Carbon Finance and Analytics Programme London 2011 Advanced Professional Training

London Business School is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools globally and one of the world’s leading centres of finance research and education. Thomson Reuters Point Carbon is a world leading provider of independent news, analysis and advisory services for European and global carbon, power and gas markets.

A mutual interest in delivering cutting-edge research, innovative analytical tools and insights into carbon and energy markets leads our two institutions on a common mission to establish the most comprehensive professional initiative to provide foundations for carbon finance, trading, analytics and risk management.

The programme draws upon the exciting combination of our institutions’ complementary expertise while utilising our extensive network of experts within business, academia and policymaking institutions. The programme will be delivered by a highly knowledgeable and experienced team from London Business School, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon and selected external speakers.

The programme is comprehensive, rigorous and demanding, with emphasis on mastering a wide range of analytical tools and techniques required to be successful in the carbon markets. The timetable enables participants to minimise their time away from office while maximising learning opportunities by coupling a rigorous academic framework with real-world relevance and practical application through case studies and team work.

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