Second BiodiversityKnowledge Conference

The objective of this second conference is to discuss and finalize the recommended design of a future Network of Knowledge (NoK) on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe.

The focus of the conference will be on presenting options for the NoK, which BiodiversityKnowledge has been developing over the past two years through a broad consultation with more than 300 active participations of representatives of the biodiversity and ecosystems services knowledge community. Stakeholders involved ranged from practitioners, researchers to policy makers.

For supporting the discussion, the project team will provide a White Paper prior to the conference. This White Paper provides a concrete concept for such a NoK, including its context, its functions, overall objectives as well as the practicalities of such a NoK through the lessons learned from three demonstration cases. The paper also elaborates on governance issues, rules and procedures and highlights the strong and weak points as well as the uncertainties for future implementation.

The conference will provide the space for institutions and any interested players to voice their interests in contributing to the network of knowledge and outline the roles they can envisage for themselves.

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