State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2012 Report Assessment

Mitigating extreme climate change is invaluable, but cutting carbon emissions comes at a price. Understanding what drives that price – from contract structures to technologies – gives market players the transparency they need to make decisions that minimize risk and spur investments.

Published by Ecosystem Marketplace and Bloomberg New Energy Finance for 7 years, The State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets (SOVCM) reports have an established track record of offering this kind of valuable market intelligence – answering questions like, “How big is the market?”, “What’s being traded?”, “Who’s buying and selling, and at what price?”
This information is more relevant than ever to decision-makers in every sector, as…

  • Voluntary corporate climate actions and top-down regulations converge
  • Emerging economies leverage the voluntary carbon markets’ existing infrastructure to underpin new marketplaces
  • Companies warm to the business case for offsetting as a hedge against reputational and regulatory risk; to sustainably improve agricultural yields; connect with clients; green their supply chains; and many other motivations.

This document describes how Ecosystem Marketplace’s latest edition continues to leverage stakeholder input to expand support for and coverage of carbon market activities and transparency. Topics covered include:

  • Reader statistics, locations and companies
  • New content and analysis in 2012
  • Plans for the year ahead!