COP 17 Day 10

UNFCCC Official Side Events (full schedule)
International Emissions Trading Association Events (full schedule)

Empowering global cities for local climate change action
Themes: Cities and low-carbon strategies
Organizers:  The Republic of South Africa and The Gold Standard
Time:  13:15 – 14:45
Location:  Indwe River Room, Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC)

Official Side Event: The United Nations system delivering as one on implementation to address climate change

Themes: UN process
Organizers: United Nations (UN) (
Time: 13:15—14:45
Location: Room 1

Official Side Event: REDD Readiness- Ready for What?
Themes: Sustainable Forest Management, REDD+
Organizers: International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) (
Time: 15:00—16:30
Location: Room 4

Official Side Events: Financing climate action at subnational level
Themes: Subnational approaches
Organizers: Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD)
Time: 15:00—16:30
Location: Room 5

IETA:  The World’s Second Largest Carbon Market: California and the North American Regional Program
Themes: Subnational strategies
Organizers: Climate Action Reserve
Time: 15:30 – 16:00
Location: IETA Pavillion, Room A

Bilateral or Bust
Themes: Bilateral strategies
Organizers: International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Time: 14:00—14:15
Location: Room B

Convention or Protocol: What Comes Next?
Themes: Post-Kyoto protocol
Organizers: International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Time: 15:30 – 16:45
Location: Room A

Official Side Event: New synergies and differences between NAMAs, New Mechanisms, and CDM
Themes: NAMA’s, CDM
Organizers: German Emissions Trading Association (BVEK) and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Thursday, December 8
Time: 11:30—13:00
Location: Room 5

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