One Month On, Innovate4Climate Continues To Yield Stories

Steve Zwick

Ecosystem Marketplace participated in last month’s Innovate4Climate Summit as a media partner, and it proved to be a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some of the stories we generated from that event – and a look at those to come.

29 June 2017 | While most media remain transfixed on the Trump Show, Ecosystem Marketplace is continuing to focus on solutions to the climate challenge – in part by participating in events like Innovate4Climate Summit, where we acted as a media partner. This “new” event is the re-launch of Carbon Expo, which ran for 13 years and was beginning to feel more like a reunion of old friends than a forum for new ideas – an observation echoed by impact investor Richard Fronapfel, who attended for the first time this year.

The organizers obviously felt the same way, and they responded not by downsizing, but by lengthening the duration of the event – from 2.5 days to four, if you count the informal opening day – and expanding the subject matter from carbon markets to broader climate finance.

The result is promising: a blend of sessions offering deep dives into issues we’ve long covered and an opportunity to share our own findings from the annual State of Voluntary Carbon Markets report, as well as a slew of new initiatives focused on finance for low-carbon technology, green supply chains, and the increasing opportunities available to companies that help to meet the climate challenge.

We conducted dozens of interviews over those four days, and we harvested them for three stories so far. We’ll be building them into at least five stories in July and August.

If you missed the stores we’ve done so far, just click on the headers below:

Bertrand Piccard Wants You (And Your Climate Solutions)

This story ran on June 23 and focused on aviator Bertrand Piccard’s new Efficient Climate Solutions initiative. You can hear the accompanying podcast at

Can This Swiss Feed Supplement Do For Cows What Tesla Is Doing For Cars?

This story ran on June 14 and looked at Mootral, a new supplement that can reduce methane emissions from cows by being mixed into their feed. explicitly mentioning Innovate4Climate. You can hear the accompanying podcast at also explicitly mentions Innovate4Climate.

Corporate Boards Increasingly Fear Climate Change

This story ran on May 30 and focuses on reports that Ecosystem Marketplace and the International Emissions Trading Association released at Innovate4Climate. You can also listen to the accompanying podcast at

More on Bionic Planet

For more on Innovate4Climate, listen to episodes 14, 15, and 16 of the Bionic Planet podcast. Bionic Planet is available at, and we’ve got four new episodes built on Innovate4Climate. Be sure not to miss them by subscribing via iTunesTuneInStitcher, and pretty much anywhere you access podcasts. You can also listen on this device here:

Stories on Deck

We still have at least five stories in the works – including an in-depth interview with impact investors Richard Fronapfel and Noelle-Claire LeCann, who are funneling more than $100 million into sustainable agriculture, as well as interviews with Andrew Mitchell of the Global Canopy Programme, Charlotte Streck of Climate Focus, and Femi Oke of Al Jazeera.

The climate challenge is massive and all-encompassing, and the solutions must be as well. Carbon markets have a role to play, but there are other ways of bringing private  finance into the effort. Events like this will help forge solutions, and we will do our best to amplify their impact on these pages.


Steve Zwick is a freelance writer and produces the Bionic Planet podcast. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Ecosystem Marketplace, and prior to that he covered European business for Time Magazine and Fortune Magazine and produced the award-winning program Money Talks on Deutsche Welle Radio in Bonn, Germany.

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