Low Carbon Earth Summit – 2013

Low Carbon Earth Summit, 2013 – Breathing New Life into Green Challenges

LCES-2013 will continue to provide an unique platform to other global conferences in related to climate change and environment protection. We will focus more practical perspectives on green economy, promotion of sustainable or renewable energy, and exhibit technical resolutions to solve and predict the existing issues. This annual conference comprised 10 forums following the ceremony, including low carbon economy, clean development mechanisms, emission Trade, low carbon industries, etc.

The conference will feature 10 forums, including;

  1. Low Carbon Economy
  2. Clean Development Mechanism
  3. Emission Trade based Green Economy
  4. Implementation of Low Carbon Industries
  5. Energy Conservation and Clean Technology
  6. Clean Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems
  7. Low Carbon Cities
  8. Low Carbon Power Generation
  9. Low Carbon Green Architecture
  10. The Domestic Leader Forum and Young Investigator Research

The the full event posting here

Please visit LSE-2013’s website to register.