World Green Infrastructure Congress

The Congress will present the latest technological developments, green industry awards, iconic best practice projects, research data, professional training workshops, Living Art competition and new areas of applications in the field of green infrastructure. It will serve as a surface + space where international urban greenery thought leaders from various disciplines may come together with architects, landscape architects, landscaper contractors, environmentalists, horticulturists, nursery growers and policymakers and stakeholders to examine the present and future trends of this growing sector.

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2013 International BiodiverCities Conference

The City of Joondalup in collaboration with the ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and the Western Australian Local Government Association is pleased to be hosting the 2013 International BiodiverCities Conference.

This three day conference will be held on the 9-11 September 2013 at the Joondalup Resort, Perth, Western Australia. Not only will you get to enjoy an extensive conference program but it will be Spring and wildflower season, a perfect time to visit Western Australia to see the diverse array of native wildflowers bloom in spectacular colour. The program will feature field trips, key note and parallel session presentations from regional and international environmental experts addressing biodiversity conservation in a changing climate.

Topics covered will be:

  • Managing impacts of climate change on local biodiversity
  • Assessing and managing coastal vulnerability
  • Partnerships to enhance biodiversity
  • Community education and public participation
  • Biodiversity for carbon sequestration Integration of biodiversity into the urban landscape.

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Asia-Pacific Training for Policymakers and Practitioners on Migration, Environment, Climate Change and Adapation

 The International Organization for Migration (IOM) will conduct a two-day training for Asia-Pacific policy makers and practitioners on the migration-environment nexus, in collaboration with the Foresight Programme (Government Office for Science, UK), the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The training aims to build the capacity of policy makers and practitioners to address migration challenges within climate change, development and environment policies and strategies. The training will also facilitate exchanges among policymakers and practitioners on climate change, environment and migration, with a particular focus on migration management policies. The training will be held back to back with the Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum.  

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Carbon Expo Australasia 2012

Carbon Expo Australasia 2012 will be a high-level market event that brings Australian business leaders and their international counterparts together – this will be a premium networking event as well as a source for the latest information concerning carbon reduction initiatives, and the provision of low-carbon economy products & services throughout Australasia.  

Carbon Expo Australasia 2012 will comprise a carbon market trade fair integrated with a conference program of keynote plenary and panel presentations, and a series of technical workshops addressing cutting-edge issues in evolving carbon markets and low carbon technologies.  The trade fair provides an opportunity for private sector and government businesses to showcase their activities, services and products in the emerging carbon market.
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Carbon Forum North America 2012

Carbon Forum North America 2012 — taking place at the Marriott Metro Center in downtown Washington, DC on October 1-2, 2012—has firmly established itself as the place to go to keep abreast of the latest thinking and developments in the North American carbon space—for both carbon policy wonks and market-players alike.
From the first California auction to the establishment of a functional North American market through the Western Climate Initiative; from the advancement of RGGI’s 2012 review to progress within NA2050; from innovative climate finance to emerging carbon markets; from an exciting election season to the buildup preceding a new round of rejuvenated international climate talks; and from new regulatory developments at the EPA to the latest legal developments in the courts, Carbon Forum North America on October 1-2 will give market participants the best carbon coverage at the best time. Join your colleagues at CFNA for the most comprehensive carbon market analysis, the latest policy developments, and the best legal coverage in the North American carbon, climate, and clean energy space!
Carbon Forum North America —IETA’s flagship North American event—will be one of the best opportunities of the year to network with the North American and global carbon markets, browse exhibits showcasing the work of leading companies, and learn what you need to know about this rapidly evolving space.

