Latin American Carbon Forum

uilding on the success of five previous editions, the 2011 Latin American & Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF) will be held 27 – 29 September 2011, at the Hotel Double Tree Cariari by Hilton, in San José, Costa Rica.

This annual Conference and Exhibition is jointly organized by the World Bank, the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), UNEP and its UNEP Risí¸ Centre, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

With over 800 local, regional and international participants last year from private, public and the financial sectors, and this unique combination of co-organizers, the LACCF is the pre-eminent regional ‘Pulse Taking’ and ‘Business to Business’ platform. It brings together leading individuals and organizations in the field to share knowledge and information, discuss new tendencies, propose solutions, and identify business opportunities in what is a rapidly changing area.

This year’s topics focus on:

  • Processes of CDM projects and programs.
  • Developments of national, bilateral and international emission trading schemes.
  • The status and role of voluntary carbon markets.
  • Climate change mitigation policies analysis, including NAMAs, sector-based approaches, and REDD.
  • Discuss the current status and future of the Mechanism.
  • While facilitating business opportunities between CERs buyers and sellers from the region.

This platform occurs at a crucial moment for global carbon markets:

  • With the widespread lack of certainty as to the architecture of the carbon market post-2012
  • The increasing fragmentation of the market.
  • The abundance of emerging mechanisms and sources of climate finance.



The core objective of the LACCF is to bring together main actors of the carbon market such as:

  • Project owners, project developers and potential CDM sectoral institutions;
  • National climate change focal points, national Clean Development Mechanism offices, Investment Promotion Agencies, Designated National Authorities;
  • Service providers, financial institutions and intermediary companies.

LACCF promotes a discussion and exchange of experiences among carbon market stakeholders and provide participants the latest developments of mission trading schemes and the future of the CDM.

The Forum focuses on analysing the international and national climate change mitigation policies and facilitate a comprehensive debate about the negotiation of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission reductions. Finally the LACCF seeks new impulses for increasing the volume of low carbon investments in Latin American.

Specifically, the VI Latin American Carbon Forum aims at:

  • Update on the different views of the challenges associated with global climate change, and the most recent developments in the international carbon market;
  • Discuss with project developers and technical specialists of a wide range of sectors and technologies arising from best practices and lessons learned for the implementation of CDM projects   and Programmatic CDM in Latin America and the Caribbean region;
  • Learn from the most respected experts from the public and private sector on strategies and measures aimed to reduce GHG and to   promote   the benefits of the CDM in the region;
  • Discuss about the potentialities of the carbon markets under the upcoming mitigation efforts to be implemented at international and national levels;
  • Hold bilateral meetings, both as attendance and by virtual means, between the national CDM offices, project owners, buyers of carbon credits, etc., during the business sessions; and
  • Seize opportunities to establish contacts throughout the Forum.

Latin American Carbon Forum




The Latin American Carbon Forum (LACF) is a regional platform established  to promote knowledge and information sharing while facilitating business-opportunity environments among main carbon market stakeholders. The LACF is organized in a yearly basis by a partnership among the WB, IETA, OLADE and the UNEP Risí¸ Centre.

The V LACF will be held on October 13, 14 and 15, 2010 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Building on the successful run of the

Latin American Carbon Forum in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, more than 400 local, regional and international participants from private and public sectors are expected to attend the 4th edition of this knowledge sharing forum.


The core objective of the LACF is to bring together main actors of the carbon market (owners and project developers, national Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) offices; Investment Promotion Agencies, Designated National Authorities (DNAs), service providers and intermediary companies) in order to share experiences on the integral process of CDM projects, learn about the latest developments of emission trading schemes and the future of the CDM, analyze national and international climate change mitigation policies and facilitate the negotiation of emissions.