Climate at a Crossroads as Trump and Biden Point in Different Directions
October 28

The two US presidential contenders offer starkly different approaches as the world tries to avoid catastrophic global heating.

Shades of REDD+:
Why the World Needs Both Projects and Policies to Save Forests
October 13
  |  Carbon Market

Forest carbon projects have saved millions of hectares of endangered forest, but they haven’t ended deforestation globally. Some say it’s time to abandon individual projects and embrace a jurisdictional approach. Here’s an argument for embracing both.

Demand for Voluntary Carbon Offsets Holds Strong as Corporates Stick With Climate Commitments
September 23
  |  Carbon Market

Volume in Voluntary Carbon Markets increased at least 6 percent in 2019, and volumes may be increasing in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Ecosystem Marketplace’s latest State of Voluntary Carbon Markets Report.

Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Climate and Agriculture?
September 22
  |  Climate change

Fires rage in the West as storms, hurricanes, and floods hit the rest of the country. Progressives are pushing Biden to transform the food system and manage and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis.

BOE’s Carney Launches Global Taskforce to Boost Voluntary Carbon
September 2
  |  Carbon Market

We can’t get to zero net greenhouse-gas emissions without robust voluntary carbon markets, and the Bank of England’s Mark Carney has launched a global initiative to make that happen.

Economic Growth Is Faster In Healthy Societies
August 26
  |  Climate change

Free-market fundamentalism is killing the planet, and Capitalism needs to be reimagined if we’re to save it, says Harvard Business Professor Rebecca Henderson.

Investors say Agroforestry Isn’t Just Climate Friendly — It’s Also Profitable
July 22
  |  Forest carbon

Investments in agroforestry systems are growing along with the recognition that this model of farming is climate-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and profitable.