Australia–New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference

The 2nd Australia–New Zealand Climate Change and Business Conference will be held on 20-21 February 2006 in Adelaide, Australia, to explore business opportunities and risks associated with climate change.

This not-for-profit venture will build on the success of the inaugural conference and a call from delegates for this follow up meeting. It is being organised by a coalition of business groups, government agencies and NGOs from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe. It aims to engage mainstream Australian and New Zealand businesses on the climate change issue, exploring the business opportunities and risks and providing a forum for exchanging ideas, developing strategic networks and stimulating action.

The conference is timed to allow for review of developments since the Kyoto Protocol came into force and assess expectations for the first commitment period and beyond. Targeting CEOs, senior executives, policy-makers and consultants, the conference will examine New Zealand’s plans to be an active participant in the Kyoto markets and Australia’s alternative approach. Guest speakers will identify opportunities for trans-Tasman business liaisons and the significant developments in the Asia-Pacific region with respect to carbon projects (including CDM and emissions trading).

The conference will also explore:
* The latest science and the potential business impacts of climate change
* Drivers for taking action on climate change, including review of local and international government policies and indications of community support
* Perspectives and initiatives from local and global political and business leaders – what are they doing and why?
* Emerging technologies and innovative approaches to reducing emissions and adapting to climate change
* Business opportunities arising from local government initiatives
* Operating within the Kyoto protocol and outside the Kyoto Protocol
* Lessons from operating emissions trading markets (including the EU market)
* What will the future hold, with or without the Kyoto Protocol