LatAm Mine Water Conference

Experts in water management and human rights recognize that water stress will only grow with increasing population, urbanization and climate change trends. Most parts of Latin America are facing critical water shortage issues creating an imperative for mining companies to consider either water trading or water recovery and reuse technologies. The coming years are expected to see continuing positive investment trends in mining water and wastewater sector through improved treatment level and resource recovery.

After a successful inaugural conference in 2012 in Brazil, the LatAm Mine Water Conference will host it’s 2nd edition on 28-29 August 2013 in Santiago – Chile, under the patronage of Sernageomin – Government of Chile.

The 2nd Annual LatAm Mine Water Conference 2013 will identify best practices adopted to effectively manage and retain water cost, navigate the legal environment for water in Latin America and showcase senior water management professionals and their evaluation on key challenges in mine water management and the way forward.

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