Katoomba XIV

Tropical deforestation accounts for 20 percent of heat-trapping gas emissions worldwide. In Brazil alone, 70 percent of greenhouse gases emissions come from deforestation in the Amazon region. Forest-based carbon sequestration and REDD are gaining international attention, with Brazil on the center stage, to reduce global emissions necessary to avoid dangerous climate change. More broadly, ecosystem service payments in carbon, water and biodiversity are also becoming a key solution to ensuring the continued provision of nature's services through forests, aquatic systems, biodiversity, and carbon and nutrient cycles.

Join us to hear about the latest developments in carbon, water and biodiversity markets and discuss how they are being created and utilized to help solve some of our most critical environmental challenges.


* The latest initiatives to control deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
* Amazon governors' presentations on the Global Climate Summit
* Launching of Mato Grosso State Forum on Climate Change
* A discussion on REDD options for the Xingu Park
* The Brazilian Amazon Fund to control deforestation and the country's official position on REDD
* How water quality trading markets can contribute to the conservation in the Amazon
* The emergence of biodiversity markets and how they can be applied in Brazil
* How to bridge the gap between current challenges and future economic and environmental solutions
* Create an infrastructure fund for the planet that will invest in our vital natural services