Trade, Investment and Climate Change: Searching for Progress on Key Issues

Unilateral action on climate change is increasingly being examined from the perspective of international trade and investment law. Of particular prominence in recent debates has been the validity of green industrial policies and of measures addressing competitiveness loss and leakage. The conference will explore these issues, and also the role of the trade community in securing international cooperation and solutions.

This conference forms part of IISD’s Trade, Investment and Climate Change Program, funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Sweden, and by the Swedish MISTRA Foundation’s ENTWINED network.

Registration& Further Information: To register for this event, please complete the form attached and return to Elka Parveva-Kern([email protected]) by 30 September 2011. Further logistics details will be provided upon registration. For more information on conference content, please contact Lucy Kitson(mailto:[email protected])