Carbon Markets for the Poor:A Contradiction in Terms?

For some the issue is how to reform the CDM by scaling up, reducing costs and improving governance. For others the CDM is flawed by design.
This public event will explore these debates, which go to the heart of a 3 year project on The Governance of Clean Development: CDM and Beyond led by Professor Peter Newell, which explores the politics and governance of clean development in the energy sector through the CDM and through other initiatives of a growing range of public and private actors.
The event brings together leading actors and specialists in the field to debate these issues based on some of the findings of the research.

Simon Maxwell, Overseas Development Institute
Discussion Panel – Confirmed Speakers
Professor Michael Grubb, University of Cambridge
Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth
Dr Emily Boyd, University of Reading

The event will begin with an introduction by Professor Peter Newell, University of Sussex.

The event will be of interest to policy practitioners, climate change professionals and those involved in carbon markets as
well as NGOs and academics. Drinks and a buffet will be provided.

To register to attend this free event or for more information, please contact Peter Quinn at [email protected] or tel: +44 (0)1603 592329.

Event proceedings will be made available shortly after the event at