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Gaining Depth: State of Watershed Investment 2014 – Executive Summary
Genevieve Bennett, Nathaniel Carroll – Ecosystem Marketplace

Gaining Depth

Genevieve Bennett, Nathaniel Carroll

Last year, governments and companies invested $12 billion (B) in initiatives implementing nature-based solutions to sustain the world’s clean water supplies. According to a new report from Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace, this funding – which supports healthy watersheds that naturally filter water, absorb storm surge, and perform other critical functions – flowed to more than seven million households and restored and protected a total of 365 million hectares (ha) of land, an area larger than India. 

Up from $8.2B in investment tracked in 2011, the researchers say the sector’s continued growth and near-doubling of the hundreds of operational programs reflects governments’ desire to secure water quality and availability with affordable strategies that can complement or replace industrial infrastructure.

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