Voluntary Carbon Markets

The 5th edition of Voluntary Carbon Markets event series is taking place in London on 12-13 October 2009. At the 2008 event, delegates learnt that 2007 was the year of the standards, 2008 saw the rise of registries and their important role in taking the voluntary market to the next step. As businesses and consumers are grappling with a difficult global economic climate, will environmental and carbon offsetting commitments persist or become a dispensable luxury?

The factors influencing consumer behavior in this market are complicated, but there is a consensus when it comes to corporations. The main driver behind their offsetting activities is PR and corporate social responsibility, which leads to a continued interest and participation in the voluntary market.

The Voluntary Carbon Markets conference will again bring the entire carbon market value chain together to provide a platform for discussion and to encourage new business relationships. Delegates will hear from expert speakers analysing the current market conditions and giving their pricing projections, will start by looking closer to home, where the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has published offset guidelines and a ‘carbon neutral’ definition.

Since the last edition of Voluntary Carbon Markets London, a lot of progress has been made in consolidating the market. 96% of voluntary emission reduction credits were verified by independent third-party verifiers in 2008. However the voluntary carbon markets have suffered from a strong media backlash in regards to its effectiveness in combating global carbon reductions. The Voluntary Carbon Market increased significantly in 2008 reaching 123.4MtCO2e, almost double its size in 2007. However, a decrease in VER prices and volume at the beginning of 2009, have shown that the VCM is not immune to the global economic climate. (Source: New Carbon Finance)

Participants in the ‘State of the Voluntary Carbon Market 2009’ report predict that despite the global recession the market will grow by 21% and with all eyes turning to the COP15 in Copenhagen this December, it promises to be an exciting year. The Post Kyoto Agreement is as vital as ever in the fight against climate change and will no doubt have a considerable impact on the global voluntary carbon markets. Join us at Voluntary Carbon Markets in London and find out how the voluntary landscape will take shape.
Key Reasons to Attend

* Listen to experts share their predictions on future VCM growth
* Identify investment opportunities and the implications of the economic downturn
* Hear about emerging market trends such as credit stacking and REDD
* Learn how to include carbon offsetting in your corporate social responsibility strategy
* Analyse the factors influencing VER pricing
* Network with voluntary carbon credit buyers and sellers – 700 past attendees
* Participate in a series of interactive panel discussions and help shape this fast moving market
* Benefit from first class networking opportunities though our online networking tool prior to, during and after the event

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Voluntary Carbon Markets forum will continue to provide an excellent platform for business to learn about the latest developments in VCM standards and market opportunities. Over 300 carbon mitigation experts and business leaders have benefited from attending the VCM series to date.

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Following on from the successful European edition, Voluntary Carbon Markets New York is the only event to focus on the US voluntary carbon markets. The event will provide an in-depth overview of this exciting market, look at the attempts to standardize the market, the risks of investing in the market, the future developments of the market in terms of its relationship with a future mandatory market.