GreenPower Conferences – Next Generation Biofuel Markets

As competition between food and fuel threatens to become a pressing constraint on the current biofuel industry, the biofuels world is starting the transition to next generation biofuels. Emerging powerful market drivers and strong political influences are moving ethanol to the next stage and there is huge interest in the next generation of biofuels from the oil majors. Could this be the beginning of a new branch of industry that could grow bigger than the existing 1st generation fuel ethanol industry? Will cellulosic ethanol take off? How will this nascent industry emerge from the current demo phase to produce commercial-scale quantities of ethanol?

Learn from over 30 senior decision makers who are driving the development of next generation biofuels including: BP Biofuels, DuPoint, Imperium Renewables, Royal Nedalco, Novozymes, NREL, Iogen, Celunol, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Emerald Technology Ventures, Firelake Capital Management, Ernst & Young, Green Biologics, Dyadic Bioscience Business, C3BioEnergy and BioMethanol Chemie Holding

This 2 day information-rich, networking conference will build upon the success of the next generation biofuels seminar held in Brussels this March, which attracted over 250 high level executives.