UNEP-FI Global Roundtable

Initiated in 1994, the UNEP FI Global Roundtable carries-on a now well-established tradition that has spanned the globe from New York to Frankfurt, Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo.

15 years on, the roundtable is now widely recognized as a major global agenda-setting event in sustainable finance. This event offers an opportunity for leaders of the financial world and environmental experts to come together to discuss and exchange views on sustainability issues and “responsible” financing.

The roundtables have significantly contributed with ideas and ways on how to address emerging challenges in environmental, social and governance issues that relate to global financial industry. The series of biennial roundtables has been one of the UNEP Finance Initiative advocacy instruments for sustainable finance.

The 2009 event took place for the first time in Africa and was a great success with over 450 participants traveling from across the world to Cape Town where the city hosted its first “Green Week”. Senior executives from the banking, insurance, and investment industries, academia and government officials – Minister of Finance and Minister of Energy of the Republic of South Africa- discuss the latest ideas and challenges around the event’s theme topics, “Financing change, Changing finance”.


Cecilia Serin

[email protected]