2007 Global CO2 Cap-andTrade Forum, Pacific

Organizer's description: "The second in the series and the first on the U.S. West Coast, the 2007 Global CO2 Cap-and-Trade Forum – Pacific is the only event covering policy, regulatory issues, and practical emissions reduction solutions with international emissions markets and CO2 mitigation experts at the forefront of the efforts sharing their experiences and observations, including:

Keynote Presenters:

Carol M. Browner
The Albright Group and former EPA Administrator (1993 – 2001)

Yvo de Boer
Executive Secretary
U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Steve Westly
State of California
And Featured Presenters:

John Bohn, Commissioner for the California Public Utilities Commission
Mike Burnett – Executive Director, The Climate Trust
Joshua Bushinsky, Western Policy Coordinator, Pew Center on Climate Change
Rob Fowler – Managing Director, Abatement Solutions ? Asia Pacific
Carl Guardino – CEO & President, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Mark Kenber – Policy Director, The Climate Group
Joel Makower – Founder and Executive Editor, GreenBiz.com
Josh Margolis – Managing Director, Cantor Fitzgerald
Andrew Mingst, Carbon Markets Manager for Chevron Texaco
Joe Nation – Former Assemblyman, 6th District, State of California
Tim Richards, Senior Manager for International Trade and Investment at General Electric
Richard Sandor – Chairman & CEO, Chicago Climate Exchange
Halldor Thorgeirsson, Director of Sustainable Development Mechanisms at the UNFCCC
Diane Wittenberg – President, California Climate Action Registry
Join your peers and international experts at the premier U.S. conference on Cap-and-Trade Markets and Business Critical Issues around CO2 emissions reduction initiatives, bringing its groundbreaking content and business critical discussions to San Francisco! Attendees will benefit from the event’s keynotes, case studies, and panel discussions focused on:

Reports by the European and U.S. government, economic, scientific, and business leaders warning of the real costs – environmental, human, and economic – of continued unfettered CO2 emissions,
Passage and implementation of California’s AB32 legislation,
The work of international leaders to explore international standards and the linking of global CO2 cap-and-trade markets,
Opportunities available to the international business community in implementing CO2 emissions reduction policies for their organizations as well as portfolio and contractor companies
Over 100 chief decision makers, key strategists, and policy makers from Public and Private sector cross-industry companies gathered a the 2006 Global CO2 Cap-and-Trade Forum agreed that the eyes of the world rest squarely on the U.S. and the ongoing regional CO2 emissions reduction efforts.

Join us in California, a state leading the way in the CO2 emissions reduction efforts, for keynotes, case studies, panels, and presentations addressing the changing landscape of CO2 emission trading, regulations, and best practices for the success of your business, the well-being of your community, and the good of your world and generations to come.

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