Opinion: Time for action that protects biodiversity, the climate and indigenous rights
March 25
  |  Climate change

From the beekeepers of Cameroon to the seed gatherers of Brazil, indigenous rainforest communities are invaluable to conservation. Their success highlights a crucial truth – that projects bringing a wide range of benefits are a powerful tool for protecting our planet.

What’s in a carbon credit?
New tools help quantify the sustainable development benefits of carbon offset projects
March 8
  |  Carbon Market

When carbon offset projects offer more benefits than carbon, here’s how to prove it.

Climate Change will be a Higher Priority in the 14th Five-Year Plan
March 3
  |  voluntary carbon

Are there tectonic shifts afoot in China’s policymaking to tackle climate change? The latest signal from MEE marks increased national efforts.

Could 2021 be a turning point for forests and climate change?
March 1
  |  REDD

There is a renewed sense of optimism around tackling climate change – the international community must harness this momentum and scale-up efforts to protect and restore tropical forests. A coalition of private and public sector partners have launched the Green Gigaton Challenge, which aims to mobilize funds to achieve its target of one gigaton of high-quality emissions reductions, per year, by 2025.

How Do Countries’ New Emissions-Reduction Plans Stack Up?
February 26
  |  Climate change

The Paris Agreement is designed to create a “race to the bottom” in emissions, with countries proposing ever-deeper emission reductions in their Climate Action Plans. To avoid disaster, they’ll have to be 55 percent deeper by 2030 than they were when the Paris Agreement was signed. So far, they’re less than 3 percent deeper.

Shades of REDD+
Corresponding Adjustments, Kyoto Protocol Nostalgia, and a Proposed Way Forward
February 25
  |  Carbon Market

Controlling realities through accounting is an illusion. It is essential to create multiple incentives for mitigation, including through voluntary carbon markets. While corporate action is essential, only truly additional emission reductions should be used for company offsetting.

Ecosystem Marketplace Announces New Suite of Data Sharing and Intelligence Platforms
January 28
  |  Carbon Market

Voluntary carbon markets are key to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions in half by 2030, and clear data is key to ensuring they can deliver real reductions. Ecosystem Marketplace, the leading provider of data and intelligence on voluntary carbon markets, is responding with new interactive platforms offering unprecedented market transparency.