Integrated Agua Solutions

The water sector has great challenges ahead. Climate change, population growth and urbanization make it necessary for water experts to face these challenges and show leadership by starting to innovate water projects on flood protection, efficient water use, improve sanitation, and, above all, to bring truly integrated water solutions into practice.

Shanghai CHC Expo wants to highlight these inspiring total solutions and will present the world’s most outstanding water projects at the special event Integrated Aqua Solutions, which will currently be held with AQUATECH China water show during June 5-6, 2013 in Shanghai. IAS-2013 is aim to demonstrate the global water sector’s ability to meet the challenges of both the “small water cycle” (i.e. projects by utilities, industries and cities) and the “big water cycle” (i.e. projects in river basins, watersheds and even national and international projects). It is also a unique exposition for water authorities, developers, consultants, engineers, and contractors to draw the world’s attention to their contribution bringing the global water problems one step closer to a solution. We hereby cordially invite you to join IAS-2013 with us, and call for international institutions or organizations extensively to engage in communication in depth for the most stunning water projects worldwide through the platform of IAS.

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