International Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

The environmental, economical and political implications of the global warming are profound. Ecosystems from mountains to oceans, from poles to the tropics are under going rapid changes.

Low-lying cities face inundation, fertile lands are turning to deserts, and weather patterns are becoming even more unpredictable.

Policymakers, researchers, academicians, students will be attending this conference to discuss the present scenario and exchange views to mitigate the environmental problems to save our planet.

The outcome of this meeting is expected to enhance the academic contribution to international climate finance policy and cooperation.

Objectives of the Conference

1. Conference will examine evidences and causes of  climate change (natural and anthropogenic)

2. Impact of climate change on humans andecosystems

3. Mitigation of climate change through  technological, social, ethical and political  responses

4. Strategies for adaptation to climate change  

More information on the conference here.