3rd Annual Voluntary Carbon Markets Forum

The voluntary carbon market experienced further growth in 2007, and experts predict the pattern to be repeated through 2008. Yet this rapid expansion of the market has not been without its difficulties. As the number of consumers grow, so too does their awareness of the opportunities and pitfalls in this exciting and innovative market. 2007 saw the establishment of several standards, registries and other market mechanisms in a bid to bring credibility and transparency to the market. A year on, have these initiatives achieved their purpose, and is the market really providing the consumers with what they want?

Following successful editions in London and New York, the 3rd Voluntary Carbon Markets forum will continue to provide an excellent platform for business to learn about the latest developments in VCM standards and market opportunities. Learn about what businesses and consumers really want from the offsets they buy, and how you can best communicate your carbon neutral activities to reach your target audience who is driving the market forward.

* The only event to focus solely on the voluntary carbon market
* Learn from practical case studies from companies involved in voluntary offsetting
* Find out what consumers really want, and how you can give it to them
* Benefit from a series of interactive panel discussions
* Discover where the investment opportunities are
* Prepare your business for climate regulation
* Fantastic networking opportunities
* Co-located exhibition area