IPMPCC Cairns 2012 – Climate Change Mitigation Background

Noting that Indigenous peoples and marginalized populations will be prominent in several of the chapters of the AR5, IPPC Working Group II and UNU in July 2010 agreed to co-organize a workshop to redress the shortfall of available information on Indigenous and marginalized peoples and their climate change adaptation. This first workshop focused on adaptation and vulnerabilities, and was held in collaboration with Working Group II co-chairs (Vicente Barros and Chris Field), lead authors and the technical support unit of WGII, in Mexico City from 19-21 July 2011.

This second workshop addresses issues relevant to Working Group III, and will bring together lead authors for the AR5, Indigenous peoples and representatives of local communities, and developing country scientists. The workshop will allow for more in-depth focus on the topics and regions for which WGIII is seeking input. An international panel of experts including climate scientists and Indigenousexperts will oversee the workshop.

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