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Chankuap Foundation (AIME)

Chankuap Foundation: A Cosmetics Factory In The Amazon Forest Father Silvio Brosegihini knew nothing of marketing or logistics when he founded the Chankuap Foundation in 1996, but that didn’t stop him from helping the indigenous Achuar and Shuar people develop a sustainable cosmetics industry built on the oils of rare plants. 28 August 2017 | […]

Norway, Germany, UK Pledge $5 Billion to Combat Tropical Deforestation

The first full day of the climate talks in Paris included a major announcement when Norway, Germany and the UK jointly pledged $5 billion to reducing deforestation in tropical forest countries over the next five years. Author: Kelli Barrett 30 November 2015 | PARIS | Usually the United Nations climate talks start off rather slow, with technical […]