International Workshop on Innovative Financial Mechanisms

1.       Opening of the workshop and organizational matters.
2.       Overview of the objectives and programme for the workshop.
3.       Status of knowledge on innovative financial mechanisms
4.       Substantive issues:
4.1.       Promote, where applicable, schemes for payment for ecosystem services, consistent and in harmony with the Convention and other relevant international obligations.
4.2. Consider biodiversity offset mechanisms where relevant and appropriate while ensuring that they are not used to undermine unique components of biodiversity.
4.3. Explore opportunities presented by environmental fiscal reforms including innovative taxation models and fiscal incentives for achieving the three objectives of the Convention.
4.4 Explore opportunities presented by promising innovative financial mechanisms such as markets for green products, business-biodiversity partnerships and new forms of charity.
4.5. Integrate biological diversity and its associated ecosystem services in the development of new and innovative sources of international development finance, taking into account conservation costs.
4.6 Encourage the Parties to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol to take into account biodiversity when developing any funding mechanisms for climate change.
5.       Policy options concerning innovative financial mechanisms
6.       Closure of the workshop.