Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change in Urban Areas Conference

Climate change has significant impact on society and biodiversity in Europe. Urban inhabitants are most likely to experience climate change effects directly because currently 75 per cent of Europeans live in urban areas. Here, management of urban ecosystems offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation while contributing to human well-being.

This joint European conference in Bonn will bring together experts from science, policy and practice to highlight and discuss the importance of nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation in urban areas and their rural surroundings. The aim of the conference is to increase knowledge and to foster linkages between science, policy and practice regarding nature-based solutions to meet the challenge of climate change in urban areas. In addition, emphasize is given to the potential of nature-based approaches to create co-benefits.

The conference will be opened by Prof. Jessel (BfN President) followed by keynotes by Dr. Bruynickx (EEA Executive Director) and Dr. Krull (chair of the H2020 expert group on nature-based solutions and re-naturing cities). Latest scientific findings on the impacts of climate change on European urban ecosystems will be discussed. Furthermore, the implementation of conservation measures and nature-based solutions within cities will be outlined. Interactive sessions will focus on case studies of successful nature-based projects and lessons learned. Resulting discussions of policy issues in climate change and nature conservation in European urban areas will lead to recommendations for creating synergies between ongoing policy processes, scientific programes and practical implementation.

Conference organizing team

German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ / German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA)

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8th ESP World Conference

The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is a worldwide network, founded in 2008, to enhance the science and practical application of ecosystem services. To facilitate the needed dialogue between scientists, policy makers and practitioners ESP organises an annual international conference in different parts of the world.

The 8th World ESP conference will be held in South Africa from 9-13 November 2015.

The central theme is ‘Ecosystem Services for Nature, People and Prosperity’. The conference will pay special attention to the public and private sector dialogue on how the ecosystem services concept can be used to support conservation, improve livelihoods and engage the business community.

We especially encourage delegates from businesses to attend the ESP conference in order to discuss challenges and opportunities in using the concept of ecosystem services to achieve conservation and sustainable use of our ‘natural capital’ within a market-context. The conference will provide an excellent platform to engage with experts who can generate solutions to these challenges and start making a difference in practice.

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SOCAP15 is the world’s leading conference on impact investing and social enterprise. Held in San Francisco, October 6-9, The event will unite innovators in business, tech, the sharing economy, health, philanthropy, and more to advance environmental and social causes.

SOCAP is a network of heart-centered investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders who believe in an inclusive and socially responsible economy to address the world’s toughest challenges. Since 2008, SOCAP has created a platform where social impact leaders can connect and present their ideas to a global audience. Our annual flagship event in San Francisco is the largest conference for impact investors and social entrepreneurs and has drawn more than 10,000 people.

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Market-based Instruments for Ecosystem Services: Theroy and Practice for Decision-makers

Organised by Biodiversa, INVALUABLE, and IDDRI (Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations), this conference will create space to usefully engage all stakeholders and confront the latter’s experiences, views and needs to academic research in order to fill knowledge gaps between science and policy in biodiversity conservation.


Biodiversity and ecosystem services have continuously been eroded in the last 50 years, generating socio-economic costs and threatening human well-being. This calls for urgent action. In the context of stagnating public funding and official development assistance, the design and use of market-based instruments (MBIs) is thought to both incentivize and finance biodiversity conservation efficiently. Among other policy tools, payments for environmental services and biodiversity offsets are globally praised for their potential contribution.

Building on results from the INVALUABLE research project, a BiodivERsA (ERA-NET) programme jointly undertaken by several European partners and coordinated by IDDRI, this one-day conference aims at contributing to debates about MBIs, taking stock of their advantages and risks, and going ahead discussing their equitable, fair and efficient implementation on the ground.


For logistic reasons, prior registration to the conference is mandatory. Please kindly fill and send by e-mail the registration form displayed on this page to:

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XVth IWRA World Water Congress

Held every three years since 1973, the World Water Congress is one of the most important events in the water field. The Congress provides a large cross-section of players from around the world and from all disciplines with a single forum to connect. The Congress not only allows stakeholders to share experiences and promote discussion, but also to present new knowledge, research and developments in the water discipline.

