Ecosystem Mitigation Banking Seminar

Over the past 25 years, ecological and environmental banking has played an increasingly significant role in federal, state and local regulatory programs throughout the county.  Its growth in popularity stems from its rise in use and favor by government agencies as a means of streamlining the impact-related permitting process by using banks that have already been vetted through the regulatory approval process to compensate for unavoidable environmental impacts resulting from permitted activities.  
The banking industry faces many of the same legal hurdles as those faced by more traditional forms of real estate development. However, given the nature of the asset and the additional regulatory scrutiny and requirements, the industry has also developed its own unique set of legal issues, challenges and solutions.  
The goal of this seminar is both to inform attorneys, regulatory staff, land trusts and private developers of existing ecological and environmental banking markets and to discuss and debate the many legal, regulatory and practical matters that should be considered when developing banking opportunities.    

Join Program Co-Chairs J.P. Fougerousse, a member of the Real Estate Practice Group at Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs LLP, and Brian T. Normanly, PWS, a Portfolio Manager with Timbervest LLC. They lead this outstanding faculty:  

  • Ray O. Acton, CPA of Sellers Richardson Holman & West LLP
  • Elizabeth H. Bergquist of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
  • Wayne E. Flowers of Lewis Longman & Walker PA
  • Doug Lashley of GreenVest LLC
  • Robert J. Proutt, Jr., of Hunton & Williams LLP
  • Rhodes Robinson, CEP, PWS of Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Pamela L. Sunderland of Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia
  • Kevin A. Thomas of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
  • Charles Thompson of Eco-Capital Advisors LLC
  • John T. Vermont, PWS, CE of Wetland & Ecological Consultants LLC
  • Randy Wilgis of Environmental Banc & Exchange LLC
  • Shawn Wilkerson of Wildlands Engineering, Inc.
  • Cynthia J. Wood of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Thank you to the Lunch Sponsors Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs LLP, Timbervest LLC and Wetlands & Ecological Consultants LLC.  
Thank you to the exhibit Sponsor GERA – Georgia Environmental Restoration Association