Ecosystem Services on Corporate Lands Conference

The first annual Ecosystem Services on Corporate Lands conference, presented by the Wildlife Habitat Council in collaboration with the World Resources Institute, will focus on the connections between habitat management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainability with ecosystem-based strategies.

Many companies often fail to incorporate ecosystem services considerations into their site management decisions. Tools are often not fully attuned to the risk and opportunities arising from the degradation and use of ecosystem services. As a result, companies may be caught unprepared or miss opportunities.

Even during the current difficult economic environment, communities continue to require that corporate citizens operate in a sustainable way and, increasingly, they view their natural resources in a comprehensive, systematic way. Join us at this seminal conference as WHC works with its members to understand and leverage these new tools for sustainability.


* Share the latest developments on using ecosystem services to restore and manage land and water;
* Talk to corporate peers and hear their lessons learned to-date from ongoing Ecosystem Services site management reviews;
* Gain practical knowledge of ecosystem service valuation, markets, offsets, and other strategies;
* Analyze risks and opportunities associated with ecosystem degradation and ecosystem service considerations – including revenue, reputation, and community relations; and,
* Identify future WHC projects/programs for incorporating ecosystem services-related corporate risks and opportunities into corporate strategies and decision-making.


* Corporate Sustainability Executives, Site Managers, and Remediation Managers
* Service Providers, Technology Vendors, and Consultants
* Multilateral Environmental Development Agencies
* Local, State, and Federal Agencies
* Community Groups
* Environmental Groups