The Congress provides an important platform for placing vital water issues at the forefront of international thinking, policy and management. The XVth Congress follows this tradition through its main theme: Global Water, a Resource for Development: Opportunities, Challenges and Constraints

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ACES 2014 Conference: Linking Science, Practice, and Decision Making

ACES: A Community on Ecosystem Services represents a dynamic and growing assembly of professionals, researchers, and policy makers involved with ecosystem services. The ACES 2014 Conference brings together this community in partnership with Ecosystem Markets and the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP), providing an open forum to share experiences, methods, and tools, for assessing and incorporating ecosystem services into public and private decisions. The focus of the conference is to link science, practice, and sustainable decision making by bringing together the ecosystem services community from around the United States and the globe. ACES 2014 will bring together leaders in government, NGOs, academia, Native American communities, and the private sector to advance the use of ecosystem services science and practice in conservation, restoration, resource management, and development decisions. We hope you will make plans to join more than 500 ecosystem service stakeholders in this collaborative discussion to advance use of an ecosystem services framework for natural resource management and policy.

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WaterSmart Innovation Conference

The purpose of this conference is to broaden the knowledge of innovations in urban water efficiency including products, policies, techniques and ideas. All topics related to innovations in water conservation will be considered. Potential topics include:

  • Water/Energy Production Nexus
  • Water Efficiency for Sustainable Building and Development
  • Conservation Policy, Enforcement and Administration
  • Community Outreach Programming
  • Water Efficient Technologies, Appliances and Fixtures
  • Alternative Water Supplies for Buildings and Communities—Reclaim/Recycle, Condensate and Rainwater Harvesting, Desalination Water Efficient Landscaping
  • Drought and Shortage Management
  • Water/Energy Relationships
  • Recycled/Reclaimed Water
  • Smart Irrigation Controllers
  • Commercial/Institutional
  • Conservation 101/How to Develop a Conservation Program
  • Social Marketing Related to Environmental Topics
  • Effluent Irrigation
  • Community Design with Water in Mind
  • Plumbing Code and Water Conservation
  • Education (youth and adult)
  • Water Loss Management

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16th Annual BIOECON Conference

The BIOECON Partners are pleased to announce the Sixteenth Annual International BIOECON conference on the theme of “Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability”. The conference will be of interest to both researchers and policy makers working on issues broadly in the area of biodiversity, ecosystem services, sustainable development and natural capital, in both developed and developing countries. The conference takes a broad interest in the area of resource management, development and conservation, including but not limited to: the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in economic development, plant genetic resources and food security issues, deforestation and development, fisheries and institutional adaptation, development and conservation, wildlife conservation, and international trade and regulation. The conference will have sessions on economic development, growth and biodiversity conservation, as well as on institutions and institutional change pertaining to the management of living resources.

Follow this link for more information.

One Water Leadership (OWL) Summit

Early Bird Registration for this year’s One Water Leadership (OWL) Summit is open with reduced rates! Join the 5th annual event September 15 – 17, in Kansas City. Invited keynotes include: President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson and U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Spotlight Communities will drive the national conversation on water as the centerpiece for urban sustainability, developing green infrastructure and resource recovery. Attendees and presenters will reflect the broad scope of stakeholders needed to rethink and renew our cities with resilience for a changing climate. Join water leaders, sustainability directors, transportation, parks and recreation officials, as well as business leaders, non-profit organizations, and regulators as we drive the paradigm shift for water sustainability.

For more information and to register, click here.

World Water Week: Energy and Water

World Water Week is hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place in Stockholm. The World Water Week has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991. Every year, SIWI provides a platform for over 200 collaborating organisations to convene events at the World Water Week. In addition, individuals from around the globe present their findings at the scientific workshops. Early Bird discount rate is available till 30 June.

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Webinar: U.S. Corporate Water Risks: Closing the Gap between Concern and Action

A 2014 survey of major U.S. corporations by the Pacific Institute and VOX Global found that 60% of companies believe water challenges will negatively affect business growth and profitability within five years. More than 80% said it will affect their decision on where to locate facilities. This is a stark increase from five years ago, when fewer than 20% of responding companies were concerned about water risks. During this one-hour webinar, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center, Pacific Institute, VOX Global, and WASH Advocates, attendees will discuss these findings and explore the gap between concern and action. Attendees will hear private sector case studies, as well as steps companies can take to identify water risks and opportunities, and how to make the business case for action.

