Low Carbon Earth Summit 2011


The global low carbon economy wave has attracted attention from almost all walks of life. Particularly after the UNFCCC Copenhagen Conference 2009 (COP-15), those involved are not just limited to the people involved in policy on economic levels, but include almost every community from politics to technology and the general public. Currently, “low carbon” has become one of the most common phrases in daily life. To make contributions to the development of the knowledge-based economy for control of climate changes, Dalian BIT Conferences, Inc. teams up with China Council of Promotion of International Trade-Dalian Chamber to organize the first Annual Low Carbon Earth Summit with the theme “ Leading the Green Economy, Returning to Harmony with Nature.” It will be held in Dalian, China at the World Exposition Center.
  • 10 forums in low carbon fields
  • 500+ sessions covering current topics and issues related to climate changes
  • 3000+ oral presentations from world leaders covering politics, economy, environment protection, clean and sustainable energy, emission trade, CDM Finance, education, industry, agriculture, business, military and public community or related NGOs.
  • Up to 1000 Exhibitions and Posters
  • 200 Investors, VC, GC and financing institutions looking for promising projects
  • Career Fair for low carbon fields
  • 10,000+ registered participants and 10,000 volunteers
  • 5 public awareness activities
  • 4-5 art and music performances
  • 10 culture and social events
  • Optional tour to famous regions of China
Hosting Organizations
  • Information Center of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, PRC
  • China Council for the Promotion of International Trade-Dalian Chamber  
  • Dalian BIT Conferences, Inc.
  • Dalian Xinghai Exhibition Group, Ltd
Support Organizations (Proposed and under Coordination)
Coming Soon…
Related Ministries of China Central Government
Dalian City Government and Most Related Bureaus
Liaoning Province Environment Protection Department
Top 20 International Organizations on Climate Change Control
Leading International NGO of Low Carbon Economy Society
G8/G20 Affiliated Agencies
Co-Organizers (Under Coordination)

Coming Soon…
20+ entities to be invited to be joint operators on meeting program, exhibitions, venture forums, industry sponsored symposium, pre-summit workshops and youth leader forum, and art/culture events

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