Corporate Ecosystem Services Review

Developed in cooperation with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
(WBCSD) and the Meridian Institute, this intensive Ecosystem Services Review training for corporate consultants is sponsored by the World Resources Institute.

Since its launch this March, over forty corporations have implemented the ESR and scores of others are gearing-up to use
the methodology. As a result, demand for consultants with expertise in ecosystem services is on the rise.

This training will provide consultants with detailed information about this powerful new methodology.

ESR Case Examples

The experience of these WBCSD member companies and other ESR case examples will be explored during the training session:

Azko Nobel used the ESR to inform plants location strategies in Asia

BC Hydro ran an ESR on a commissioned hydroelectric power plant, improving its management

Mondi reviewed their FSC certified plantations, developing several profitable strategies

Rio Tinto used the Review at a prospective mine in Peru

Syngenta conducted an ESR for small farmers in India and developed new strategic ideas

Supply Chains – several firms are using the ESR to analyze and develop supply chain management strategies related to
ecosystem service-based risks and opportunities

Product Development – the Review is being woven into product design and innovation processes

EMS – from plant management to environmental impact assessments, the ESR is helping several firms improve and enhance
existing practices

Benchmarking – some companies are using the ESR to enhance their environmental performance goals, matrices, and monitoring

Information & Registration

For more information and to register, please visit
or contact Suzanne Ozment, [email protected], +1 202-729-7835

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