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Carbon Forestry 2012

Programme Details

Forestry has been an essential component of New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) since the very beginning. Forestry is New Zealand’s largest potential carbon sink and, as the ETS continues to grow in importance to NZ businesses, so does its investment future.
Last year over 250 forestry and finance business leaders came together for Carbon Forestry 2011, the first ever event focused on carbon forestry and carbon trading opportunities. While 2011 set the scene, much has already changed and Carbon Forestry 2012 will be a must see event for the industry this year.
A raft of new legislation, a dramatic drop-off in carbon trading and pricing during 2011, the banning of some international emissions units and uncertainty around the future alignment of New Zealand and Australia’s trading schemes has changed the landscape significantly. It’s led to uncertainty in the marketplace about the immediate future and opportunities that exist in carbon forestry.
The 2012 programme will attract a wide cross section of New Zealand and Australian companies.
Topics covered in Carbon Forestry 2012:
  • One year after the Government’s 2011 ETS review, what has changed?
  • Now that Australia has carbon tax and will introduce an ETS by 2014, how will the two countries work together?
  • Where are major international carbon markets, how do they view forestry and will this affect Australasia
  • What are the key investment opportunities within carbon forestry
  • How can companies reduce their exposure to market risk
  • Insights into iwi groups and their impact on New Zealand’s carbon forestry
  • Case studies from the early movers
  • The implications of political, economic and market uncertainty
  • Demand and growth within the carbon offset market
This event will provided the financial and forestry industries with a much clearer understanding of how the market is operating, who are the major players in the marketplace and identified market and investment opportunities that exist through carbon forestry.
Who should attend?
  • Financiers & investors
  • Carbon traders & brokers
  • Forest owners, consultants and forestry professionals
  • Large rural land owners (farmers)
  • Maori groups
  • Downstream industries (sawmills, pulp and water)
  • Government, Policy & advisory bodies
  • Equipment & technology providers
  • Carbon markets associations
  • Carbon offset market industries

Carbon Forestry 2012

Forestry has been an essential component of New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) since the very beginning. Forestry is New Zealand’s largest potential carbon sink and, as the ETS continues to grow in importance to NZ businesses, so does its investment future.

Last year over 250 forestry and finance business leaders came together for Carbon Forestry 2011, the first event of its type focused on carbon forestry and carbon trading opportunities. While 2011 set the scene, much has already changed. There is a raft of new legislation, a dramatic drop-off in carbon trading and pricing during late 2011 and early 2012, the banning of some international emissions units and uncertainty surrounding the future alignment of New Zealand and Australia’s trading schemes.
This has led to significant uncertainty in the marketplace. The immediate future and opportunities that exist in carbon forestry is being readdressed. Carbon Forestry 2012 has been designed with key New Zealand forestry companies and Maori landowners along with New Zealand, Australian and international carbon traders, brokers and financial companies.
Carbon Forestry 2012 runs in Auckland, New Zealand on 22-23 August. The program, available via, will provide an essential update for all involved in carbon forestry’s future and for both the financial and forestry industries in this part of the world.

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Launch: Evolution of the Australian Carbon Market – lessons from commodity and financial markets

Join CMI for the launch of Evolution of the Australian Carbon Market: lessons from commodity and financial markets authored by PwC.

From its beginning with a fixed price for carbon units from 1 July 2012 through to the commencement of an emissions trading scheme on 1 July 2015, the evolutionary pathway of the Australian carbon market will be closely monitored by market participants and a range of various stakeholders.
Incorporating lessons learned from commodity and financial markets, this report explores an array of factors likely to influence the evolution of the Australian carbon market. Analysing these factors will assist carbon market participants to better manage their risk and realise opportunity in this fast evolving market.

Presenters: John Tomac, Partner – Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC, Nick James, Director – Risk and Capital Management, PwC
Panellists: Leslie Hosking – Chairman of Carbon Market Institute and former MD and CEO of Sydney Futures Exchange, Ken Edwards – Head of Trading, Carbon Banc, Lloyd Vas – Markets and Research Manager, Carbon Market Institute
Presenters:  John Tomac, Partner – Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC, Nick James, Director – Risk and Capital Management, PwC
Panellists: Tim Nelson – Head of Economics, Policy and Sustainability, AGL, Adam Goern – Senior Manager OTC Markets, Financial and Energy Exchange Group (FEX), Emma Herd – Executive Director Emissions and Environment, Westpac Institutional Bank
Presenters:  John Tomac, Partner – Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC, Nick James, Director – Risk and Capital Management, PwC
Secure your place at the Melbourne and Sydney events by emailing by Monday 9 July 2012 or by 25 July for the Perth event.

