Coronavirus Is Bad, But The Green Swan Is Worse
February 3
  |  Climate change

Coronavirus has killed hundreds of people and disrupted global supply chains. It’s pretty horrible, but a new book on climate risk and “green swans” shows us how bad horrible can really get if we don’t act now to meet the climate challenge.

How to Plant a Trillion Trees and Get Real Climate Results
January 31
  |  Climate change

Natural climate solutions are finally getting the attention they deserve, and everyone, it seems, is scrambling to plan carbon-absorbing trees in an effort to help meet the climate challenge. This is great, but all those trees will mean nothing if they aren’t part of a broader strategy to revive the planet’s struggling ecosystems.

As Canada Contemplates Biodiversity Offsetting, Your Views Matter
January 29
  |  Biodiversity Market

As of 2019, all of Canada is covered by some sort of carbon pricing program, whether federal, provincial, or both, but the country has been slow to embrace biodiversity offsetting. Is that about to change?

Nearly Two Dozen Countries Can Soon Absorb More Greenhouse Gas Than They Emit
January 27
  |  Carbon Market

Developing countries are the most vulnerable to – and least responsible for – climate chage, but new research shows that some of them can dramatically boost their economies by managing their forests, farms, and fields in ways that pull greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

COP 25 Revisited: What Happened?
January 22
  |  Carbon Market

Year-end climate talks wrapped up more than a month ago in Madrid, Spain, but what was really accomplished there – not just in the negotiations, but in the streets and in the minds of impacted actors around the world? Here’s a deep dive into the key results and a look at the ways forward.

For First Time Ever, Environment Tops Global Risks
January 20
  |  Biodiversity Market

As the relatively cooperative world order of the past 75 years gives way to fragmentation and disorder, the environmental systems that support our economy and civilization are facing unprecedented challenges. As a result, biodiversity loss ranks right beside climate change and three other environmental risks as being both the most impactful and most likely threats to the global economy. The solution: better cooperation. But is it possible?

Why We Can Believe Microsoft and BlackRock On Climate Pledges
January 17
  |  Carbon Market

Microsoft says it will suck more greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere than it’s ever emitted, and environmental bad boy BlackRock says it’s flipping from amoral greed to green greed. There are reasons to believe them both.