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To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond

This gathering will be the first global conference on approaches to avoid, minimise, restore, and offset biodiversity loss. It will bring together experts and professionals from business, governments, financial institutions, NGOs, civil society and research, and intergovernmental institutions with an interst in demonstrating no net loss and preferably a net gain of biodiversity.

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Accelerating Sustainability: Energy and Water in Your Operations and Supply Chains

You slashed your water consumption. You shrank your energy bill. You improved efficiencies in your supply chain. Now what? It’s time to put sustainability to work for your business. Join us on May 6 to learn innovative sustainability strategies that can enhance your brand, cut cost, and grow revenue faster and at greater scale.

Register for the event here.

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Accelerating Sustainability Forum, in partnership with the US Business Council for Sustainable Development, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and SustainAbility, we will bring together some of the greatest minds and proven practitioners from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to explore two approaches — enhanced, scaled collaboration and sustainability-driven innovation. These concepts are redefining what businesses can achieve around energy and water use that delivers shared value for your business, society, and the environment. Through visionary speakers, action-oriented sessions, and ample networking opportunities, you will work with other sustainability leaders to refine the partnerships, tools, and techniques you need to create the energy and water solutions to accelerate transformative change.

View the latest agenda here.

Featured keynote speakers include Mary Grace Anderson (Shell Upstream Americas), Hugh Welsh (DSM North America), David Melancon (Benjamin Moore & Co.), Brodi Fontenot (U.S. Department of Transportation), Colonel Mark “Puck” Mykleby (United States Marine Corps – Retired), and Rose McKinney-James (Energy Works Consulting LLC)

National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference

Founded in 1997 with a diverse steering committee of regulators, bankers and environmentalist, this is the first – and only – National hands-on conference for mitigation, conservation and ecosystem banking that focuses on banking to protect wetlands, endangered species and other natural resources.

The Conference presents current and timely content and dialogue on important issues through interactive sessions, panels, moderated forums and training.

Dialogue between bankers, regulators, customers/users, environmentalists and supporting government agencies is a primary focus of this annual conference.

The Conference has grown to 400 + attendees that are serious about their participation in the Conference.

Who Should Attend? Those who are involved in – or have an interest in – mitigation, conservation and ecosystem banking and in expanding your knowledge and opportunities.

  • Federal, State, Local officials, planners and regulators
  • Mitigation and conservation bankers
  • Engineers, scientists, attorneys
  • Land trusts and conservancies
  • Users, customers of banks
  • Investors
  • Realtors, Developers, Appraisers
  • Landowners
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Consultants and suppliers to the restoration industry
  • Transportation – highways, railroads, ports, others
  • Utilities & More!

Learn more and register here.

Webinar: Natural Capital Markets for Watershed Services

In this webinar, Natural Capital Markets (NCM) together with Ecosystem Marketplace (EM) will focus on the use of market (based) instruments to conserve watershed services. In particular, the role of different actors such as the private sector and local communities will be discussed. Panelists will also explore leading and emerging models for investments in natural capital. The webinar will be based on findings from a NCM study on PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) and biodiversity offsets, and findings from latest recent EM publication “Payments for Watershed Services: An Executive Summary for Business.”

The webinar will start at 16:00 CET/10:00 EDT and will run for about one hour. Participation is free of charge (language: English).

Coastal Carbon Economics Webinar with MESP and CSF

The Conservation Strategy Fund and Duke University have launched a collaborative partnership to create a Conservation Economics Initiative. The Initiative will make economics training more readily available to conservation professionals around the world starting with its first MESP sponsored webinar on February 10th.

