COVID-19 Impact on World’s Indigenous Goes Well Beyond Health Threat
May 20

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on the world’s indigenous peoples that stretches well beyond the immediate threat to their health, the new UN independent expert on the rights of indigenous peoples says.

UN to Host Some Climate Dialogues in June – Online
May 20
  |  Carbon Market

Online meeting set for June 1-10 will focus on technical issues and building momentum towards zero net emissions by 2050.

Bluer Skies, Less Greenhouse Gas. What Happens After the Pandemic?
May 13
  |  Climate change

In the pandemic, people worldwide are proving they can make personal sacrifices that benefit others. Researchers say now’s the time to push for more policies requiring similar efforts for climate change.

The “Amazon Strategy” – How to Build Resilient Supply Chains and Food Systems post-Pandemic
May 6
  |  Indigenous People

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated indigenous people and led to a spike in deforestation across the Amazon. Here’s how to fix that.

Will COVID-19 Help or Hinder Efforts to Develop Natural Climate Solutions?
April 27
  |  Carbon Market

Global greenhouse-gas emissions have plunged in the wake of COVID-19, but keeping them down requires longer-term strategies blending industrial reductions with solutions that save the world’s forests, farms, and fields. Can these long-term efforts survive the coming bad times?

Could Microsoft’s Climate Crisis ‘Moonshot’ Plan Really Work?
April 23
  |  Climate change

The tech giant’s pledge to go carbon negative by 2030 leans heavily on nascent technology such as machines that suck carbon out of the air

This Earth Day, Stop the Money Pipeline
April 22
  |  Climate change

The climate challenge is ultimately a pricing challenge and, more broadly, a money challenge. To meet it, we must end the flow of money into activities that generate emissions.