Mark Your Calendar: Tuesday Webinar Explores Corporate Progress On Deforestation Pledges

Hundreds of companies globally have pledged to stop chopping trees for the creation of their products, but how are they progressing and what lessons do they have for the rest of us? We explore these and other questions on Tuesday, July 12, at 3pm GMT (11am EDT), when the Supply Change team, in partnership with Innovation Forum, offers a streaming deep dive into the latest findings culled from their research.

11 July 2016 | All around the world, tropical forests are being cleared to make way for the production of palm, soy, cattle, and pulp & paper – a process that not only accelerates climate change but disrupts rural societies and destroys valuable habitats for endangered species.

Fortunately, at least 366 companies have published strategies for purging deforestation from their commodity supply chains, while many are now reporting progress on these strategies. As a result, we now have an unprecedented opportunity to understand what works, what doesn’t, and why – specifically: What is the role of multi-stakeholder initiatives and trade associations in slowing deforestation? How can transparency and reporting be increased and enhanced? What types of companies are taking action, and which aren’t – and why?

The team at Ecosystem Marketplace’s Supply Change initiative has spent the past year poring through plans and progress reports in search of answers to these and other questions, and the findings have been distilled into a special report that you can find here.

For a deeper and more engaging dive into these findings, we invite you join us in a live webinar hosted by and the Innovation Forum on Tuesday, July 12, at 11am Eastern US Time (3pm GMT).

The link to register for the webinar is:, and speakers include:

Stephen Donofrio, Senior Advisor, Forest Trends (moderator)
Ignacio Gavilan, Sustainability Director, The Consumer Goods Forum
Marco Albani, Director, Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, member of the executive committee, World Economic Forum
Jillian Gladstone, Manager, Forests, CDP
Tobias Webb, Founder, Innovation Forum
Ben McCarthy, Senior Associate, Forest Trends

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