Considering Compensations in Latin America: Carbon Management, Communities and Corporate Responsibility

Beyond actions facilitated by clients in the developed world, there is a marked increase in the desire of private sector firms in the southern hemisphere to respond to their own environmental footprint.  We invite you to participate in Valorando Naturaleza’s second webinar of the Launch Year Series focused on the topic of green decision-making by business leaders in the region.

Latin America is home to an increasing number of south-south transactions concerning environment and climate responsibility. Recently, the Brazilian indigenous Surui community made headlines with the launch of their verified forest carbon compensation project and subsequent carbon offset purchase by a major Brazilian cosmetics firm. Likewise, the Costa Rican government just launched their national C-Neutral program, which is the first private climate exchange in the southern hemisphere.  This  webinar will highlight these efforts and more!

Private sector speakers from Brazil-  Keyvan Macedo of Natura, Chile- Carlos Berner of the Santiago Climate Exchange and Valentina Lira of Concha y Toro Winery and Costa Rica – Sylvia Chaves of Florex will discuss how forest carbon offsets fit into their strategies and what their experience has been engaging in such deals.  Valorando Naturaleza, sister site to Ecosystem Marketplace will present  the context of these actions with regional findings from the 2013 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report, produced by Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace.

Moderated by: Carina Bracer, Project Manager, Valorando Naturaleza
Panelists: Carlos Berner: Santiago Climate Exchange (Chile)
Valentina Lira, Sustainability Director: Concha y Toro Winery, (Chile)
Sylvia Chavez Quesada, Vice President: FLOREX (Costa Rica)
Keyvan Macedo, Director of Sustainability: Natura (Brazil)

Valorando Naturaleza will present the webinar, Considering Compensations in Latin America: Carbon Management, Communities And Corporate Responsibility on Friday Oct 25th at 12pm EST. This online webinar focused on green decision making and south-south marketplace developments will be presented in Spanish.  

There will be ample time for questions from the public for panelists and the host following the presentations.  
We hope to see you Friday the 25th of October at 1pm EST.


The presentations and recording of the Webinar will be available here following the event.
For any questions please contact, Carina Bracer at [email protected].