Terrestrial ecosystems such as forests and coastal and marine ecosystems (MCEs) such as mangroves, salt marshes and sea grasses are a treasure trove, providing a range of ecosystem services that are economically and socially valuable to populations far and wide. Unfortunately many of these ecosystem services are unpriced and therefore underprovided when competing with onsite goods and services that do receive compensation such as agriculture, aquaculture and other developed uses. One ecosystem service provided by these systems is biological carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and retaining carbon in soils and vegetation, which helps mitigate the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that lead to climate risk. MCEs are an incredibly rich pool of carbon, storing as much as three times per hectare more than forest ecosystems, which themselves are quite carbon rich. Global efforts to fight climate change have created financial mechanisms to reward parties for sequestering carbon.

This webinar will discuss how these payment programs might apply to forests and MCEs, what kind of economic value this might add to keeping these systems intact and whether this may be sufficient to forestall their loss.

Email with any questions.

Valorando Naturaleza Webinar on Forest Carbon Report Results (Spanish)

Ecosystem Marketplace’s Spanish language sister site, Valorando Naturaleza, is hosting its 3rd webinar. It will present results from Ecosystem Marketplace’s State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2013 report focusing on Latin America. The webinar will include commentary from actors active in the forst carbon sector. The webinar will be in Spanish.

Click here for registration and more information.

World Forum on Natural Capital

A revolution is taking place in how businesses and governments account for natural capital.

The inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital will be the first major global conference devoted exclusively to turning the debate on natural capital accounting into action. It will build on the enormous private sector interest shown at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio in June 2012 and the many developments that have taken place since.

Against a backdrop of growing global awareness that our ecosystems and biodiversity underpin both wealth creation and human security, the Rio Earth Summit saw the launch of the Natural Capital Declaration, a global finance-led initiative convened by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the Global Canopy Programme.

By signing the Declaration, CEOs at the helm of 39 banks, investment funds and insurance companies announced their commitment to understanding their impacts and dependencies on natural capital, and to incorporating natural capital considerations into their products and accounting. The United Nations Environment Programme is one of the key partners in the World Forum on Natural Capital, which will mark an important step in moving the debate further towards action.

Go to the event website for more information.

2nd International Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change

The aim objective of the 2013 2nd International Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change (ICBCC 2013) is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Biodiversity and Climate Change.The 2013 2nd International Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change (ICBCC 2013) will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE during November 17-18, 2013.

This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Go to the main website for more information.

Private Sector and Biodiversity-Based Innovation: Looking Forward

This high-level meeting aims at identifying the type of interventions the GEF should engage with the private sector (including support for enabling policy environments, financial assistance, corporate alliances, and capacity building/incuabtion for innovation) to make the agreements on the use of genetic resources under the provisions of the Nagoya Protocol a reality.

The event is convened by The Global Environment Facility (GEF), in cooperation with the ABS Capacity Development Initiative & the Union for Ethical BioTrade. An event funded byteh Nagoya Protocol Implementaion Fund (NPIF) and the GEF.

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Mitigation and Conservation Banking Class, University of California Davis

Learn about the exciting new field of wetland mitigation banking and species conservation banking with an intensive one day workshop on the legal, technical and financial aspects of habitat banking, which includes a field trip to an existing mitigation bank. Learn about the regulatory and legal history establishing mitigation banks and the current rules and practices that govern their operation. Explore the technical aspects such as site selection, watershed and species planning, project permitting, construction planning, credit evaluations and maintenance and monitoring issues. Gain an understanding of the business of banking including the financial assessments, market assessments and demand projections and the how-to’s of sales and marketing.

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International Water Week Conference

The International Water Week Conference takes place over the course of two days where keynotes, sessions and workshops will cover the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of integrated water solutions. The four main themes /Tracks of the conference include: Technology for optimizing the urban water cycle; Urban Delta Technology, Planning and Management; Integrated urban water management; and Industrial-Municipal water use solutions. The venue for the IWW Conference is Amsterdam RAI.

The programme is a pre-programme based on a preliminary analysis of papers submitted and workshops planned. Authors that have submitted papers for the IWW Conference will be notified of acceptance between August 1st and 7th. Authors need to respond whether they will present before August 15th, and an advanced programme will be prepared by August 19th.

Go to the event website for more information.

