Carbon Finance 2005

At Carbon Finance 2005 you will hear from top-level specialists from a broad range of organisations including: The European Commission, Mitsubishi Securities, European Carbon Fund, European Investment Bank, World Bank, Trexler Climate & Energy Services, Carbon Registry Services, UNFCCC, Enviros Consulting, Rabobank, TechniData, Global Sustainable Development Services, The Gold Standard, Clifford Chance, Camco International, PricewaterhouseCoopers India, GFA Terra, EcoSecurities and Carbon Ventures.

The information they will provide will include:

Keynote talks on what to expect at December's COP/MOP meeting and Phase II of the EU ETS

What carbon buyers expect – a discussion among the major purchasers of carbon credits

What carbon sellers want – panel discussion with project developers from China, Brazil and India

Forthcoming developments in Japan, the US and Russia

Legal, insurance and IT requirements in the carbon markets

The key role of registries

In-depth analysis of price trends in the EU ETS and the CDM market

Emissions reductions and sustainable development.

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