World Wilderness Congress 9

We face a very significant global challenge. To address this, WILD9 will continue the WWC commitment to generating practical conservation results for wild nature and people, by emphasizing solutions that combine the lessons of history with current, state-of-the-art knowledge and practice. As Dr Jared Diamond chronicles in his book Collapse, environmental degradation was one of the significant reasons for the downfall of the ancient Mayan civilization. We have everything to learn from our history as we respond to the current reality of rapidly escalating global environmental change. We need to create a new reality and a new “calendar,” based on the best information, policy and practice that respects and protects wild nature and its essential services. Without wilderness, our health, wealth and well-being will diminish, and our community will perish. NOW is the time to act.

From November 6 – 13, 2009, the WWC – the world’s longest-running public international forum for the environment – will again convene a large and diverse gathering of senior and respected experts and representatives from governments, NGOs, indigenous peoples, communities, corporations, religion, the arts and other sectors to act on WILD9’s vision statement: wilderness is the strategic element in our response to global environmental change. Many people and groups are already collaborating on the practical objectives of WILD 9.

You are invited! Act now and be part of the most significant environmental action agenda in 2009. Within a few months the registration, accommodation and initial program details will be posted and updated weekly. For now, we invite you to register your intent to participate.