The 2nd Conference on Sustainable Business and Sustainable Develoment in Asia

Twenty five years ago, the Brundtland report – formally titled “Our Common Future” – launched the concept of sustainable development as “the process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development, and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.” At the heart of the concept of sustainable development lie two interrelated challenges: how to address our growth needs, in particular those of the developing countries, given the limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on our ability to meet present and future needs. Despite significant progress made since the publication of the Brundtland report, the twin challenges of sustainable development remain valid to the present day. What type of governance structures, business practices, technological innovations, legal agreements or policy tools can best bridge the needs-limitation gap in order to facilitate and accelerate sustainable development? The rapid economic growth of the developing countries in Asia in the recent decades has added a new dimension to this process, by shifting the leverage of change from the West to the East. Designing infrastructure, products, enterprises and processes with sustainability in mind can have an enormous impact on environmental and social systems.

Building on the success from the last year, the 2013 Conference on Sustainable Development and Business in Asia, to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2013 offers a platform for scholarly and applied conversations among a wide variety of stakeholders concerned with the continual challenge of advancing the sustainable development and business agenda: people, planet, and growth. Because this is an emerging paradigm, there is much research and exploration that is needed. Academics, researchers, students and representatives from industry, government and non-governmental organizations need to both share their findings and learn from each other, in order to facilitate the transformation in how economic activity is conducted, allowing human societies to be sustained and to thrive.

As the fields of sustainable development and sustainable business cross over into multiple areas and disciplines, authors are welcome to submit from a range of topics, perspectives, and disciplines. The range of research submissions may include conceptual, empirical, experimental, and case studies. We particularly invite papers making empirical and theoretical contributions about the social and economic processes impacting on sustainable development; global environmental governance, business and public policy approaches; technological innovations; climate change adaptation & mitigation; renewable energy development.

Major Themes:

  • Sustainable Business, Production and Consumption
  • Science & Technology of Sustainability
  • Global Governance of Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Energy Policies

Special Themes:

  • Tourism (Eco, Geo, Sustainable)
  • Agribusiness and Sustainable Fishing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)
  • The Digital Divide in Asia
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Go to the event website for more information.

Ecosystem Services and Markets Class, University of California Davis

Explore the innovative field of ecosystem services and learn how these habitat-based markets can provide new revenues streams to traditional open space, forest and agricultural lands. Learn about the different rules and regulations that have created these new markets and the tools used to value them. Explore the different markets from wetland mitigation adn endangered species conservation banks, water quality markets and carbon trading.

Obtain hands-on tools to assess and develop these types of habitat based alternative revenue generators. This class is designed to provide planners, appraisers, land attorneys, real estate professionals, land trust and government land managers with the ecological tools and the economic models to assess the viability of creating real economic value with an emphasis on today’s income generating markets for protecting and preserving the environment.

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10th World Wilderness Congress

WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress (WWC), will convene this October in Spain to “Make the World a Wilder Place.” Involving up to 1200 delegates from over 50 nations, with an estimated 30,000 on-line, WILD10 is focused on state-of-the-art information, inspiration, and practical, positive results in policy, protected areas, economics, business, communications, and more.

With a significant history of accomplishments, the WWC is the world’s longest-running, international, public project and process for wild nature and human society. WILD10’s collaborative process was invited to Europe by the Spanish Government, the European Commission, and a host of conservation NGOs. Delegates are from governments, NGOs, business, science, indigenous communities, recreation and sport, the arts and the public. WILD10 is an exciting and diverse array of best-practice models, newly forged solutions, cultural events, trainings, associated meetings, and symposia.

WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition

The WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition is the largest urban-water efficiency conference of its kind in the world. Presented by the Southern Nevada Water Authority and numerous forward-thinking organizations, the 6th annual WSI will be held October 2-4, 2013, at the South Point Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas.

Last year, WSI drew more than 900 participants from 34 states and the District of Columbia, as well as seven foreign nations. This year, as it has for the last five years, WSI will feature featured a full slate of comprehensive professional sessions and an expo hall highlighting the latest in water-efficient products and services. The event also will feature several affordable pre-show workshops (which are not included with the WSI registration fee) on Tuesday, October 1.

Go to the event website for more information.

US Society for Ecological Economics 2013 Call for Papers

The U.S. Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE) will hold its 2013 Conference on June 9-12 at the University of Vermont (UVM) in Burlington, Vermont hosted by the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.

