Clean Cooking Forum 2013

The goal of the Forum is to further a market-based approach to the global adoption of clean cooking solutions, and to continue to drive innovations in research, market development, standards and testing, project finance, and policy development. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is very excited to be holding the Forum in Southeast Asia – a region of enormous potential for the clean cookstoves and fuels sector, and a dynamic market for many of our partners.

Participants at the Forum can expect to network with professionals from the clean cookstoves and fuels sector, exchange ideas and experiences with global leaders from the finance, development, health, and environment fields, learn new techniques for improving and measuring the effectiveness of their clean cooking projects and programs, and gather the latest information on cutting edge research and funding opportunities.   In addition, the Forum will also provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn from their peers through an exploration of innovative best practices and case studies, as well as through discussions of shared experiences in the sector during informal discussions throughout the week.

The sector has never been more cohesive and prepared to tackle this silent killer that impacts almost half the world’s population. The Forum will give us the opportunity to come together, learn from one another, and move our collective goals forward, further imbued with the belief that cooking shouldn’t kill.

See the Clean Cooking Forum website for more details and registration