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IPMPCC Cairns 2012 – Climate Change Mitigation Background

Noting that Indigenous peoples and marginalized populations will be prominent in several of the chapters of the AR5, IPPC Working Group II and UNU in July 2010 agreed to co-organize a workshop to redress the shortfall of available information on Indigenous and marginalized peoples and their climate change adaptation. This first workshop focused on adaptation and vulnerabilities, and was held in collaboration with Working Group II co-chairs (Vicente Barros and Chris Field), lead authors and the technical support unit of WGII, in Mexico City from 19-21 July 2011.

This second workshop addresses issues relevant to Working Group III, and will bring together lead authors for the AR5, Indigenous peoples and representatives of local communities, and developing country scientists. The workshop will allow for more in-depth focus on the topics and regions for which WGIII is seeking input. An international panel of experts including climate scientists and Indigenousexperts will oversee the workshop.

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ICAP Training Course 2012 in Costa Rica

From 19-28 March 2012, the International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) will convene a Training Course on Emissions Trading for Emerging Economies and Developing Countries in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Following the successful ICAP Summer Schools held in previous years in Berlin, the Hague, Beijing, and Madrid, the course is designed for 25 to 30 carefully selected policy makers and other stakeholders from the nongovernmental, academic, and the private sector. It will convey an in-depth understanding of emissions trading as an instrument to mitigate greenhouse gases, and build capacity on the technical design and implementation of carbon trading systems.

Over the span of one and a half weeks, participants will have ample networking opportunities with each other and with the teaching faculty, composed of representatives from ICAP members and other recognized experts in the field. Alumni work will help promote active virtual discussions among participants beyond the duration of the course.

Participation in the Alajuela training course is open to applicants from Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela. For further details, please download the ICAP Training Course Flyer.

A similar course, the ICAP Summer School 2012, will take place in July 2012 in Ireland. It will be open to applicants from around the world. More information will be posted on the ICAP website in due course.

For more information on further course details and the application process please click here.

Application deadline is 15 December 2011.

The future of international climate policy: Implications for Australia

Join Erwin Jackson, the deputy chief executive of the Climate Institute, Martijn Wilder, head of the global climate change practice at Baker & McKenzie. and Climate Spectator editor Giles Parkinson, as they review the agreement of Durban, and how international climate policy will likely evolve in coming years.

The webinar will cover:
• The details of the Durban agreement
• Implications for Australian policy development and business
• The future of the carbon market
• The impact on clean energy investment

(Please remember to check the time in your state: which is 9am for WA, 10:30am for NT, 11am for QLD, 11:30am for SA, and 12pm for VIC/NSW/ACT)

Click here to register

International Conference on Climate Law and Governance in the Global South

he Conference on Climate Law and Governance in the Global South will bring together country representatives, development practitioners, legal experts and other key stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues facing developing country governments and citizens, including:

  •       What gaps and barriers in legal and institutional frameworks prohibit access to support?
  •     How can countries mainstream mitigation, adaptation and socio-economic development strategies into laws, regulations and institutions?
  •       What is the role of the law in fostering financial incentives for mitigation and adaptation in the green economy?
  •         How can international organizations assist policy-makers with legal and institutional capacity building?

Attendance to the conference is free of charge.

Trade, Investment and Climate Change: Searching for Progress on Key Issues

Unilateral action on climate change is increasingly being examined from the perspective of international trade and investment law. Of particular prominence in recent debates has been the validity of green industrial policies and of measures addressing competitiveness loss and leakage. The conference will explore these issues, and also the role of the trade community in securing international cooperation and solutions.

This conference forms part of IISD’s Trade, Investment and Climate Change Program, funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Sweden, and by the Swedish MISTRA Foundation’s ENTWINED network.

Registration& Further Information: To register for this event, please complete the form attached and return to Elka Parveva-Kern( by 30 September 2011. Further logistics details will be provided upon registration. For more information on conference content, please contact Lucy Kitson(

Carbon Expo Australasia 2010


About the Event


Australia’s premier, industry-hosted Trade Fair & Conference for emissions intensive business and low-carbon  economy product & service providers across Australasia, Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 will be held at the  Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre  11-13 October 2010.