There is one month until the February 15th deadline to submit your abstracts for USSEE 2013! The Organizing Committee welcomes a variety of proposal formats, including paper, panel, poster, and workshop submissions relevant to the trans-disciplinary field of ecological economics, especially as they relate to the conference themes.

Our 7th Biennial meeting will aim to take a critical look at sustainability lessons learned at local, regional, and state levels and identifying solutions that can be scaled up.

Overall Conference Theme

· Building Local, Scaling Global: Implementing Solutions for Sustainability

Implementing Themes

  • Re-Building The Biophysical Base Of Ecological Economics
  • Bridging Ecological And Behavioral Economics
  • Designing Social Policy And Education For The Anthropocene

Underlying Sub-Themes

  •  Ecological Economics in Practice
  •  Ecological Economic Communication

Please visit the Call for Papers page to submit your presentation ideas using our online form. Abstracts are due by February 15, 2013.

For questions, please contact conference organizers at or call UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at (802) 656-1353.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, chaired by John Gowdy, former president of both the USSEE and ISEE.

The Organizing Committee encourages you to spread the word about USSEE 2013 and this Call for Proposals. We look forward to seeing you in Vermont this June!

SEE Solar – South-East European Solar PV & Thermal Exhibition

Profile: Solar PV & Thermal Systems and Technologies

The solar industry enters a new phase of its development and is taking the lead in the global energy mix. The excellent solar irradiation indicators on the Balkans and the interest of leading companies in the sector led to the launching of the SEE Solar Exhibition. It will be held parallel to the annual SE European Exhibitions on EE & RES and Waste Management, Recycling & Environment for the second time.
Alukoenigstahl, Canadian Solar, Hewalex, juwi Solar, KPV Solar, kWpower, LCS Solarstrom, Power One, REC Solar, Refusol, Sky Solar, Solarzentrum Allgau, Solea, etc. showed up-to-date photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in 2012 edition. The exhibition brings together manufacturers, installers, investors and consultants.  
Visitor Profile
Agriculture; Chemical Industry; Construction, Architecture; Consulting, Ecology (Waste Management & Recycling); Electronics; Power Engineering; Energy-Saving Technologies; Finance; Food Industry; Investment; Machine Building and Metallurgy; Packaging; Renewable Energy; State and Municipality Administration and Tourism.
2013 Edition
Fronius, REFUsol GmbH, Sputnik Engineering AG (Solarmax), Diehl Ako Stiftung & CO. KG, Chinaland Solar, REC, SMA Central & Eastern Europe, etc. have already confirm their participating again.
Organiser: Via Expo

2013 Navigating the American Carbon World

Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) is the largest and most comprehensive gathering for information and discussion around climate change policy and carbon markets. Happening April 16-18 in San Francisco, NACW will take an in-depth look at California’s historic cap-and-trade program, including discussions on market structure, revenue allocation, legal issues and forecasts. The conference will also delve into other established and emerging carbon markets around the world and potential linkages. And, NACW will provide a platform for discussing offsets and offset supply, U.S. federal policies, and business leadership.

In its 11th consecutive year, NACW is once again being anticipated as the year’s best networking event for the climate change policy and carbon community.  It has consistently attracted the largest crowd of representatives from business, government, environmental groups and academia.  For NACW 2013, delegates will have the opportunity to network and schedule meetings with each other through a special conference social networking community.
Key reasons to attend:
  • Expand your network of peers, identify opportunities for collaboration, and gain leads for the strategic growth of your organization
  • Get in-depth information, updates and analysis on the California cap-and-trade program, including market structure, forecasts, linkages, legal issues, impacts of U.S. federal programs and offsets and offset supply
  • Gain actionable insights from leading climate change policy and carbon market experts and prepare your organization for the enforcement of California’s declining emissions cap
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of current and developing international climate policies and carbon markets and linkage between markets , including California and Quebec
  • Visit the NACW exhibit hall to find the right tools, resources and partnerships that will help your organization gain competitive advantage
  • Pre-conference workshops offer education and training opportunities for attendees that need an introduction or refresher course on key carbon market topics