Navigating the American Carbon World

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) is the largest and most comprehensive gathering for information and discussion around climate change policy and carbon markets. Happening April 16-18 in San Francisco, NACW will take an in-depth look at California’s historic cap-and-trade program, including discussions on market structure, revenue allocation, legal issues and forecasts. The conference will also delve into other established and emerging carbon markets around the world and potential linkages. And, NACW will provide a platform for discussing offsets and offset supply, U.S. federal policies, and business leadership.

In its 11th consecutive year, NACW is once again being anticipated as the year’s best networking event for the climate change policy and carbon community.   It has consistently attracted the largest crowd of representatives from business, government, environmental groups and academia.   For NACW 2013, delegates will have the opportunity to network and schedule meetings with each other through a special conference social networking community.

Key reasons to attend:

  • Expand your network of peers, identify opportunities for collaboration, and gain leads for the strategic growth of your organization
  • Get in-depth information, updates and analysis on the California cap-and-trade program, including market structure, forecasts, linkages, legal issues, impacts of U.S. federal programs and offsets and offset supply
  • Gain actionable insights from leading climate change policy and carbon market experts and prepare your organization for the enforcement of California’s declining emissions cap
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of current and developing international climate policies and carbon markets and linkage between markets , including California and Quebec
  • Visit the NACW exhibit hall to find the right tools, resources and partnerships that will help your organization gain competitive advantage
  • Pre-conference workshops offer education and training opportunities for attendees that need an introduction or refresher course on key carbon market topics

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Navigating the American Carbon World

Over the last decade, Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) has earned the distinction of being the most important carbon event in North America. It is known for convening the largest group of thought leaders, innovators, pioneers and policy makers and providing the most comprehensive analyses of pressing issues. As veterans of the conference will attest, NACW is unrivaled for firsthand information, networking and innovative discussions.

In its ninth consecutive run, NACW 2011 will be the year’s most valuable carbon event. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

      * Listen to California government leaders and regulators discuss the state’s landmark climate change and energy bill, AB 32
      * Discuss the status of WCI and development of its cap-and-trade program
      * Get the most up-to-date information on supply and demand for allowances and offsets
      * Discuss the roles of agriculture and forestry in the offset markets and learn about the nuts and bolts of offset protocols under AB 32
      * Meet up with colleagues and make new contacts at the year’s best networking event

Attendees will hear and discuss fresh perspectives and ideas on these topics and others facing the carbon world. Because NACW is organized by two long-time carbon participants, the Climate Action Reserve and Point Carbon, the conference is guaranteed to present the most relevant topics and speakers.

NACW has a particularly strong reputation for delivering the most in-depth coverage of developments in California and the West. Originally established as the annual conference for the California Climate Action Registry, NACW grew in scope and scale as the Climate Action Reserve established the nation’s premier carbon offset registry and became the parent organization of the California Registry. As interest and excitement intensifies for climate policy and carbon markets, NACW will help charter the course for actions and solutions addressing climate change.

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Navigating the American Carbon World

Check the Navigating the American Carbon World website for more information on the event as it develops.

Past speakers have included Carl Pope of the Sierra Club, Marvin Odum of Shell Oil, and Nancy Sutley of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.