The event is to be hosted by leading carbon market industry associations  Environment Business Australia, the  Asia-Pacific Emissions Trading Forum, the  Investor Group on Climate Change  and the  Carbon Markets & Investors Association  with the event’s Foundation Sponsor the    Victorian Government.

Delegate RegistrationCarbon Expo Australasia 2010 will be a high-level market event that brings Australian business leaders and their international counterparts together – this will be a premium networking event as well as a source for the latest information concerning carbon reduction initiatives, and the provision of low-carbon economy products & services throughout Australasia.    

Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 will comprise a carbon market trade fair integrated with a conference program of keynote plenary and panel presentations, and a series of technical workshops addressing cutting-edge issues in evolving carbon markets and low carbon technologies.   The trade fair provides an opportunity for private sector and government businesses to showcase their activities, services and products in the emerging carbon market.

Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 will be attended by a diverse range of businesses including energy providers and other significant industries with corporate abatement strategies, carbon offset providers, carbon market consultants, carbon market brokers and legal advisers, banks, investment banks, superannuation funds, institutional investors, international financial institutions, technology providers, and suppliers of energy efficient and ‘cleantech’ products – all of whom play a role in assisting businesses to reduce, manage, mitigate and offset carbon emissions.

Participants and exhibitors at Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 will include:


Administrators of government and/or private sector market-based emissions reduction initiatives

Managers of carbon offset projects and carbon offset wholesalers & retailers (including forest sink offsets)

Businesses with significant corporate or product emissions reduction strategies

Businesses manufacturing or retailing low carbon and energy efficient technologies

Providers of carbon accounting, auditing & verification services

Providers of other carbon market advisory & facilitation services such as carbon pools, brokers, exchanges, carbon market legal advisers, and risk managers (insurers)

Research and education institutions active in carbon cycle R&D, low emissions technology development, and carbon market education


PDF  Download Carbon Expo Australasia 2010 Program

Download Site Plan  Download Site Plan PDF

The 2010 National Environmental Law Association of Australia National Conference

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity and NELA will be holding its National Conference in Australia’s Capital.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear challenging presentations on the politics of preserving the world’s biodiversity for future generations.

The 2010 Conference will be held at the historic University House, the ceremonial heart of the Australian National University.   Opened in 1954 by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh as the first building on the campus of the newly-formed Australian National University, University House was home to the research students and professors of the University at the time.   Set in tranquil gardens with heritage-listed architecture and decor, University House has a history rich in academic prestige and ceremony.

An exciting program has been developed featuring speakers from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.    The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage and Dr Allan Hawke AC, head of the Government’s independent review of the EPBC Act will each be delivering a keynote address.

Opening the Conference will be the ACT Attorney-General and Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water, Simon Corbell MLA.  

The Conference will include sessions run by the  Environmental Law Rountable of Australia and New Zealand (ELRANZ) and Young NELA.  

6th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference

Organisers are currently working with stakeholders to put together a program for the 2010 event that realistically reflects the challenges being faced by business and provides insights to international developments, world’s best practice and the opportunities presented.

Based on feedback to-date, the program will focus on:

  • International policy developments, with a focus on the US and its direction, both domestically and internationally;
  • Implementation issues for business, looking not just at ETS but the range of other policies;
  • Adaptation, a priority response to climate change
  • Financing the transition to a low carbon economy, continuing the theme of the previous events.

A number of possible subject streams have also been identified, including Cleantech, building on the success of this stream in 2009, adaptation workshops, energy efficiency, water and transport.

The 2010 conference is expected to run for two days with a formal opening on the Tuesday night and the Conference Dinner on the Wednesday night. The event will again feature an Exhibition that will be themed around the conference program. We also expect to host a number of side trips to relevant buildings and projects.

Click here to Register for the conference


Carbon Expo 2010

Carbon Expo 2010:
Where the entire Carbon Market Value Chain meets

Global and Multilateral

This event, held at the heart of Europe, has established itself as the world’s leading global event for stakeholder in the Carbon Market in just five years. In 2009, 276 exhibitors from 83 countries and around 3,000 visitors from 111 countries attended the carbon market’s leading global trade fair and conference for emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and new technologies in Barcelona for the first time.

