Ecosystem Services: integrating Science and Practice 4th International ESP Conference

The set-up of the conference is therefore as follows:
1 – give the floor to a number of distinguished keynote speakers presenting the latest state-of –the art on the science, practice and policy developments and main challenges
2 – provide ample opportunity for participants to present their work and ideas in smaller workshop-settings
3 – provide space for special events, demonstrations, market-place, discussion groups etc

Mornings are reserved for plenary keynotes & invited presentations: the first morning to introduce the main topics of the conference; the other mornings to go into more detail on each of these topics (in plenary, including panel-discussions and other interactive sessions).
Afternoons are reserved for working groups around the following topics:

  • Quantifying, mapping, and modeling of ecosystem services
  • Valuation of ES and use in trade-off analysis (and Decision support systems)
  • ES in planning & management: tools & practical cases
  • ES Financing instruments & business opportunities
  • ES Policy & institutional aspects

Evenings: posters, demonstrations, displays, discussion groups, etc.

One afternoon is dedicated to an Excursion with practical example(s) of ecosystem services research and/or application in actual planning, management and/or decision making.

The last day will be more policy/outreach oriented, and will include a summary of the outcome of the previous days to enable people who cannot afford to attend the full 4 days to either take part only in the more science-oriented first 2,5 days or only in the last, policy-oriented day.

The organisation intends to arrange a PhD Summer School connected to the conference.
More information on the Conference Programme, PhD Summer school, Location, Speakers, Registration, and Fees will follow soon.