The Carbon Congress – India

As population level is projected to increase from 6.5 billion to 8.3 billion by 2030, the world’s demand for energy will also increase by 53 % and thereby elevating global carbon emissions by 55%. At present, the largest contributor in percentage term of global greenhouse gas emissions is China-19.5%. It is followed by USA-19.2%, India-5.3%, Russia-5.1%, Japan-3.6% and Germany- 2.6%.

There is a compliance need to 2020 in India and other Nations including EU. The CDM is Undergoing its own upheaval and National or Global targets to limit CO2 could still be upgraded if international negotiations are finally successful this year, or downgraded if not. Intergovernmental trading has grown, but at the same time attracted controversy. Now the Question is, Are these emissions trading mechanisms the right ones? How can they be scaled up? How can we enable lucrative policy for Green Initiatives? Where is the clever money headed? What are the Risks & Returns on Green Investments?

‘The Carbon Congress 2011’ will feature high-level interactive discussions among business leaders, Government Officials, Civil Society Scholars and Influential Leaders. It is designed to maximize interaction, increase understanding of efforts underway and generate a range of commitments to action around the Carbon Market, Renewable and Sustainable Energy and Environmental Impacts for all goals. The high-level meet will focus on the role of the private and Public sector in supporting the Sustainable Growth.

TCC 2011 provides a Hawk-eyed view on challenges, policies, scopes and future of the Carbon Market, starting from Indian carbon market dynamics… to …what happens beyond Kyoto. From CER supply – demand – pricing to Carbon market Investments.

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