Essential and Sustainable

CARBON EXPO is an international Trade Fair and Conference that had experienced a continuously successful growth. It is the primary platform for emissions trading, carbon abatement solutions and new technologies – a meeting point for learning, sharing experience and knowledge, as well as business matching opportunities, used not only by leading decision makers and experts from the worlds of business, policy, science and NGO’s but also traders and the financial sector.

Emissions rights purchasing contracts are not only set in motion, but also concluded.

The Carbon Market Cross-Road

The place where the most important messages get across – between the industry, project developers, buyers, decision makers, politicians and governments.

A One-Stop-Shop

Make sure you don’t miss out on this Trade Fair and Conference for your future.

May 26-28, 2010

Opening times
8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

You want to participate at CARBON EXPO then register here.



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TMDL Development and Implementation: Current Progress and Future Direction

The national TMDL program continues to evolve as new policies, guidance, tools, and approaches are designed and implemented. Attendees to this one-day seminar will learn how recently issued policies and guidance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are being interpreted and implemented across the country, discuss examples of successful approaches to TMDL development, and share innovations that have led to improvements in TMDL implementation and effectiveness tracking. The seminar will provide attendees with in-depth information and examples on selected topics, including calculating daily loads and integrating them into TMDLs, innovative implementation approaches, tracking TMDL progress, and stormwater sources and TMDLs.

Climate Change and Business Conference

The program for 2008 will again focus on risks and opportunities posed to business by climate change. Emissions trading, both regulated and voluntary, will certainly be a focus, as will other complementary measures to drive emissions reductions. A draft program and subsequent updates will be posted to this website in the coming weeks.

Carbon Expo

The entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the start of the European Emissions trading scheme in 2005 will mark the creation of a global carbon market. The second international trade fair and conference for the emerging CO2 market will take place in Cologne. CARBON EXPO is co-organised by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the World Bank and Koelnlnmesse. This cooperation will ensure that key exhibitors, speakers and visitors from all over the world will participate and contribute to another successful event. CARBON EXPO will be the ideal place for you to meet companies, service providers and government representatives that are involved in this new market.
Ensure up-to-date awareness of local and global regulations and how to address the resulting risks and opportunities.

Learn about
– Upcoming trends in a rapidly developing market;
– New sources of supply and their effect on price;
– What role German Investment Schemes will play;
– Whether JI is real and a relevant supply factor;
– Using future market and regulatory developments to your advantage.

– Real market players and liqidity providers;
– Buyers from the private and public sectors;
– Providers of the latest market analyses;
– Representatives of Aid Agencies, Funds, Financial Intermediaries and Service Providers;
– Technology providers and Project Developers in your sector.

Find out
– What trading opportunities are currently available;
– How to grow your business through carbon finance;
– How real deals are closed;
– How to strike a better deal.

High-profile visitors at CARBON EXPO 2005
ABN AMRO • Air Liquide • Alcoa • Alstom • Anglo Americain • Asiana Airlines • Banque européenne d’investissement • Barclays Capital • BASF • Bayer AG • BNP Parisbas • BP • British Sugar • Capgemini • Cargil • Cemex • Chevron Texaco • Chubu Electric Power • Climate Change Capital • Dalkia • DHL • Dupont • E.ON • EDF • Egyptian Electricity Holding • Enel • EnBW • Eskom • Esso • European Investment Bank • Exxon Mobil • Ford Werke • Fortis Bank • Gaz de France • Gerling • Heidelberg Cement Group • Henkel KGaA • Holcim • Kansai Electric Power • Korea Petrochemical Industry Association • Marubeni • McKinsey • Mitsubishi Securities • Petrobras
• Polish Glass • PricewaterhouseCoopers • RAG Trading • RheinEnergie • RWE • Samsung • Senter Novem • Shell • Siemens AG • South
African Breweries • Suez-Tractebel • Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG • Tokyo Electric Power Company • Total Gas + Power • Vattenfall

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4th World Water Forum

The main theme of the 4th World Water Congress will be "local actions for global challenge." The activities of the 4th World Water Forum will, therefore, seek to harness the practical, intellectual, financial, and political means to support local action on a global scale. The forum will address the decisive factors in the accomplishment of common goals by diverse actors in diverse places, searching to enable an improved involvement and empowerment of local actors in the social construction of solutions to water issues and a more appropriate channeling of domestic and international support for local actions worldwide.

