders Tell Their Comeback Story At TEDWomen 2016

    The Yawanawa tribe of the Amazon rainforest are in the midst of a rebirth, one that involves access to education, leadership roles for women and economic projects that sustainably utilize forest ...Read More...


    Is Your Company Leaving Value On The Table?

    Companies that focus only on the bottom line often can't see over the horizon, and they certainly can't see how their activities impact others. That impact, long recognized as a looming risk, is ...Read More...


    Wednesday In Washington: Explore Latest Developments In Forest-Carbon Finance

    Year-end climate talks begin on November 7, and the latest State of Forest Carbon Finance Report, to be released Wednesday, documents a massive uptick in forest-carbon finance – an uptick that ...Read More...

    Stream Image

    New California Law Recognizes Meadows, Streams As “Green Infrastructure”, Eligible For Public Works Funding

    As degraded watersheds drag California into its sixth year of drought, a new law makes forests, farms, and fields eligible for infrastructure funding – and the state is hardly alone, according to ...Read More...

    Brookside1 (2)

    Of Milk And Money: How Agroforestry Is Reshaping The Kenyan Countryside

    Consumer-facing companies like Danone and Mars have pledged to slash their greenhouse-gas emissions, in part by purging deforestation from their supply chains – a process that requires helping ...Read More...


    A New California Case Study Finds Eco-Assets Boost Property Sale Price

    Assessing property for the endangered species it saves or wetlands it preserves could pay off for some landowners, says a California-based firm researching ecosystem markets. According to the ...Read More...


    Will New Aviation Deal Save Forests?

    On Thursday, 65 countries representing 83% of international aviation agreed to cap their greenhouse-gas emissions from international flights at 2020 levels from 2021 onward – in part by forcing ...Read More...


    How Agroforestry Can Shield Haiti From The Next Hurricane

    We won’t know the toll of Hurricane Matthew for days or even weeks, but we do know that it will be much higher than it would have been if the country had healthy forests, and that an economy of ...Read More...


    New Mapping Data Reveals Major Growth In Eco Markets

    Environmental markets have grown dramatically across the United States, thanks in part to measures implemented by the Obama administration, but the exact growth has been difficult to quantify and ...Read More...


    Fighting Climate Change From 36,000 Feet

    As member states to the United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organization finalize a market-based measure to reduce emissions from airplanes, Forest Trends President, Michael Jenkins, ...Read More...


    How Food Production And Climate Change Are Intertwined

    When it comes to global warming, major media tend to focus on industrial emissions, but agriculture is still the world's leading driver of climate change, which in turn can decimate the world's ...Read More...

    AshaninkaTribe 3

    The Asháninka People Of The Amazon Are Saving The Forest, And Doing It Their Way

    A quarter-century ago, the Asháninka people reclaimed a portion of their ancestral territory in the Amazon rainforest and embarked on a journey toward self-rule and sustainable development – ...Read More...


    Paris Agreement Takes Center Stage At Climate Week

    This year's Climate Week is shaping up to be a historic one as 31 countries officially joined the Paris Agreement today, which is expected to rocket into force before the end of the year. This ...Read More...


    Indonesia Becomes First Country To Use EU Certification To Combat Illegal Logging

    Indonesia and the European Union jointly announced last week that Indonesia will become the first country in the world to export "verified legal" timber to the EU through a licensing system that ...Read More...


    As 2020 Deadline Looms, Companies Must Step Up To Meet Deforestation Commitments

    All around the world, farmers are accelerating climate change by chopping trees to meet our ravenous appetite for palm oil, soy, and other commodities. At the same time, scores of companies have ...Read More...

    AmazonFarm 3

    Applying The Water-Energy-Food Nexus In The Amazon

    Deforestation in the Amazon has a ripple effect through the region disrupting ecosystem services and undermining food, water and energy security. The Global Canopy Programme says coherency among ...Read More...


    Forest Restoration Gets A Tiny Fraction Of The Money It Needs. How To Fill The Gap?

    Despite plenty of political momentum for forest restoration, only about 17% of funding needs are met each year with very little of that coming from the private sector. However the World Resources ...Read More...


    The Next Agriculture Revolution Is Under Our Feet

    The topic of soil might not grab the headlines, but the fact of the matter is soil health is critical in ensuring healthy communities, land, water and climate. Achieving healthy soil today ...Read More...


    Corporates Pledge To Reduce Impacts At World Water Week, But How?

    More and more companies are acknowledging that they depend on reliable supplies of clean water just as much as the rest of us do, and a few dozen have promised to make sure they’re replenishing ...Read More...

    Avocados in Uruapan, Michoacán

    Taking the Deforestation Out of Avocados

    Everyone loves avocados. They taste great, and they're good for you, but our ravenous demand for them is prompting farmers in central Mexico to chop forests, and that accelerates climate change. ...Read More...

    TNCReportCover (3)

    New Investment Model Uses Water Markets And Impact Investors To Restore Nature

    When the myriad players in a single watershed start jockeying for water rights, nature is often left out resulting in degraded ecosystems and species decline. But The Nature Conservancy says ...Read More...

    EarthChessBoard (3)

    Houston, We Have A Problem With Carbon Pricing And It’s Not The One You Think!

    Carbon pricing and the social cost of carbon have traditionally been isolated from each other but recent developments on SCC at both the federal and state level stand to significantly impact ...Read More...


    The Missing Link In Protecting Forests? The Private Sector

    After last year's Paris Agreement solidified the critical role of forests in mitigating climate change, Forest Trends' Gus Silva-Chávez says the next step is harnessing the nearly untapped ...Read More...

    ColombiaCarbonMarket (3)

    Colombia’s State-Sanctioned Voluntary Carbon Market To Begin Trading On Thursday

    Nature-rich Colombia aims to accelerate its efforts to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by encouraging the use of voluntary carbon markets to save endangered forests. Tomorrow, the country’s ...Read More...


    Decoding Corporate Commitments To Reduce Deforestation

    Major companies around the world are racing to purge deforestation from their supply chains, but they're doing so with different levels of enthusiasm and sincerity, while operating in different ...Read More...

    CarbonPriceImage (2)

    Why Do Carbon Prices Vary By Project Type?

    Ecosystem Marketplace research consistently shows wide price variance across projects and project types, and for reasons that often seem elusive. Claire Willers of the Gold Standard attributes ...Read More...


    China Prohibits Office Furniture Made From Precious Woods For Central Government Offices

    Intending to help reduce excessive government spending during the current economic downturn, China issued a new policy that essentially regulates the use of high-value timber in the public ...Read More...


    Even Before The Paris Agreement Takes Effect, Hundreds Of Corporates Are Voluntarily Offsetting Emissions

    The Paris Climate Agreement won’t take effect until next year at the earliest, but thousands of companies are already restructuring their businesses to reduce emissions, while hundreds of them ...Read More...


    Carbon Markets See Positive Signal In New US Climate Guidance, But No Game Change

    Earlier this week, the US Executive Office issued final guidance instructing all federal agencies to fully consider global warming and its impacts when making decisions and implementing ...Read More...


    New School Will Teach The Ways Of The Water Fund In Ecuador

    Nature and Culture International is establishing Ecuador's first water school, an institution created to train municipal water workers in the skills required to join and administer a water fund. ...Read More...

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