Carbon Expo

Equip yourself with crucial information on the challenges and opportunities in the global Carbon Market. Carbon Markets have proven to be a fundamental tool to expediently spur economy-wide abatement activities and steer finance towards low carbon technologies.

Nevertheless, a combination of market based approaches with additional policies and measures are needed to meet global climate aspiration. CARBON EXPO is the global platform to explore the detailed development of carbon markets worldwide and interrelated policies and measures that will shape the international climate regime of the future.

Conference Program 2013

Within a 3 days program comprehensively grouped into three streams, featuring over 220 speakers in 9 plenaries and 27 workshops, find below an initial overview of what will be in store for you:

  • The Future of Global Carbon Trading – The Dearth of Demand and the Implications of that for Cost Effective Mitigation Effert.
  • A Global Carbon Merkat – Funding a Low Carbon and Energy Secure Future
  • The Era of Regional Carbon Markets – Informing National Policy and Driving International Policy
  • Reforming the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Latest Developments in Emerging Emissions Trading Programs in China, South Korea, California, Australia, Quebec
  • EU Carbon and Energy Prices amid Sluggish Economic Growth
  • The Creation of Global Carbon-Pricing Mechanisms
  • Voluntary Co2 Offset   Prices – Wanting More than Mere Emission Cuts from Investments
  • Financing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)
  • Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon investments
  • The Voluntary Carbon Market & REDD
  • Reducing Risks Associated with Policy Uncertainty
  • The Viability of NEW Market Mechanisms
  • CDM Issues and PoAs
  • The Future of Kyoto “Filling the Gaps”
  • Aviation and Shipping – EU ETS Compliance and Prospects for a Global Scheme
  • What is the Role of Carbon Capture & Storage in the New Energy Future
  • The Oil & Gas Industry – Finding Effective Solutions

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Carbon Expo

Carbon Expo 2008 will act again as the global meeting point for companies operating on the CO ² market. Join the specialist Trade Fair and Conference and use this international platform to inform yourself about the latest CO ² projects and climate development.

Carbon Expo

The entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the start of the European Emissions trading scheme in 2005 will mark the creation of a global carbon market. The second international trade fair and conference for the emerging CO2 market will take place in Cologne. CARBON EXPO is co-organised by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the World Bank and Koelnlnmesse. This cooperation will ensure that key exhibitors, speakers and visitors from all over the world will participate and contribute to another successful event. CARBON EXPO will be the ideal place for you to meet companies, service providers and government representatives that are involved in this new market.
Ensure up-to-date awareness of local and global regulations and how to address the resulting risks and opportunities.

Learn about
– Upcoming trends in a rapidly developing market;
– New sources of supply and their effect on price;
– What role German Investment Schemes will play;
– Whether JI is real and a relevant supply factor;
– Using future market and regulatory developments to your advantage.

– Real market players and liqidity providers;
– Buyers from the private and public sectors;
– Providers of the latest market analyses;
– Representatives of Aid Agencies, Funds, Financial Intermediaries and Service Providers;
– Technology providers and Project Developers in your sector.

Find out
– What trading opportunities are currently available;
– How to grow your business through carbon finance;
– How real deals are closed;
– How to strike a better deal.

High-profile visitors at CARBON EXPO 2005
ABN AMRO • Air Liquide • Alcoa • Alstom • Anglo Americain • Asiana Airlines • Banque européenne d’investissement • Barclays Capital • BASF • Bayer AG • BNP Parisbas • BP • British Sugar • Capgemini • Cargil • Cemex • Chevron Texaco • Chubu Electric Power • Climate Change Capital • Dalkia • DHL • Dupont • E.ON • EDF • Egyptian Electricity Holding • Enel • EnBW • Eskom • Esso • European Investment Bank • Exxon Mobil • Ford Werke • Fortis Bank • Gaz de France • Gerling • Heidelberg Cement Group • Henkel KGaA • Holcim • Kansai Electric Power • Korea Petrochemical Industry Association • Marubeni • McKinsey • Mitsubishi Securities • Petrobras
• Polish Glass • PricewaterhouseCoopers • RAG Trading • RheinEnergie • RWE • Samsung • Senter Novem • Shell • Siemens AG • South
African Breweries • Suez-Tractebel • Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG • Tokyo Electric Power Company • Total Gas + Power • Vattenfall

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Carbon Expo

At Carbon Expo, “carbon market participants can interact for the first time in a real trade fair environment and not on the margins of conferences or UN meetings”. Expo offerings will cover, among others, the EU ETS, Canadian and Japanese trading schemes. Carbon project developers and investors, and offset buyers and sellers will have a forum to meet, learn about market offerings and strike deals. There will be opportunities to interact with all actors engaged in the carbon market: Industry, service providers, aid agencies, financial institutions, governments.