Top Negotiators To Lead Webinar Series On Land-Use In Climate Talks

Oliva Hughes

Climate negotiations are sticky, complicated affairs but they’re also critical to the future of the planet. In an attept to foster transparency and understanding, two of the leading UN negotiators on land-use issues will be hosting a series of webinars beginning October 2 and running throughout the month. Here’s how you can participate.

17 September 2014 | Marcelo Rocha and Peter Iversen are fixtures at climate talks. They co-chair the contact group focused on Land Use, Land-Use-Change, and Forestry (LULUCF), and both represent their respective countries Rocha for Brazil and Iversen for Denmark on various land-use issues.

Throughout October, they will be hosting a series of webinars designed to bring people up to speed on the state of land-use negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The four webinars are based on the Understanding Land Use in the UNFCCC guide that Rocha and Iversen authored along with Donna Lee, a Senior Advisor at Climate Focus. The guide and upcoming webinars are meant to unpack the complexities of the land-use sector and help negotiators, policy makers, project developers and others through the process.

The guide provides clear and concise explanations on how land use is accounted and reported within the UNFCCC and also the Kyoto Protocol.

The first webinar on October 2 will give listeners an overview of this guide while the following three will delve more deeply on the specific topics of land use reporting and accounting, baselines and reference levels and natural disturbances and harvested wood products.

Each webinar begins at 9:00 EST. Here are their dates:

  • 2 October-Overview of land use in the UNFCCC (2 hrs)
  • 8 October-Focus session: Land use reporting and accounting (including the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation); social and environmental safeguards (2 hrs)
  • 16 October-Focus session: Baselines and reference levels (1.5 hrs)
  • 30 October-Focus session: Natural disturbances and Harvested Wood Products (1.5 hrs)

The webinar recordings will be availableonline for free as are copies of the guide and its summary for policy makers. Both the guide and summary are available in Spanish and English and soon to be offered in French.

Click here to register (there is no registration fee to attend).

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