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Carbon Market Insights 2006

This conference will include presentations and discussions of up-to-date topics on EU ETS, CDM/JI and Global Markets. Point Carbon will also organise an optional 3rd day with specialised workshops held in cooperation with expert industry partners. Please see the conference programme for more detailed information on sessions, speakers and workshops.

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Australia–New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference

The 2nd Australia–New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference will be held on 20-21 February 2006 in Adelaide, Australia, to explore business opportunities and risks associated with climate change.

This not-for-profit venture will build on the success of the inaugural conference and a call from delegates for this follow up meeting. It is being organised by a coalition of business groups, government agencies and NGOs from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. It aims to engage mainstream Australian and New Zealand businesses on the climate change issue, exploring the business opportunities and risks and providing a forum for exchanging ideas, developing strategic networks and stimulating action.

The conference is timed to allow for review of developments since the Kyoto Protocol came into force and assess expectations for the first commitment period and beyond. Targeting CEOs, senior executives, policy-makers and consultants, the conference will examine New Zealand’s plans to be an active participant in the Kyoto markets and Australia’s alternative approach. Guest speakers will identify opportunities for trans-Tasman business liaisons and the significant developments in the Asia-Pacific region with respect to carbon projects (including CDM and emissions trading).

The conference will also explore:
* The latest science and the potential business impacts of climate change
* Drivers for taking action on climate change, including review of local and international government policies and indications of community support
* Perspectives and initiatives from local and global political and business leaders – what are they doing and why?
* Emerging technologies and innovative approaches to reducing emissions and adapting to climate change
* Business opportunities arising from local government initiatives
* Operating within the Kyoto protocol and outside the Kyoto Protocol
* Lessons from operating emissions trading markets (including the EU market)
* What will the future hold, with or without the Kyoto Protocol

XII World Water Congress

Specific meetings and plenary sessions at the XII World Water Congress will address integrated water resources management, water infrastructure development, water governance, urban water management, rural water management, water security and risk management, economics and financing of water, and capacity building for water resources management. There will also be an international water exposition at the venue of the Congress.

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Ramsar 9th Meeting of the Conference of Contracting Parties

The 9th ordinary meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Wetlands will review the work of the Convention, plan its future activities, and advance wetland science and policy and management tools. The conference’s focus will be on the effective wetland management for poverty eradication, taking into consideration related priority actions found in Agenda 21, the UN Millennium Development Goals, and the Plan of Implementation adopted at the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

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2005 American Water Resources Association Summer Specialty Conference

The conference program focuses on finding solutions for improving watershed management, including the effects of changing land cover and hydrologic disruption. A key theme involves fostering adaptive and robust institutions for sustainable watershed management, with particular emphasis on watershed hydrology, pollution, and habitat. Social and economic approaches for watershed management are emphasized, including financial arrangements, environmental rules and regulations, water rights, conflict resolution, and pricing structures.

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Australian Business in a Kyoto World

This one-day seminar will explore the opportunities and threats for Australian business in a world where the Kyoto Protocol is in
force and international emissions trading is underway.

Topics covered include:
• Threats and opportunities
• National policy issues
• Trade partner implications
• New Zealand – your friend in the Protocol
• Securing credits from Clean Development Projects
• Issues for biosequestration
• Business responses – renewable energy, carbon farming, emissions trading

The International Day for Biological Diversity

The United Nations has proclaimed May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity, to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. Biodiversity is the source of the essential goods and ecological services that constitute the source of life for all. The celebration each year of the International Day for Biological Diversity is an occasion to reflect on our responsibility to safeguard this precious heritage for future generations.