Global Public Sector Trends in Ecosystem Services, 2009-2012

Ecosystem services are gaining the attention of government officials around the world. From 2009  through 2012, BSR has documented a wide and growing range of public-sector activities related to  the issue. Given the breadth and growing depth of public sector work on ecosystem services, it is  increasingly clear that it now has the potential to shape future policy and regulations as well as  government expectations of the private sector, particularly on public lands.  

For businesses, the questions about this emerging domain are many and include where, how, and on what  time frame ecosystem services may gain traction in specific governments around the world. This work  is linked with the growing efforts on natural capital and integrating monetary value, along with more  traditional measures, into gross domestic product (GDP). The potential implications are numerous and  could ultimately include transferring the costs of using ecosystem services to beneficiaries and user  groups, including the private sector.  

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