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Ecosystem Marketplace is hosting two webinars showcasing findings from its latest report, State of Private Investment in Conservation 2016. The report reveals significant growth in the field as more private sector actors are realizing the financial value of investments in clean water, biodiversity and food and fiber production.

23 January 2017 | The latest research from Ecosystem Marketplace brings good news for investors interested in conservation: the field of conservation investing grew substantially in the last two years climbing from $5.1 billion to $8.2 billion.

A form of impact investing, report authors define the space as any private capital committed for sustainable food and fiber production, habitat protection or clean water while also delivering a financial return.

“The findings of this report speak to the growing recognition of our forests, our wetlands, our reefs, and other natural landscapes as smart investments – a notion that would have been unthinkable to most mainstream investors just five years ago,” said Michael Jenkins, Founding President and CEO of Forest Trends (Ecosystem Marketplace’s publisher). “Just in the last two years covered by this report, we’ve seen a huge leap in demand for these kinds of tangible ‘real assets’ from investors.”

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State of Private Investment in Conservation Finance 2016, which is under 60 pages and free to download, analyzes investments in conservation globally. Researchers tracked the most investments in sustainable food and fiber production. These investments happened predominantly in North and Latin America while the lion’s share of investments in habitat and water conservation happened solely in North America.

Interestingly, investors left $3 billion on the table in 2015 citing a lack of investable projects that met their criteria for environmental and financial returns.

“The demand is growing across the globe and from across investment instruments – the only thing keeping these emerging asset classes from surging even higher is the scarcity of investable opportunities; and, as in any emerging market, transparent information is critical,” Jenkins said.

These findings are just skimming the surface, however. If interested in learning more, Ecosystem Marketplace is hosting two webinars with report authors and partners that will showcase key findings. The first is January 24th at 6pm EST and the second is January 25th at 10 am EST.

New Forests, the investment manager specializing in forestry, land management and conservation will participate in Tuesday’s webinar as will the investment firm EcoTrust Forest Management. Ecosystem Investment Partners will participate in Wedneday’s webinar along with another organization to be announced.

“This report shows that when investors derive consistent financial returns and measurable benefits to people and nature, more capital then flows to conservation,” said Marc Diaz, Managing Director of NatureVest, the principle advisor for the study. “This increasing demand, coupled with the very clear need for conservation action shown by scientific research, reinforces the urgent importance for the industry to develop scalable and consistent opportunities to invest in nature.”

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