Mark Your Calendar: Wednesday Voluntary Carbon Markets Webinar

Steve Zwick

2015 was a paradoxical year for voluntary carbon offsets, with average prices reaching an all-time low of $3.30 per ton even as volume rose 10% and prices for new offsets more than doubled to $7.20. Meanwhile, companies began exploring new ways of using offsets to reduce emissions internally. Confused? Join our Wednesday webinar for a deep dive into the findings of the “State of Voluntary Carbon Markets” report.

13 June 2016 | The great transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is underway, with more than 50 coal companies filing for bankruptcy in the past few years amid increased calls for a global price on greenhouse gas emissions – primarily carbon dioxide – and a growing willingness from some companies to use carbon markets to drive changes within their own organization and across their supply chains. At the same time, the UN’s adoption of both the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals charts a new development agenda that could change the flows of trillions of dollars in finance over the next 30 years.

What does all of this mean for voluntary carbon markets? Is it the resurrection of a dream deferred, or a new beginning – with new rules and new players?

Those are the questions Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace and the Climate Markets and Investment Association will be exploring on Wednesday, in a webinar offering a deep dive into our “Raising Ambition: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2016” – our annual survey of the voluntary carbon markets.

You can register HERE and then join us live on June 15 at 11am Eastern Time/4pm Greenwich Mean Time.

Speakers will include:

  • Kelley Hamrick, Senior Associate at Ecosystem Marketplace and the lead author of the report, presenting on the macro trends we’re seeing, including growing voluntary demand for offsets (but at lower prices); buyer preferences by location, standard, and project type; and how voluntary offsetting fits into a post-Paris world.
  • Sean Penrith, Executive Director of The Climate Trust, will give us his take on carbon market dynamics in North America, and how his organization is helping to tackle the challenge of upfront carbon financing.
  • Marc Baker, Director of Carbon Tanzania, will provide an on-the-ground perspective on carbon project development in East Africa, including commentary on benefits sharing, securing land rights, and working with government on avoided deforestation.

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Steve Zwick is a freelance writer and produces the Bionic Planet podcast. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Ecosystem Marketplace, and prior to that he covered European business for Time Magazine and Fortune Magazine and produced the award-winning program Money Talks on Deutsche Welle Radio in Bonn, Germany.

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