State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2011 Donor Prospectus

With forest carbon finding a renewed role at the center of international climate change policy, it is now more important than ever to understand the changes affecting the forest carbon market: its scope, relevant policies and legislation, and the emerging methodologies and standards.

This year, Ecosystem Marketplace will be publishing the second State of the Forest Carbon Markets report to continue shedding light into forest carbon market developments.   At the beginning of 2010, Ecosystem Marketplace launched the first State of the Forest Carbon Markets report covering 20 years of forest carbon market activity. This report – which is freely available thanks exclusively to donor and sponsor support – was immediately welcomed as a key benchmark for the market.

Over 2010, we observed more news and developments in the forest carbon sector than in any previous year.   From the release and updating of seven international carbon standards, California also paved the way for the first compliance emissions trading scheme to welcome international REDD credits.

The pipeline of projects has grown at an unprecedented rate. The number of projects Ecosystem Marketplace tracked and published profiles for in our Forest Carbon Portal Project Inventory has more than tripled.

The State of the Forest Carbon Markets report leverages quantitative analysis and extensive interviews to answer fundamental questions, including:

  • How big is the market?
  • Who is buying and selling, and at what price?
  • And what do these proiects actually look like?

Beyond basic market statistics, this report reveals the forest carbon market at unrivaled depth – from describing core market functions to quantitative findings on volumes, project development trends and the increasing use of standards, registries, and exchanges.

This year, the second State of the Forest Carbon Markets report will add new clarity to complex and opaque market elements, from levels of standards adoption including project verification status, the use of project aggregation strategies, and the execution of forward sales to foster upfront cash flow.

From citations in policy documents and peer-reviewed journals, this report informs international private- and public-sector decision making. Industry experts continue to present the report findings at events across the globe – from Hanoi to Madre de Dios to New York City.

Thanks to the financial support from report sponsors, we are able to distribute this report free of charge. Direct downloads for our first State of the Forest Carbon Markets report have exceeded 2,000 downloads over the first year since its publication.

Sponsorship benefits have been enjoyed by non-profit and for-profit stakeholders including project developers, retailers, brokers and legal firms. In 2010, we were pleased to receive support from Baker&McKenzie, Biological Capital, Ecosystem Restoration Associates, and the BioCarbon Fund.   We also received donor support from USAID, the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment, DFID, the Surdna Foundation, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

We are now building a new class of sponsors to ensure the State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2011 report will also be freely accessible and invite you to consider this opportunity for your organzation.

David Diaz
Ecosystem Marketplace
[email protected]