Clean Development Mechanisms and Joint Implementation:

The Kyoto Protocol requires countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. To help countries achieve their emission reduction targets, the Kyoto protocol introduced two market based mechanisms: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Joint Implementation (JI).
CDM allows a country, firm, or individual to implement projects that reduce or remove emissions in developing countries and to earn certified emission reduction credits. The CDM is meant to stimulate sustainable development and emission reductions in developing countries, while giving industrialized countries some economic flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction or limitation targets.
JI allows a country, firm, or individual to implement an emission reduction project and earn emission reduction units that can be sold. The main difference between the CDM and JI lies in their application, as JI projects can only be hosted by developed countries.
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and the Joint Implementation (JI). It was developed by WBI’s Carbon Finance Assist program and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute.
The course is delivered in 10 modules which take about 20 hours to complete. It uses interactive presentations, case studies, and discussion forums.  The course will enable participants to:

  • Understand all aspects of the Kyoto Protocol’s project based mechanisms
  • Understand the governance of these mechanisms
  • Start a CDM of JI project
  • Understand the CDM and JI Project Cycles and corresponding rules and procedures
Target Audience: This course is designed for carbon finance experts and practitioners, including project developers, technical consultants, decision makers, representatives of cities and civil society organizations.
Course Format: Facilitated
Course Theme: Climate Change, Innovative Cities
Sub-Theme: Essentials of Climate Change, Climate Smart/Low Carbon
Language: English
Amount: US $ 400
Contact Name: Samira El Khamlichi