First Water Stewardship Credit Auction March 2015

Meet Sustainability Goals. Offset Supply Chain Impacts. Support Farmers. Improve Water Quality.  

Private dollars have been invested in farm management practices to improve water quality, support farmers, and provide important ecosystem benefits in the Ohio River Basin, the world’s largest water quality trading project. Now, the resulting credits are available for purchase in the effort’s first public auction! Backed by science, metrics, and state approvals, “stewardship credits” can be applied toward sustainability goals, offsetting supply chain impacts, or even Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) obligations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. 100% of proceeds are re-invested back into the Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading program to advance more conservation.

Network with like-minds! The  auction  will be held in March 2015 in New York City.  

Must be physically present to participate. Must be pre-approved by February 1st. No non-participating observers.  

For more information, visit the  Ohio River Basin Trading Project website.