CO2 Introductory course and CO2 Advanced course

Do you have team members that require knowledge of the Carbon markets?
Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, the world-leading provider of independent news, analysis and consulting services for carbon markets, is holding a two-day course about all aspects of the California, the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) and global carbon markets.
Who are the courses for?
The courses are designed for companies and other organizations with a stake in carbon markets who want a thorough understanding of its structure and dynamics. It is particularly tailored to companies with a compliance obligation, offset developers and other future market participants. A basic understanding of economics is required for the second day of the course.

What will the courses provide?
The first day will provide a detailed overview of the market design in California, in other WCI jurisdictions and lessons learned from other markets around the world. The second day will focus on market dynamics, supply and demand balance and gaining a thorough understanding of price formation in California and other markets.

Agenda Day 1:
CO2 Introductory course: Towards a
Western Market – Policy & Politics

·                 Introduction

·                 California’s climate policy

·                 The Nuts and bolts of the California market

·                 The Western Climate Initiative (WCI)

·                 Planning for compliance California

·                 Tools of the trade

·                 California, the WCI and the rest of the world

·                 Conclusion and wrap-up

Agenda Day 2:
CO2 Advanced course: Towards a
Western Market – Forecasting Prices

·                 Introduction: What drives carbon prices?

·                 Demand

·                 Supply

·                 Forecasting prices in California and the WCI

·                 Trading game

·                 Lessons learned from other carbon markets

·                 Wrap-up/Q&A